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A recent bi 3sum  

jp36SMnudist 57M  
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3/24/2016 5:21 pm
A recent bi 3sum

I had the honor of joining a FWB couple for two hours of absolute pleasure.

It is always a concern when meeting with a new couple -- how are things going to get started. I needn't have worried -- as she greeted me with an open mouth, tongue exploring wet kiss.

Then turning out a light to set the mood (still enough light to see everything), she started kissing him while standing up. Her shirt comes off. I take off my shirt and press my chest against her back as she continues to make out with him. Then she's rubbing her ass against my cock. His shirt come off. Her bra comes off. He and I both take off our pants as she gets on her knees and sucks us off, one at a time, then both, rubbing the heads of our cocks together.

I get on my knees and join her in sucking his cock, our tongues on the head, she's a great kisser, nice wet mouth, and a great cock sucker.

She then stands back to watch me suck him, taking off her pants.

A lot has happened in the five minutes I've known them.... lol.

It is just great to be with a woman who is so comfortable with herself, and who knows what she likes, and what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it -- or demand it.

I'll be seeing them again... but they also gave me some things to try when I join other couples.

She rode me reverse cowgirl, while he spread my legs so he could tongue her clit - and my cock and play with my balls. A great sensation!! And she would occasionally lean back so that my cock would pop out of her and right into his mouth. Very hot. Wish I had a video of that.

We briefly tried DVP - but couldn't make that work. But we did do some DP -- well her on top of me, with me in her pussy -- and he used his fingers -- and then a toy on her ass. Loved feeling the pressure of the toy against my cock inside of her.... and she loved it too since she then came and squirted all over me.

Two hours of pure bliss -- that left me worn out and dehydrated... but with great memories.... climbing a flight of stairs the next day -- why are my legs sore... oh yeah, that's why.

sexcbeach1 41M
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3/24/2016 5:26 pm

jar6962 60M/52F
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3/24/2016 5:42 pm

Sounds like you had Fun !!!!!

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