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The RainKing  

rainking1961 60M
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3/18/2014 10:38 pm
The RainKing

as clouds roll in on a sunny , late afternoon , The ritual of the Rain begin,s .. easing slow and soft in to our conscious..a late day for lover,s to come over , seeking a uncertain feeling , thou sure in how to obtain it .... the thunder roll, s . like a drum beat announcing the arrival of someone regal ...window,s are closed ... light,s are shut off .. and animal,s brought inside ... lover,s arrive dampened in apperance , but not in spirt.. high octane coffie is replaced by soothing tea... something plesant is baked ....warm blanket,s are brought out,s and movie,s are postponed , another day , another time .. lover,s now lay , shuddered and released ...feline and content .... there is no hurry .. and the rain play,s on and sooth,s and smooth , s, , choices made long ago /.. the road not taken /the other side of the coin revealed washes remourse and futality in to the river of Life ..outside the window / tire,s swoosh someone homeward /lover,s are intwined and sleep soft dream,s /this is the place to be and the time to be here ..

rm_rituraj510 32M
30 posts
3/19/2014 1:36 am


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