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Both got off with dido   3/7/2020

Years ago my wife and I visited an adult store and looked at all the anal toys during sex we have tried some anal play with our fingers and have lubed each other up and during sex have used our finge

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Wife needs to,have sex   3/4/2020

All the stories I’ve posted on this site up now were for years ago and were great memories. We are both in our sixties and my ED issue is unfortunately to the point that I can’t get it up at all

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Wife models again for a local store   3/3/2020

I posted a story before that my wife modeled some clothes for a local store and it went so well they asked her to model again. This was the next year and They expanded the clothing line with some ling

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Wife models clothes   3/2/2020

A clothing store my wife worked at asked her to model some of the clothes they sold which catered to petite sizes. It was a month before valentines and A special event presented buy the store . They

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I watched the next massage   2/28/2020

If you read my previous story about my wife’s last massage that turned into hot sex this is a follow up visit while I watched. When my wife told me about her last massage that turned into all out s

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A massage leads to more   2/26/2020

We have a very open marriage and enjoy sex so much we love to explore . My wife is hard to keep up with when it comes to sex and has my blessing to enjoy herself as long as she gives me the details or

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Wife attracted young stud again   2/21/2020

We went to one of our favorite bars with the square bar. I went in first and sat and ordered a beer. The bar was filled with mostly guys. As my wife walked in dressed really sexy and every guy at the

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Wife brings home a stud who happens to also be bi   2/10/2020

My wife gets together with her girl friends a couple times a year for dinner , drinks and dancing. It was a Friday night and the place they go is the hottest place in town. A the girls like to dance

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Wife is ready to treat another young stud   2/4/2020

I travel a lot for work and this trip my wife joined me. When we got to the hotel I got a room with a sitting room attached. We love to play out of town so we won’t run into anyone we know. I w

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Second time both bi experience.   1/19/2020

If you read our first time bi experience you will remember the guy went down on my cock and it was my first bi experience. We met up with the same couple again at the same bar in German Village close

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Second time both bi experience.   1/19/2020

If you read our first time bi experience you will remember the guy went down on my cock and it was my first bi experience. We met up with the same couple again at the same bar in German Village close

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Wife and a young guy at the pool   1/16/2020

My wife knew we were going to Florida and went to the tanning beds to get a good base of tan before she got burnt in the Florida sun. I went down to the pool and got us a couple chairs because it alw

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New Years Eve at our favorite swingers club   1/2/2020

New Years Eve this year we decided to go,to,our favorite swingers club. When we arrived we split up as soon as we walked in . My wife Toni had bought a new dress that was a nude color tight fitting

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New Years Eve at our favorite swingers club   1/2/2020

New Years Eve this year we decided to go,to,our favorite swingers club. When we arrived we split up as soon as we walked in . My wife Toni had bought a new dress that was a nude color tight fitting

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Wife attracts you stud at the pool.   12/29/2019

We decided to spend the weekend in Key West and stayed at the Southern Most Hotel. It was our first time to key west and checked out all the action at the bars and it was pretty busy with live music

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Surprised my wife with my work friend   12/25/2019

It was Friday and I was talking with my friend from work watched me have sex with my wife and asked him how he liked watching us. He said he enjoyed it and when he watched us he said he got the bigg

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Showing off wife   12/24/2019

My wife and I dated in and ended up getting married after college. Our sex was awesome And several times a week. During sex I always told her she was so good in bed that I would love to have someon

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Share wife with an old friend and what a night   12/12/2019

I have watched wife with another guy. We have been with another in the bed but this is the first time wife took both and another guy at the time. We were in fla and went our favorite restauran

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Early in swinging lifestyle   12/8/2019

I had a mtg in Aspen at the beginning of ski season at the Ritz at the base of the slopes. wife came with me. When she comes along we always check the swinging activity in the area . I was in mtg

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Wife’s first experience with another lady   12/5/2019

We were in Florida and visited of our favorite swinger clubs. We saw of the couples we got together with n a previous visit and enjoyed each other’s spouses. We had drinks with them and decided

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Her first cock other than her husband   12/3/2019

We started dating early in high school at a very strict catholic school. I was an athlete and she was a cheer leader. We did the normal kissing and I tried to explore her body as she would let me

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Halloween Party Surprise   12/1/2019

We were invited too a Halloween party at a friends house . There house is huge and a great basement with a bar and dance floor with separate rooms all the Basement. It was couples and singles of al

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Wife gives young stud a night to remember.   11/26/2019

We were in Fla. And at our condo sitting by the pool with a view of the gulf . It was winter time but great weather. Even in our sixties my wife had on a two piece bathing suite that reveals what a g

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First introduction to swinging   11/23/2019

We were in our 20’s and at our first school reunion. People came back from all over the country.. we were married and talked with several classmates and spouses. We spent a lot of time with my w

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Giant guy has petite wife   11/15/2019

Early on in exploring my desire to watch my wife having sex with another guy. We met a guy at a party. The party was at his house and it was a long way from our place. It was married couples and sin

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I have my first bi experience that I was the person giving pleasure.   11/14/2019

If you’ve read any of our other stories and remember the older guy with the huge cock that had sex with my wife while I watched. I have had a couple guys we’ve been with together with my wife th

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Wife gives me up close show   11/11/2019

We were in Florida again and went for happy hour . Sitting at the bar was Bill who if you’ve any of our other stories he’s the older good looking guy my wife had sex with on our previous trip wit

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Wife has high school classmate   11/10/2019

wife and I had another fantasy of her having sex with of our old classmates without him knowing it . guy in our had the hots for wife’s sister Diane was years younger but never dated but ev

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Remove previous story   11/9/2019

Pleas remove the last story that my wife was hornet tonight. It was a bad idea on my part and the idea was not to my wife at all

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Wife is ready for another stud   11/8/2019

It’s Friday night and wife is horny again and would like a nice young cock in her tonight. Details to follow

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Wife gives young stud a lesson   11/8/2019

This I our most recent and maybe the last story. We are in our early sixties and invited to my partner form Cleveland cousins wedding. It was downtown at a nice Marriott Hotel. We new the cousin we

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First visit to Club Princeton in Columbus   11/7/2019

We were new at the swinging life style and had been with one other couple. They contacted us and wanted to get together again and go to A Halloween party . I had a Sharifs outfit with a mask . My

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First time sharing my wife   11/6/2019

If anyone reading this that worked for a company named MMI Monalithic Memories we were the the sales force for Ohio and at the sales meeting in San Diego at he DelCoranado Hotel. It was Halloween week

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Wife’s fantasy realized   11/6/2019

Sorry for my previous stories that rambled on . I write as I’m remembering the details and with miss spelled words an no paragraphs. If it’s a problem don’t read my stories. Those stories were

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Stayed with are buddy Eddie another night   11/5/2019

As my last story was about our visit with Eddie on his don’t as he had her on the front of his boat. The next morning Eddie and I had some coffee on his porch and he asked if we would go to pool pa

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Wife’s first sex on a boat with Eddie   11/5/2019

If you’ve read any of our other stories Eddie was a school friend of ours and has had my wife a few times. He lives in Miami in a huge condo. He’s made a bundle of money. We visit him once a year

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First bi experience for both   11/5/2019

We went to dinner in an area called German village by Columbus. Very old neighborhood with great little restaurants. We had our favorite one that had a great bar as you walked in and one upstairs that

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Wife’s was a show for our friends neighbors   11/4/2019

I have posted a story about Eddie who had the hots for my wife all thru school and moved away . He came back and we set him up to to have sex with my wife which I knew it was a life long dream to hav

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Went back to Carrarba’s for fun   11/4/2019

We always go to the Restaurant when we spend winters in Fla. It’s close to our condo and they have happy hour specials every night. The place is also a hook up place for retired people to meet. This

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Wife takes two old guys   11/3/2019

We are now in our 60’s and at he bar by our condo. It’s the Carrarba’s by Siesta Key. In the winter it’s full of retired people spending winter in Fla. It’s always packed so you put your

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Recall one of our first swinger party at someone’s home   11/3/2019

As I write these articles it brings back memories of some of our early adventures. One of the guys that enjoyed my wife while I watched We stayed in touch with him and his wife. He called me and aske

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Eddie came to dinner details   11/2/2019

Sorry if this is a duplicate story. I posted that I invited Eddie to come to dinner and this continues the story. He always had the hots for my wife and moved away after school and we haven’t seen

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An old friend from school   11/1/2019

I get together once a month with some old high school buddies for lunch and tell stories of the good old days. Every time we get together someone new shows up who we haven’t seen In a while and it

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Still have ED issue   10/31/2019

To continue my ED issue. Unfortunately I have tried everything to help my issue but nothing helps. The only joy I get is to watch my wife cum when I use a dildo on her. She loves sex so much and I tr

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ED Issues   10/30/2019

I had and still have major ED issues. I needed to try anything to get me excited and some what hard. Early in our marriage the sex was great and my wife was very understanding about my issue . She n

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Watching live sex   10/29/2019

I was in Michigan at hotel bar on a business trip. The guy next to me asked if I was from out of town which I replied I was from Ohio. He then asked me if I liked adult movies which I replied of cour

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Didn’t think my wife would enjoy   10/29/2019

I travel a lot and met a guy at a bar in Dayton Ohio. He asked me if I would like to have sex with a good friend of his who just lived close to the bar. I had a few drinks and thought what the hell wh

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