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Back in the saddle  

jp36SMnudist 57M  
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12/17/2009 3:12 pm
Back in the saddle

There's something very exciting about meeting for the first time especially when things click. I mean the "get to know you meet" - of course the "let's get naked and play meet" is exciting too.

After lurking on here for a while, I reached out to a local couple. It had been over a year and a half since I'd been with a couple and I missed it - there just seems to be a lot more energy when three people are together than just two (I don't know about four or more but I imagine that's fun too). I know guys are a dime a dozen on here so I was a little surprised when they responded pretty quickly - and with a couple rounds of emails we were meeting for coffee to see if we clicked.

We did. It was a little hard to talk about sex and expectations and experiences because there were others around us. But it was a fun conversation getting to know one another - and seeing that they were both into inviting another into their bed - that's something I've become more sensitive to - having been with a couple where the wife wasn't really into it. We made plans to meet for naked fun in a couple of days. I think we were all ready to get naked - but their schedule didn't allow for it right then.

I was totally aroused as I drove away, rubbing my cock through my pants - contemplating calling them "I know this is forward, and I know you don't have a lot of time but...." Made it home, stripped off my pants, and had a great time imagining the three of us together.

A little while later I got an email from them "We got home at 3:15. I orgasmed at 3:35 and he and 3:39. Whew! It sure was fun to meet you. Thanks for making our Sunday afternoon."

I think we are going to have a lot of fun together.

kindacurious000 70M/58F

12/28/2009 7:14 am

We are the couple in the blog....we felt an instant connection with J. Our time was short on the first meeting, but had it have been longer would have been naked together. J. is shy at first and wants to please in the best way. Oh and can he please,both of us, so sensitive to our desires and very subtle about his. We have truly found a diamond in the rough.

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