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A business trip  

jp36SMnudist 57M  
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7/12/2016 4:18 pm
A business trip

I'm sitting in my car after getting back from dinner answering a text when I look up and catch a glance of a naked woman. Shes looking out the window, leaning up against it, stepping back a bit, she cups and massages her breasts. She turns around and sits on the window sill... what an amazing ass. She steps out of view.

She didnt see me.. did she want to be seen, I wonder. 2nd floor, second room... they are right next to me. I decide to take a shot.

I knock on your door. He answers... "hello?" opening the door. I see he has a camera around his neck. He's wearing a white robe.. I cant see her.

"Hi. I was just out in the parking lot and I happened to see your wife in the window... and welll... ummm.. well, i was thinking she might be a bit of an exhibitionist... and well... I was wondering if you would like someone to watch you... sorry, this is awkward and forward of me... but she just looked so sexy".

As he gives me the once over looking me up and down, his robe opens, his cock dangling between his legs. I stare at it... and he notices that I don't look away.

"Come in. I'm just taking some pictures of her." He says inviting me in... his robe now fully open. "Make yourself comfortable." He says gesturing to the couch and focusing the camera on her ass while she's on the bed on hands and knees. He takes a bunch of pictures. She lays back on the bed and spreads her legs, fingering her clit and her wet pussy. He's snapping away, I'm sitting there in awe -- looking from her to him - his cock now hard and sticking out from his robe.

She notices me checking out his cock and smiles. More pictures, I'm just taking it all in. My cock totally hard in my jeans.

"When he said 'make yourself comfortable' he meant take of your clothes." She tells me. I comply as he continues taking pictures, having removed his robe. Unbuttoning my shirt, looking back and forth between this sexy couple, his camera focused on her. Undue my belt and step out of my pants. Slide down my underwear and my cock springs up at full attention.

She leaves the bed and kneels before me taking my hard cock in her mouth. He's taking pictures as she licks my shaft. He steps closer so she can suck one of us and then the other, back and forth. Stepping closer together she rubs the heads of our cocks together and then takes both in her mouth......

anyone want to help me finish this story??

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