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The Christmas Market  

kitchenfun1234 49M
1787 posts
11/29/2009 1:28 pm

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3/6/2010 12:32 pm

The Christmas Market

Yesterday my family and I went on a drive to Birmingham.
The German street market is in Birmingham, and whilst it's expensive and technically only November, we were still in the mood for some Christmas cheer.
It feels better than visiting the Christmas shop in Stratford upon Avon in the middle of the summer. That experience felt very wrong.

We ate lots of over-priced food and wished we were not driving.

The streets were jammed with people. The Bull Ring shopping centre was packed with customers. I believe there were more people in Birmingham than I have ever seen there before. It all bodes well for the future of the local economy I guess.

The picture shows a lovely example of Christmas tackyness. Not very German....I hope. It's the singing moose head that sings along with Christmas carols. The head is attached to the top of a mobile pub.

Don't ever give up searching for the fun in life.

penguinluvr 63M
1088 posts
11/29/2009 5:26 pm

do they have Moose in Germany? how about the squirrel? (ancient American media reference). And yes that's tacky (excuse me, TACKy with a capital TACK).

haversack_smith 45M
6189 posts
11/30/2009 2:49 am

That moose head is awesome, or maybe I'm just easily amused LOL.

I have a date with someone to have a more leisurely look around the German market next week.

kitchenfun1234 49M
1796 posts
12/1/2009 1:51 am

Smithy......Have fun

Opus.....yep, sure is tacky.

Don't ever give up searching for the fun in life.

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