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Getting Started?  

jp36SMnudist 57M
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8/20/2010 12:44 pm
Getting Started?

When you get together with someone how do you like to get started?

When I'm with a couple, since they are nice enough to include me, first and foremost I am there for their pleasure and so I always follow their lead. Also, since I'm actually a little on the shy side and not at all dominant I rarely initiate anything.

Over the last couple, well, five years I've been lucky enough to be with five couples. With three of the couples the typical modus operandi has been to watch television in their living room (not porno, but TLC, Discovery, etc.) for a little while (15-30 minutes) and then head to the bed room and get naked right away and start playing.

Now that's certainly fine with me, I mean I'm lucky enough to be a guest in their home and bedroom, I'm going to do whatever they want (well, I've got some limits). Typically, I've arrived there incredibly turned on and ready to go having just showered and maybe trimmed or shaved, so I sit on the couch waiting, wondering how and when things will get started.

Once, with one of the couples, he met me at the door "She's in the bedroom waiting for you" - that was hot, knowing that up to the moment I arrived they had been playing (a toy was out) and getting ready for me.

With another couple, we had a drink and she and I danced - sort of, I'm not much of a dancer - but that wasn't the point - we were dancing close to turn one another on -- and it worked - I think we just got through one song before we stared getting naked.

Finally with another couple, our meetings were spontaneous. We did a lot of IM chatting - cybersex. And a couple of times (well, twice) on Saturday nights, the chatting got hot enough that they came over to my place. Both times I met them at the door naked and hard.

Anyway, what have your experiences been like? And how do you like to get started?

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