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I'm lucky  

jp36SMnudist 57M  
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5/6/2011 3:58 pm
I'm lucky

I've found a great couple that I mentioned in my Bookstore post. Sometimes when I'm with a couple I wonder if they are both truly into it (or is one just doing this for the other), but not with these two. There was one time when I briefly worried that it might be more about him (and that she wasn't as into it) - he and I were playing on the bed with her off to the side watching under a blanket - but then she got up and joined us, plopping her soaking wet pussy on my face and I knew, yes, she enjoys this too.

Anyway on a recent night together S(f) had something specific in mind. Her favorite position is doggy style (which I love to - especially when she's been tanning in a thong - what a great sight - a tanned ass). So S and B are 69ing with S on top with S's ass and B's head near the edge of the bed. And S's desire is for me to fuck her from behind while she and B 69.

I slide in easily because she is so wet. It's a great feeling, sliding in and out of her wet pussy and feeling his tongue on the shaft of my cock at the same time. I can look over and see us in a mirror and it truly looks like a hot porno movie.

Normally I can last quite a while - and if I feel myself getting ready to cum, I slow down - but not on this night.

The feeling is great. The scene is hot and sexy and B's hands are on my ass, helping to pull me into S - so even if I tried to slow down he would keep me going.

I lasted about two minutes before I came in her pussy, pulling out to have him clean off my cock.

A hot sexy experience - and I'm glad they still invite me over after my premature celebration.

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