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A Walk in the Woods
Since I get very turned on by reliving exciting past experiences in my head I thought I'd take the time to write some of them down to share with you. Plus being an exhibitionist, the thought of you reading them turns me on. The title for the blog comes from a book that I really enjoyed - though the contents of this blog will bear (bare) no relation to the content of the book - except that some of my adventures have taken place outdoors. The title was motivated by some pictures I took of myself while in the woods. Having stripped off my clothes I was walking in an area where people sometimes gather to do some not so innocent things and the thought of coming upon a couple or being seen naked by someone resulted in my sprouting some wood.

Anyway, I'll be adding some of my adventures here from time to time and I hope you enjoy reading them.
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A trip to the strip club
Posted:Feb 28, 2011 4:47 pm
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2011 4:47 pm

I had a great experience this summer - and one that I've reimagined many times since so I thought I'd share it with you.

One Saturday evening this August I was on IM and a local couple was on too. I forget how the conversation started - I generally don't initiate contact because I know single guys like me are a dime a dozen and I know we must be a pain in the ass for couple. I may have said "Hi neighbor" or they (he) might have started the conversation. We talked for a while, and I guess I revealed myself not to be a complete jerk since he let me know they were getting ready go to out - she (I'll call her Sarah)was getting dressed - to the local strip club - and let me know I could join them (left unsaid was what might happen afterwards - and I can be a little thick - so I assumed it might just be a "get to know you" meet).

I walk in and see them right away - the club is moderately crowded - probably normal for a Saturday night. I introduce myself to him, "Hi, I'm J... from" and he motions to a seat next to her. She's looking hot in a white top and short jean skirt. The three of us are seated around a small round table - facing the stage, making small talk.

Sarah heads to the stage with a couple of dollars and the dancer lifts her shirt, plays between her legs. Comes back and we talk about how some dancers are into it (playing with a female) and others just do it to turn the guys on and get bigger tips from them. A spunky blond dancer visits our table and lifts Sarah's shirt - her nipples are erect and the dancer clearly enjoys playing with Sarah.

Time passes and we clearly are getting along - but I'm still uncertain about where the night will end up (and shy so I won't ask) - when Sarah asks something to the effect of "It's getting late, should we get out of here?" We can't go to their place - or mine (I've been living alone too long and my place isn't always hospitable to visitors) so we agree to meet at a local hotel. I get a room and they follow me in. As soon as we are inside Sarah and I are kissing, beginning to get undressed, moving over to the bed, she sucks me, I lick her, I fuck her missionary position and pull out and cum on her stomach all while her husband watches from a chair in the room. So hot, so sexy.

I've relived that night in my mind a number of times since.

And reimagined it. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so shy and/or could pick up on signals earlier. Turns out she wasn't wearing any panties while at the strip club. So I imagine rubbing her bare leg under the table, her spreading her legs a little bit, encouraging me to go further, her placing her hand on my leg, feeling my hard cock down my pant leg, feeling her wet shaved pussy, all while her husband watches approvingly.

I imagine the hot blond dancer coming over while Sarah sits on my lap with her skirt hiked up, my hard cock (still in my pants) between her ass cheeks. "Would you three like to get a private dance? I think we could have some fun." At the club the private dances aren't totally private, but I imagine a club I went to back east which had curtains to provide a fair amount of privacy. I imagine the dancer lifting Sarah's shirt, licking her nipples... and I'll let you imagine the rest.
Getting Started - Recent Fantasies
Posted:Aug 25, 2010 4:47 pm
Last Updated:Jul 29, 2013 11:40 am

As I wrote in my previous post, I am not terribly assertive and also not one to initiate anything, rather I tend to follow the lead of my partner(s) and I have a lot of fun doing that.

Anyway, recently I've had two fantasies about first meetings and getting started that have grown out of email exchanges and IM chats on here.

I've had some email exchanges with a local woman and she seems open to meeting but I haven't been assertive enough to set a time. Anyway, in my fantasy she invites me over to her place being very explicit that this is "just to get to know one another".

We make small talk for a while and we seem to be getting along well - when out of the blue she says, "Let me see what you've got."

"What?" I stutter.

"Get out of your clothes. Get naked. Let me see what you've got," she commands.

I pull my shirt over my head, drop my shorts and stand before her in my boxers which are starting to tent.

"Don't stop."

I drop my boxers, my cock continuing to harden - now fully erect.

"Better than your pictures," she says.

"Turn around, let me see your ass."

As I comply she walks toward me. "This will do, this will definitely do," she says as she approaches me, running one hand down my back, caressing an ass check while the other hand reaches around and strokes my cock. "Very nice," as she leans down and places my cock in her mouth.

I'm sure you can imagine the rest.

The second fantasy is a related CFNM one. I've been chatting with a nearby (but unfortunately not right next door) couple. We were attracted to one another on here because we are nudists. I haven't been able to practice my social nudism recently as there isn't anywhere around here where people sunbathe nude (that I know of - please, please let me know if there is).

Chatting with them has been great. Besides the sexual fun we've had, one thing that it has done is made me recall how much I love just being naked. The incredibly liberating feeling of freedom. I am an exhibitionist and a voyeur so the idea of "home nudism" never really appealed to me. But after chatting with them (well her) I spent most of last Saturday in the nude and really enjoyed it - even though no one was going to see me.

Anyway, my fantasy involves them inviting me over to their place on a Saturday afternoon. I've fantasized about a variety of situations but in one when I arrive, she meets me at the door - dressed. We walk into their living room where he is sitting - naked, semihard. "Make yourself comfortable." I strip off my clothes and I'm semihard as well.

They've been camming while waiting for me to arrive. "Want to put on a show." They position the cam so that it captures the wife's face as she kneels on the floor. Husband and I place ourselves on either side of her and she taking turns sucking our cocks, one, then the other, rubbing the heads together, getting both in her mouth. It's sexy and hot.

A lot of people are paging them.

I kneel down to share his cock with her, both of our tongues dancing on the head of his cock. We're kissing each other as we kiss his cock. She and I embrace, rolling onto the floor. She gets on top of me, pulling off her t-shirt, pulling her shorts to the side and pulling my cock into her hot wet pussy. So turned on and excited by the extended play waiting for me to arrive, she fucks me furiously, cumming quickly.

She collapses and rolls off of me. "Lick my juices of his cock" she tells her husband. And he does, taking me in his mouth while she works the cam for everyone to see.

The phone rings - and it's a couple they've met and been planning on getting together with. "Bill and Sarah have been watching us on cam and want to come over. Any problem with that?"

Of course not.....
Getting Started?
Posted:Aug 20, 2010 12:44 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2021 9:18 am

When you get together with someone how do you like to get started?

When I'm with a couple, since they are nice enough to include me, first and foremost I am there for their pleasure and so I always follow their lead. Also, since I'm actually a little on the shy side and not at all dominant I rarely initiate anything.

Over the last couple, well, five years I've been lucky enough to be with five couples. With three of the couples the typical modus operandi has been to watch television in their living room (not porno, but TLC, Discovery, etc.) for a little while (15-30 minutes) and then head to the bed room and get naked right away and start playing.

Now that's certainly fine with me, I mean I'm lucky enough to be a guest in their home and bedroom, I'm going to do whatever they want (well, I've got some limits). Typically, I've arrived there incredibly turned on and ready to go having just showered and maybe trimmed or shaved, so I sit on the couch waiting, wondering how and when things will get started.

Once, with one of the couples, he met me at the door "She's in the bedroom waiting for you" - that was hot, knowing that up to the moment I arrived they had been playing (a toy was out) and getting ready for me.

With another couple, we had a drink and she and I danced - sort of, I'm not much of a dancer - but that wasn't the point - we were dancing close to turn one another on -- and it worked - I think we just got through one song before we stared getting naked.

Finally with another couple, our meetings were spontaneous. We did a lot of IM chatting - cybersex. And a couple of times (well, twice) on Saturday nights, the chatting got hot enough that they came over to my place. Both times I met them at the door naked and hard.

Anyway, what have your experiences been like? And how do you like to get started?
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Vancouver - and Wreck Beach
Posted:Feb 24, 2010 5:23 pm
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2010 4:25 pm

Watching the winter Olympics from Vancouver has reminded me of a trip I made there for a conference in July 2004. It's a beautiful city and I hope to go back for many reasons, but one in particular... Wreck Beach.

Wreck Beach is a nude beach - and it is the largest (both in terms of area and people) that I have ever been to. I took the bus from downtown Vancouver (the hotel area) to the UBC campus which was exciting as I got closer, trying to imagine which of my bus mates would be going to the beach (turned out, most of them) and what they would look like naked (turned out, sexy - I just love tanned naked bodies).

But the thing about the trip to the beach that I really remember and masturbate to was an older couple. The main beach area was pretty crowded, I wandered around a little bit and couldn't find a spot there where I would have felt comfortable - I need my space at the beach. So I wandered a little ways to the east where the people were more spaced out and put my towel down. After a little while an older couple set up shop about 15 feet from me (a natural distance - not crowding me - and if they had gone anywhere else other than continuing to walk down the beach they would have been just as close to someone else). They are an older couple (50ish). He short and stocky (not fat) balding, hairy chest, keeping his shorts on initially. She is Asian, short dark hair, very white skin, small perky breasts (she gets naked right away) and a nicely trimmed bush.

They set up shop to my left, he positions himself and a cooler to their left (so I have an unobstructed view of her). I eye them, they me, time passes, I go for a swim, come back, he is naked now, putting suntan lotion on her back, then ass, he's partially erect. He nods at me, I nod back. Time passes, they go play in the water (innocently), I read, they come back, have some wine. It's getting hot, so I take a seat in a shaded area in between us and continue to read.

After a little while, I sit up and look at them, their backs are too the water, and they are both facing me, she's propped up on her elbows. He catches my eye, "Hot today, isn't it?" he says. "Yeah" I reply. He then reaches into their cooler and gets a piece of ice that he proceeds to rub on her, her stomach, then up around her neck, her breasts, her nipples. She's looking at me, he's looking at me and then at her. He rubs the piece of ice along her lips and she sticks out her tongue and pulls the ice into her mouth and then kisses him.

She has her left knee raised, her legs slightly spread (not so much so that I can see her pussy). He's sitting cross-legged next to her - his cock sticking up for me (and her, but no one else) to see. He gets another piece of ice and rubs it around her, starting at the neck, she throws her head back. He rubs it between her breast, down to her navel. She spreads her legs some more and leans over and kisses him and rubs his cock while looking at me. I've been trying not to get hard while watching them, but now I throw caution into the wind and open my legs so they can see my rising erection. The only one who could see me other than them is an older guy 30 feet to my right and he appears to be dozing off.

She spreads her legs a little more and I can see her pussy lips. He's rubbing the ice cube lower, around her pussy, teasing her, then along her lips and into her pussy -- she shudders.

She looks to her right, looking over him to see if anyone can see them other than me -- no -- and she bends down and takes him into her mouth, licking the head, looking at me - they both are - her hand is in between her legs, fingering her clit.

I get bold (for me) and start stroking. This continues for about two minutes, when I notice two young (20 yo) guys coming toward us. I cough, and gesture with my head and they have time to recover before the guys get too close and can see exactly what was going on.

Sadly, the guys put their towels down in between me and the older guy -- too close to us and too visible to the couple for anything to continue. They (the guys) are (I'm guessing) here for the first time - keeping their shorts on.

I gave a disappointed look to the couple, he returned it with a "what are you going to do" shrug of his shoulders.

So that is the end of the story with the couple. I left shortly afterwards (to get back for a meeting) walking west (towards the path that goes to UBC's Anthropology Museum). The people had really thinned out - and it looked mainly like people who wanted to get away from anyone (not because they wanted to do anything sexual - just because they wanted to be alone).
Horny in the supermarket
Posted:Feb 20, 2010 12:32 pm
Last Updated:Mar 6, 2020 9:49 am

There's something about short hair and hoop earrings that gets me all the time - and if she's 45-60 and wearing boots and tight jeans - well I've got to work to control myself. Bumped into a woman like that today at the supermarket - well, not bumped into but noticed once, again, and ended up in line behind her.

Sadly she was there with her teenaged so I couldn't stare lustfully at her. She's wearing a wedding ring so my mind went to joining her and her husband somewhere - her on her knees sucking both of us off. I've definitely come to appreciate and prefer the older woman - there's often such sexual confidence and desire.

Of course there's no chance she's reading this, but one can hope...
Back in the saddle
Posted:Dec 17, 2009 3:12 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2021 9:18 am

There's something very exciting about meeting for the first time especially when things click. I mean the "get to know you meet" - of course the "let's get naked and play meet" is exciting too.

After lurking on here for a while, I reached out to a local couple. It had been over a year and a half since I'd been with a couple and I missed it - there just seems to be a lot more energy when three people are together than just two (I don't know about four or more but I imagine that's fun too). I know guys are a dime a dozen on here so I was a little surprised when they responded pretty quickly - and with a couple rounds of emails we were meeting for coffee to see if we clicked.

We did. It was a little hard to talk about sex and expectations and experiences because there were others around us. But it was a fun conversation getting to know one another - and seeing that they were both into inviting another into their bed - that's something I've become more sensitive to - having been with a couple where the wife wasn't really into it. We made plans to meet for naked fun in a couple of days. I think we were all ready to get naked - but their schedule didn't allow for it right then.

I was totally aroused as I drove away, rubbing my cock through my pants - contemplating calling them "I know this is forward, and I know you don't have a lot of time but...." Made it home, stripped off my pants, and had a great time imagining the three of us together.

A little while later I got an email from them "We got home at 3:15. I orgasmed at 3:35 and he and 3:39. Whew! It sure was fun to meet you. Thanks for making our Sunday afternoon."

I think we are going to have a lot of fun together.
Airplane Voyeur
Posted:Dec 12, 2009 5:37 pm
Last Updated:May 6, 2011 4:04 pm

Whenever I fly these days which is relatively rare, I typically end up really horny reliving a flight I took 15 years ago. I was 29 years old and traveling back home after visiting family. It was a 9:00 departure and the flight was very empty as I settled into my seat, 15A if I recall correctly - no one around me at all until a couple comes down the aisle and chooses to sit in 15 CD. I say chooses because the plane was so empty that as we boarded, the flight attendant told us to sit wherever we wanted. I remember thinking "why would they choose to sit there?" They were an older couple, at the time I guessed mid-40s,now that I've reached my mid-40s I'm guessing early 50s. She was blond, wavy hair, hoop earrings, bulky white v-neck sweater that revealed her cleavage, blue jeans, very attractive. He was good looking, salt and pepper hair. She takes the window seat while he sits on the aisle. "Damn, it's going to be harder to check her out," I think.

The flight attendant goes through the routine, the plane takes off for this short hour and 20 minute flight. When it reaches its cruising altitude, the husband gets up and gets a blanket out of the overhead compartment. He sits back down, seat back, blanket over him, wife cuddled up next to him, her head on his right shoulder, left arm over his chest. "Okay," I think, "They want to doze off, I'm not really enjoying this book, let me turn of the light and doze off with them."

After a little while, I look over at them. Her arm is now under the blanket, where I'm not sure, "is it at his crotch?" I wonder. The blanket is bunched up there, hard to tell. I think it is. She notices me looking at his crotch, trying to figure out what they are doing. Surprisingly she smoothes out the blanket and the blanket is tented. He's clearly got an erection. Her arm goes back under the blanket. "Yes, she's giving him a hand job."

She's looking at me, watching me watch the two of them. She whispers something to him, he looks at me. I'm worried, but then he gives me a subtle nod, puts his head back, tenses and I'm convinced cums ten seconds later.

As I relived this in my head over the years a lot more happened but at the time I was very shy in these matters, and not a word was spoken between us. Suppose it had been you sitting across the aisle, what would have happend?

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