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Need it!  

lvwizerd 74M  
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11/9/2021 11:41 am
Need it!

Well, it finally happened. I talked an old married Buddy into having Anal sex with me. He came over and ready as soon as I started sucking him. Then I rolled over and he slid his cock into me slowly and then pumped me until he blew his load into my ass. He didn't have a big cock but I loved it. Then about a month later he called me and said he really liked it and wanted to know if he could do it again and I said "sure". Then he said he told his neighbor about his experience and the neighbor wanted to come too. After he assured me that his neighbor had also been married over 20 years but wasn't getting much at home I said "O.". I started out sucking my Bud untie he got hard then I rolled over and while he fucking me I played with and licked his neighbor. When Bob done it the neighbor's turn and he slid his 7" cock into my ass and started stroking and pumping me until he blew a massive load into me and I came too! That intense! We said we would do it again some time but a few weeks later Bob moved up North for work and never gave his neighbor my number. Ah, well. I guess the search starts now..........

Horney as hell

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