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Wives that watch....  

jp36SMnudist 57M  
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2/17/2015 11:26 am
Wives that watch....

... and then join in.

I am definitely an exhibitionist. I found that out during my second threesome when the wife was riding me on the hotel bed and the husband sat in a chair watching and masturbating -- his wife staring at him while she rode me faster and faster matching his pace -- or maybe he was matching hers until they both came almost simultaneously.

And one of the things that is so exciting to this bi guy is wives who are turned on seeing their husbands play.

A couple of experiences come to mind:

I had done the "get to know you meet" with this one couple but hadn't heard from them in a while so I kind of gave up on this couple until we were IMing a few weeks later -- the husband and I - imagining him between my legs sucking my cock - he's getting turned on and asks if they can come over. I'm naked, hard and horny so I say sure and twenty minutes later they arrive -- I'm still naked and hard as I open the door.

We're in the living room and bi porn is playing on the TV. The wife goes to the couch, while the husband gets on his knees and starts sucking me while I stand. He's undressing himself as he goes, looking at his wife as he sucks and licks my cock.

She's fully clothed and making no attempt to get undressed... oh well, I think, he just dragged her along and I won't get to play with her tonight... but I am enjoying his blow job. He stands up to take off his pants and I go for his cock, sucking it to its full hardness. It fits nicely in my mouth, I'm licking it, sucking it, he's grabbing my head, fucking my face, I rub his cock on my face, on my beard and I see his wife is enjoying things, still fully dressed but a hand between her legs.

We 69 on the floor of my living room, rolling around... it didn't seem like very long and I look over at his wife and she is now naked, fingering her clit while she looks at us.... then.... "Someone needs to fuck me now" and we move to my bedroom....

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