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A great afternoon  

jp36SMnudist 57M  
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7/3/2016 12:20 pm
A great afternoon

I had just logged onto to see check out the cams and Becka, the wife of a local couple was on cam... still dressed but licking and sucking on a dildo. Very hot.

Ding... I get a text. It is Jeff, the husband. "What are you doing?" "Umm.. watching your wife on cam. God, you are lucky. She is so hot" "Yeah, and she's been so horny lately. Are you free?" "Yes, why?" "I want to give her the two cocks she's been lusting after." "YES" "How quickly can you get to our place?" "10 minutes." "k. I'll meet you there and we'll surprise her."

I had met Jeff a little over a week earlier. After exchanging some emails -- well not really exchanging -- when they posted new pictures I'd email thanking them for sharing their hot photos -- Jeff had emailed me to ask if I'd meet him saying that he was screening guys before maybe introducing them to Becka.

We met at a local bar after work. The conversation flowed -- non-sexual -- getting to know one another. And I guess he was comfortable with me because the subject turned -- "so, what do you like to do in 3sums?" "In all honesty I'm there for her pleasure. I'm very oral, enjoy kissing, figuring out how she likes to be licked. But really, whatever she wants. There's something real special about a woman who can let herself go and just enjoy two men." "Yes, that's Becka." he said with a smile.

"So why me?" I ask. "You must have tons of guys offering their services."

"Well, don't get ahead of yourself yet, Becka still has to approve. But there are so many flakes on - you set things up and then you never here from them -- or they are so full of themselves that it is all about them. And, well, you come highly recommended. Scott and Amy were reluctant to share your name with us -- but they said you were really cool and respectful and well, Amy really loves your tongue."

"Oh, man, I'm sorry, the time has gotten away from me, I have to get home for dinner. Becka's going to be wondering where I am. I'll be in touch and we'll find a time for the three of us to meet. No expectations, no promises."

Fast forward a week and I'm pulling up to their house. "I'm here" I text Jeff. "I'm almost there. Wait for me." My heart beating with excitement. A minute or two later Jeff pulls into his driveway.

Together we walk to their front door. "She's been wanting two cocks to for a while but certainly isn't expecting them on a weekday afternoon. She's going to be sooo excited."

He opens their front door. "She'll be upstairs in our playroom. Let's get undressed here and surprise her."

We walk upstairs and pause at the doorway of their playroom. She's on cam... and wiggling on a dildo that is suctioned to the floor. Eyes closed in pleasure she's moving back and forth on it while fingering her clit.

So hot and sexy. I'm immediately hard and start playing with my cock while watching her in her pleasure.

Jeff nods to me and walks in. I follow. He leans down and kisses her -- surprising her.

"I've brought something home for you," he says, gesturing to me and my cock. He steps back as she reaches for my hard cock and takes it into her mouth, licking it, sucking it, then reaching for his cock which is now hard she takes turns sucking one of us and then the other while still riding her dildo. Her mouth feels so good, so wet on my cock.

Jeff maneuvers her so she is now siting on their couch while he's kissing her, her legs spread and pussy exposed for me. I lean in, kissing one thigh and then the other, moving closer, licking one side of her pussy and then the other -- blowing on her clit -- then dabbing at it with my tongue. Then circling her clit with my tongue. Becka is enjoying my tongue, wiggling her hips as she is also now sucking Jeff's cock. I stick my tongue deep into her pussy as the bridge of my nose presses against her clit. I move my tongue back to her clit as I slide her dildo into her wet pussy. Fucking her with her dildo as I tongue her clit and she sucks Jeff's cock.

"Oh god, oh god, yes, yes, keep going." Grabbing the back of my head, pulling it in tighter, her hips wiggling as she starts to cum hard. "Oh god, oh god, I'm cummmmminnggg."

I come up for air to see Jeff smiling at her. "Fuck me NOW" she says to him as she moves to the bed. Doggy-style he starts fucking her as I maneuver myself so she can suck me. She's licking my cock up and down as he's fucking her. Taking it into her mouth. He's going faster. So hot and so sexy. She looks up at me and I can see the pleasure on her face, in her eyes as he fucks her.

Suddenly they are both cumming. He pulls out. She looks at me. "I hope you don't mind sloppy seconds because I want to ride you." She mounts me. Her wet pussy filled with his cum feels amazing. She's in control. Hands on my chest. Rocking back and forth.

He stands above me as she continues to ride me and she takes is slightly-deflated wet-with-his-cum-and-her-juices cock into her mouth. Cleaning it off, licking it... and Jeff is hard again.

I pull her down on top of me and we kiss, tongues darting as our hips bang, my cock sliding in and out out her wet pussy.

I see Jeff lubing up his cock and moving behind her. Becka and I kissing I grab her ass -- pulling her close to me - pulling her ass apart as Jeff slides into her ass.... and we fuck... and we fuck like there is no tomorrow.. withering with passion... exploding with pleasure.

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