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The Pool Exhibitionist  

jp36SMnudist 57M  
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7/13/2015 1:12 pm
The Pool Exhibitionist

You had noticed me before at the pool... and I had noticed you in your nice pink bikini.

When you arrived today I was already in my lane swimming and you found a spot right at the end of my lane. Now granted there were only a few open spots on this hot crowded day, but you chose the end of the lane of the only adult male who was at the pool alone... perhaps to tease me... since that is what you did.

Bending over and facing away from me as you pulled off your shorts, then bending down, your bikini bottom nicely showing off your ass. Then lying down, and spreading your legs just a little more than they needed to be spread so that I can see right between your legs as I stop briefly at the end of each lap.

I switch to swimming breast stroke so that I can watch you. You're looking at your phone, legs spread as you run a finger along the inside of your leg, adjusting your bikini, then your finger lingers, perhaps on your clit. Very hot.

Sorry this isn't more exciting... but this is a true story that took place at a crowded public pool. I hope that she'll read this... and that we can take it a bit further.

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