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I love to watch cams  

jp36SMnudist 57M  
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6/13/2013 2:38 pm
I love to watch cams

that probably goes without saying given that I'm a voyeur but yesterday I watched two cams that epitomized why I have so much fun and pleasure in this lifestyle. I love being with people who are comfortable with themselves and have no qualms about getting naked and having fun - enjoying the pleasure and passion of sex.

So the two cams that caught my attention yesterday late morning - what a great time for sex - heck, any time is a great time for sexy -- one was an older couple (the woman was 61) involved in a mmf - not sure if one of the guys was her husband, but she was definitely enjoying sucking on each cock - than sucking on one as she got fucked doggystyle. 61 - and having fun!! I've been with a number of older couples (and I'm getting to the point where you might call me old) and I've found I really enjoy it - with that age comes the maturity - knowing what they like and comfortable in their relationship so jealousy isn't an issue. Two of the younger couples I've played with (low 30s) are no longer couples, which is sad.

The other cam was the cam of a single guy - playing with a married lady - how did I know she was married? Well, the big ring on her hand that was visible as she jerked the guy off - and then checking out his profile I noticed her profile as one of his friends - it was a couple's profile - and the husband's cock was different from the cock she was sucking on cam. But the couple's profile was listed as "on line" now - so given that it was noontime, I imagined the husband sitting in his office open, watching his wife on cam with another guy. I've once had the experience where the husband of the wife I was playing remained dressed and only watched -- well, he did jerk off.

Anyway, as I said, I'm a voyeur - I like to watch - but of course, I'd rather participate.

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