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A Walk in the Woods
Since I get very turned on by reliving exciting past experiences in my head I thought I'd take the time to write some of them down to share with you. Plus being an exhibitionist, the thought of you reading them turns me on. The title for the blog comes from a book that I really enjoyed - though the contents of this blog will bear (bare) no relation to the content of the book - except that some of my adventures have taken place outdoors. The title was motivated by some pictures I took of myself while in the woods. Having stripped off my clothes I was walking in an area where people sometimes gather to do some not so innocent things and the thought of coming upon a couple or being seen naked by someone resulted in my sprouting some wood.

Anyway, I'll be adding some of my adventures here from time to time and I hope you enjoy reading them.
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Perspectives Change
Posted:Jul 1, 2015 5:57 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 4:23 am

I have been very lucky to meet a lot of cool people on this site (well a few on this site) and other sites who have really helped me broaden my horizons. When I got on here many years ago, it was to help fuel my exhibitionist and voyeuristic fantasies and at the time, I had only had one-on-one sex.

It struck me how far I have come (pun intended) this evening when I was checking out porn on xhamster. I was looking at videos in the "group sex" category and many of them were 3sums -- and to me, that is no longer group sex -- I'm not sure where the cut off is, but in my mind group sex is something greater than four. Similarly a 3sum is not a gangbang.
I'm here for your pleasure
Posted:Jul 1, 2015 4:12 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 4:23 am

Every woman is different and one of the ways in which they differ is the way they like to be licked. Since when I'm with a woman I'm focused on her pleasure, it is fun for me to try to figure out how she likes to be licked... and I can lick for a while.

One of my "claims to fame" is that I gave a bi woman her first orgasm from oral.

But since I'm also a bit passive (in the sense that I try to follow my partners lead) maybe I can lick too much -- and that might have happened recently where after the fact I'm told.... "I was waiting for you to fuck me".

So ladies, don't be afraid to tell your partner what you want...if your partner is like me, they'll want to give you what you want.
Audible gasp
Posted:Jun 16, 2015 2:10 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 4:23 am

So when I'm with a couple, my focus is on pleasing them, doing (for the most part) what turns them on and what they enjoy really turns me on.

I recently met a couple after emailing and chatting with her for a while. I knew she was really interested in seeing her husband and me play.

After a brief conversation we move to their bedroom. She sits on their bed. He and I are at the foot of their bed and ... knowing she wanted to see this... we start to make out... and with that I hear her gasp and exhale... oh my god that is so hot....

and thus began a wonderful evening.
I'm a bad boy
Posted:Mar 24, 2015 1:38 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 4:23 am

I was watching a couple on cam this afternoon and after he pulled out and cam on her back he went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel to clean off her back. Don't know why but this lead me to think....

Good boys clean you up with a towel.

Bad boys clean you up with their tongue.

I'm a bad boy.
Wives that watch....
Posted:Feb 17, 2015 11:26 am
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2017 8:36 am

... and then join in.

I am definitely an exhibitionist. I found that out during my second threesome when the wife was riding me on the hotel bed and the husband sat in a chair watching and masturbating -- his wife staring at him while she rode me faster and faster matching his pace -- or maybe he was matching hers until they both came almost simultaneously.

And one of the things that is so exciting to this bi guy is wives who are turned on seeing their husbands play.

A couple of experiences come to mind:

I had done the "get to know you meet" with this one couple but hadn't heard from them in a while so I kind of gave up on this couple until we were IMing a few weeks later -- the husband and I - imagining him between my legs sucking my cock - he's getting turned on and asks if they can come over. I'm naked, hard and horny so I say sure and twenty minutes later they arrive -- I'm still naked and hard as I open the door.

We're in the living room and bi porn is playing on the TV. The wife goes to the couch, while the husband gets on his knees and starts sucking me while I stand. He's undressing himself as he goes, looking at his wife as he sucks and licks my cock.

She's fully clothed and making no attempt to get undressed... oh well, I think, he just dragged her along and I won't get to play with her tonight... but I am enjoying his blow job. He stands up to take off his pants and I go for his cock, sucking it to its full hardness. It fits nicely in my mouth, I'm licking it, sucking it, he's grabbing my head, fucking my face, I rub his cock on my face, on my beard and I see his wife is enjoying things, still fully dressed but a hand between her legs.

We 69 on the floor of my living room, rolling around... it didn't seem like very long and I look over at his wife and she is now naked, fingering her clit while she looks at us.... then.... "Someone needs to fuck me now" and we move to my bedroom....
Getting to know one another
Posted:Dec 12, 2014 9:34 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 4:23 am

By my nature I'm somewhat passive -- not submissive per se, just never one to make the first move. When I'm with a couple, I'm there for their pleasure within some limits, (not into pain, bondage, watersports) and within those limits I go with the flow so it's fun to be with a new couple and figure out what they like.

Recently I had a great experience with a couple. When it comes time to play she is lying on the bed naked - such a sexy tanned body - legs slightly spread - with a nice smooth pussy and a pierced clit - a first for me - inviting me to lick it -- which I gladly do. Mmm, she's enjoying this, yes, her hand is on the back of my head, she wants me to keep licking, probing. Her husband positions himself so she can suck him... god, she's hot and looks great with a cock in her mouth.

I rise up and position myself between her legs, rubbing my cock along her slit, teasing her clit, I plunge in -- so wet, so sexy, so hot. In and out, I fuck her missionary style while she sucks on her husband's cock. Her husband moves away slightly as I lean down slightly to better position myself and she rises up so that we can kiss... and can she kiss, our tongues dancing, lips wet, my cock sliding in and out, her husband's cock in her hand, she brings it close... does she put it in my mouth, or does he? It doesn't matter, it is in my mouth now, and I'm sucking on it, then she is, then we are both kissing it, kissing one another, more passion, so hot.
Situationally bi
Posted:Jul 7, 2014 4:18 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2021 9:18 am

I had an interesting brief and ironic exchange with a couple on a different site. They were seeking a male to play with - and responded to me with a "we don't play with bi males" - and subsequently blocked me from viewing their profile. Now the irony was that one of the couples they've played with has a husband who while listed as straight is bi - and you can probably guess how I know.

Anyway, this got me thinking that 1) I don't like labels or 2) that there should be more labels. I am probably best described as "situationally bi". I have little or no desire to meet a male for one-on-one play. But if I'm with a couple, I have no problem (and enjoy) sucking a cock, and have no problem letting him suck me if that is something that they are into and gives them pleasure -- and if she is turned on seeing two men play together... even better... I am an exhibitionist - I'll gladly take that label.
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It's not cheating if he or she is watching
Posted:Aug 14, 2013 10:23 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2014 7:51 pm

When I was a younger single guy I became an expert at checking out a woman's hand for the wedding ring and the telltale sign that she wasn't available.

I can still spot a wedding ring but since I've been in the lifestyle, I now realize that that doesn't necessarily mean that she isn't available. Instead my thoughts now go to "Does her husband like to see her get fucked?" "Does she like to suck on two cocks at once?" "Would she like to suck on mine while her husband takes her from behind?" Or since I'm bi, "I wonder how big her husband's cock is and would she like to share it with me?" or since I'm a bi exhibitionist "I wonder what her hand would look like while she's fingering her clit getting turned on while her husband and I play".

Ohhh, the possibilities when finding a secure couple who like to get naked and have fun.
I love to watch cams
Posted:Jun 13, 2013 2:38 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 4:23 am

that probably goes without saying given that I'm a voyeur but yesterday I watched two cams that epitomized why I have so much fun and pleasure in this lifestyle. I love being with people who are comfortable with themselves and have no qualms about getting naked and having fun - enjoying the pleasure and passion of sex.

So the two cams that caught my attention yesterday late morning - what a great time for sex - heck, any time is a great time for sexy -- one was an older couple (the woman was 61) involved in a mmf - not sure if one of the guys was her husband, but she was definitely enjoying sucking on each cock - than sucking on one as she got fucked doggystyle. 61 - and having fun!! I've been with a number of older couples (and I'm getting to the point where you might call me old) and I've found I really enjoy it - with that age comes the maturity - knowing what they like and comfortable in their relationship so jealousy isn't an issue. Two of the younger couples I've played with (low 30s) are no longer couples, which is sad.

The other cam was the cam of a single guy - playing with a married lady - how did I know she was married? Well, the big ring on her hand that was visible as she jerked the guy off - and then checking out his profile I noticed her profile as one of his friends - it was a couple's profile - and the husband's cock was different from the cock she was sucking on cam. But the couple's profile was listed as "on line" now - so given that it was noontime, I imagined the husband sitting in his office open, watching his wife on cam with another guy. I've once had the experience where the husband of the wife I was playing remained dressed and only watched -- well, he did jerk off.

Anyway, as I said, I'm a voyeur - I like to watch - but of course, I'd rather participate.
Hotel Sex - A Fantasy
Posted:Dec 3, 2012 1:40 pm
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2013 9:17 am

I'm very lucky in that I've found a couple who enjoys getting naked with me and having all kinds of fun. They've asked me what my fantasies are - and frankly, I've been able to live out a lot of them with them -- I'm bi and so is he and the three of us have done just about everything together - the three of us have gone to an adult bookstore and played together in the booths, I've stripped naked as soon as I arrived at their house, she's been waiting for me naked.

My fantasies (what I think about when I'm alone) are of the Penthouse Letters variety and not ones that are easy to live out.

A recent one is one that I call "Hotel Sex". There are a lot of versions of this -- we are at a beach resort (Cancun), we have been eating dinner in the hotel restaurant, it's the middle of the afternoon and we are escaping work for some afternoon sex.

Whatever the version it starts with the three of us in an elevator going back to our room -- sometimes she's rubbing the front of our pants - and we are clearly partially erect when another couple gets in the elevator. Other times he's rubbed his ass against the front of my pants - and maybe I've reached around to grab his cock - and I'm clearly erect when another couple gets in the elevator.

We silently ride up to our floor -- and it's the couple's floor too. We aren't shy about the fact that the three of us are together and enter our room -- the other couple watching us enter.

Sometimes he and I quickly strip, sometimes she and I start to make out, sometimes I've stripped naked while she is undressing in the bathroom and he's still clothed sucking me.

Whatever the version, there's a knock at our hotel room door and it's the couple... "We were wondering if you'd like some company" they ask as the door has been opened a crack. The door is opened more widely to reveal us or me naked.

"You are more than welcome to join us.. the more the merrier we always say" one of us answers.

And of course there are lots of variations of what happens next.

Interestingly, perhaps, I'll let you decide, I don't have any picture in my mind about what the other couple looks like.
I'm lucky (2)
Posted:Oct 6, 2011 7:21 pm
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2011 1:17 pm

I've lucky to have found a couple who I'm compatible with and who both clearly enjoy being with me. I had that realization recently when I had been chatting with another couple (well, actually it was just him). We made arrangements to meet and he suggested I get a hotel room - and maybe I could masturbate for the two of them - saying that that turned her on but that she was shy and it would take a couple of meetings until she was comfortable with me. Then before we met, he talked about wanting to meet me separately without her knowing and when I refused, he even went so far as to block me from viewing their profile. No loss. I want to be with a couple and have them both be totally into it.

Which describes the couple I've found. Our last meeting was as hot as ever. I arrived and he met me at the door, she was in the bedroom wearing some sexy negligee, her hair still wet. He and I stripped and then she was on her knees sucking us both, taking turns, rubbing the heads of our cocks together while he and I caressed each other's asses.

Then we move to the bed, me lying on my back while he sucked me. She and I kissing while I finger her. After a little bit "Who wants to fuck me?" she asks. I don't have to be asked twice. She loves it doggystyle and I love to give her my hard cock, grabbing her hips and plunging my cock into her wet pussy. We fuck for a while and I get close -- too close, so I pull out.

He licks her juices off of my cock. Then I'm on my knees sucking him while she watches. Next, I'm fucking his ass while he eats her. So hot watching my cock in and out of his ass, looking down at her, seeing the pleasure in her face. After a bit, she pulls her legs up and she cums.

I made a mistake by coming so close to cumming. That and the fact that I'd been masturbating a lot recently and had gotten too used to my hand meant that I wasn't going to cum that evening - I don't have to cum to have a great time but I feel bad because I know what a cum slut he is.

Again, I'm lucky because they keep asking what my fantasies are -- and I'm able to live them out with them
I'm lucky
Posted:May 6, 2011 3:58 pm
Last Updated:May 6, 2011 3:59 pm

I've found a great couple that I mentioned in my Bookstore post. Sometimes when I'm with a couple I wonder if they are both truly into it (or is one just doing this for the other), but not with these two. There was one time when I briefly worried that it might be more about him (and that she wasn't as into it) - he and I were playing on the bed with her off to the side watching under a blanket - but then she got up and joined us, plopping her soaking wet pussy on my face and I knew, yes, she enjoys this too.

Anyway on a recent night together S(f) had something specific in mind. Her favorite position is doggy style (which I love to - especially when she's been tanning in a thong - what a great sight - a tanned ass). So S and B are 69ing with S on top with S's ass and B's head near the edge of the bed. And S's desire is for me to fuck her from behind while she and B 69.

I slide in easily because she is so wet. It's a great feeling, sliding in and out of her wet pussy and feeling his tongue on the shaft of my cock at the same time. I can look over and see us in a mirror and it truly looks like a hot porno movie.

Normally I can last quite a while - and if I feel myself getting ready to cum, I slow down - but not on this night.

The feeling is great. The scene is hot and sexy and B's hands are on my ass, helping to pull me into S - so even if I tried to slow down he would keep me going.

I lasted about two minutes before I came in her pussy, pulling out to have him clean off my cock.

A hot sexy experience - and I'm glad they still invite me over after my premature celebration.
A trip to the bookstore
Posted:Mar 17, 2011 5:44 pm
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2011 6:59 pm

I've been very lucky to find a couple who wants to play with me on a pretty regular basis. I'll call them S(f) and B(m). We had plans to get together on a Sunday afternoon a while back and Saturday early evening finds us both online. They are planning on making a trip to the adult bookstore up the highway to check out some toys. And they invite me to join them.

We get to the bookstore and after wandering around for a while, selecting some products, we (well, she) inquires about going back to the video booths. The sexy female clerk said "Well, technically there's only one person allowed per booth, but I've already made my rounds." She tells us about the buddy booths (booths with a window between them) - which sound interesting to S.

The clerk leads us back to the corner where they are and says again, "now there's only one person supposed to be in a booth at a time" and I think she winks at us maybe trying to figure out how we were going to divide ourselves up.

S. and I end up in a booth while B. enters the booth next to us -- after trying to figure out how things work we get the buddy windows to open so we can see one another and then I pull down my pants and S. sucks me while B. watches. Pretty quickly the buddy window closes and we seem to be going through pretty quickly so S. has B. come over and join us. The booths at this place are big fitting the three of us very comfortably. Well not totally comfortably -- compared to being in their bedroom, so we continue to play for just a little while longer and then head home for more fun.

I have two fantasies resulting from our trip. I sort of got to act out part of the fantasy a few weeks later when I visited them again. While we were sitting in their living room watching TV, I mentioned how our visit to the bookstore had been the source of fantasy and masturbation that week.

"What was your fantasy?" S. asks. Now normally we talk (nonsexual) and catch up on the couch for a while and then head back to the bedroom and get naked. "Well, you two are in the buddy booth next to me and..." and then I open my pants and start playing with my cock. Their looks encourage me (as they do in my fantasy) and I pull down my pants and start masturbating for them. Not saying anything, just watching them watch me masturbate.

In one version of my fantasy they stay in the booth and I continue to play for them, opening my shirt, spreading my legs, masturbating, fingering my asshole -- and they are turned on, and he fucks her from behind while they both continue to watch me. Another version has him entering my booth, sucking me, me sucking him - all while she watches and masturbates on the other side of the glass. I guess I could have a fantasy about having her join me in the booth - but that was reality.

Sadly (or not) I didn't get to tell them about those parts of my fantasy because after a minute of masturbating for them, S. is on her knees in front of my sucking my cock, and then B. is behind her, playing with her and pretty soon we were all naked.

Now the booths we were in didn't have gloryholes and in hindsight, I wish we had found one that did. I've always been too scared to use a gloryhole - other than masturbating a guy who put his cock through, but I would have loved to be sucked off by, or suck off someone who I knew through a gloryhole.

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