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Sexy Asian Singles
A Walk in the Woods
Since I get very turned on by reliving exciting past experiences in my head I thought I'd take the time to write some of them down to share with you. Plus being an exhibitionist, the thought of you reading them turns me on. The title for the blog comes from a book that I really enjoyed - though the contents of this blog will bear (bare) no relation to the content of the book - except that some of my adventures have taken place outdoors. The title was motivated by some pictures I took of myself while in the woods. Having stripped off my clothes I was walking in an area where people sometimes gather to do some not so innocent things and the thought of coming upon a couple or being seen naked by someone resulted in my sprouting some wood.

Anyway, I'll be adding some of my adventures here from time to time and I hope you enjoy reading them.
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Don't waste that (2)
Posted:Nov 18, 2021 11:57 am
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 2:16 pm

was a relatively crowded night at the Pleasure Palace. I had said hi a couple that was my age (50s) whose company I had enjoyed in the past. A fun couple with a confident, beautiful and sexy wife... one who knows what she wants and it's afraid ask for . A couple that won't waste any time. She was always among the first ones naked -- and was very comfortable being naked

This night as her husband had told me when we chatted on they were meeting up with a couple (30s). They were seated at a table in the bar area and I could tell the women were getting along, actively talking.

is still a early so I wander around - not much going on .... yet. I change into a pair of loose fitting shorts and a t-shirt, putting my clothes in a locker when I see the couples heading upstairs, the women leading the men. I wait a bit and head upstairs.

They are in the larger room - not the playroom - but the one on the down the hall. Door open, chain across, the women already naked and really enjoying one another. The husbands off to the side watching. I strip down and begin to show my appreciation for the scene -- hoping that , just I'll get join them.

The women continue enjoy themselves. I've counted the younger one having at least three orgasms. They then go over the husband and start blow him. He doesn't last long at all before he cums in his wife's mouth.

They sit back and rest. The show's over and I move on.

Later that night I'm outside a couple's room , door open, chain across, both naked, she's sucking him. I strip down, fondle myself, getting hard. A clothed group of newbies walk by. "That's " one of the women says as she looks at me.

The wife of my older couple comes by, totally naked, stands behind me, her breasts against my back, reaching around and joining me in stroking my cock.

"Let's not waste this" she says pulling on my cock and pulling me to another room.

We didn't waste .
Don't waste that..... I didn't
Posted:Nov 13, 2021 11:08 am
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 2:16 pm

Fortunately I have had a lot of great experiences with couples, at house parties and at the Pleasure Palace that have kept going ... so to speak... through covid.

Recently the voyeur and exhibitionist in have been flashing back to two experiences from the Pleasure Palace.

I would often meet up with a couple there who liked to play early (naked before nine - we'd sometimes 'surprise' new couples getting their tour from the hosts when they came upstairs because we were already naked and fucking).

Now I'm somewhat shy about approaching people I don't know -- but not shy about being naked. The evening had worn on and my couple had left to get home to their dog. There was a bit of action going on and I past one of the downstairs rooms. The chain was across the door and a ife or girl friend was naked on her knees blowing her husband/boyfriend as he sat on the bed. There was a couple and another guy outside the door - all clothed - watching. I had been walking around with a towel around my waste and started to watch. The couple moved on -- I'd see them later.

I removed my towel and started to show my appreciation for the couple in the room by stroking my cock. I've been told more than once that it's a nice cock. 6.5" and on the thick side.

The husband nudges his wife and she looks up at him - he gestures to me - and she continues to lick and suck his cock - now very much putting on a show for me... which I'm very much enjoying.

After a bit the husband nudges his wife again and then she moves over, removes the chain from the door and pulls my cock to pull me into the room.

She replaces the chain and then with me standing before her, takes me into her mouth. She positions me so her husband can clearly see everything she's doing.... now she's putting on a show for him.. and I'm the beneficiary -- the tool for their pleasure.

She's sucking, licking my cock, licking around the head, licking my balls, jerking me off. Her husband watching intently, jerking off.

"Mmmmm. I'm getting close." I say wanting to pull away to last a bit longer, but that only makes her work harder .... yes, she knows what she's doing... and I'm cumming in her mouth and on her face a bit.

"Thank you" she says. "No, thank you, that was amazing".

With that she hands me my towel and removes the chain and I step out.
How many people are necessary for it to be an orgy?
Posted:Mar 16, 2021 9:20 am
Last Updated:Mar 1, 2022 10:20 am

With covid cutting back on my 'activities', I have been watching a little more porn (xhamster) and reading erotica (literotica). As someone who enjoys sex, I find it interesting that sometimes videos or stories involving three people get categorized as 'orgy'... which had lead me to create this poll.

How many people must be involved for a gathering to constitute an orgy?
6 or more
0 Comments , 9 votes
Jousting and Frontage
Posted:Nov 8, 2019 1:20 pm
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2022 9:37 am

It's amazing what you can learn on the inter

introduction bi came first threesome with an older couple. The wife was dominant and in control - and incredibly hot. After she and I had gone one round with him watching and had recovered a bit -- she was on her knees sucking me and her husband back life -- one and then the other - jerking off as she sucked him. He took a step closer to so she could put both of us her mouth.

"Is this okay?" he asked . "Anything she wants is fine with " was response.... and she proceeded rub the heads of our cocks together and then suck us both.

I have now learned is called jousting!!
A business trip
Posted:Jul 12, 2016 4:18 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 2:16 pm

I'm sitting in my car after getting back from dinner answering a text when I look up and catch a glance of a naked woman. Shes looking out the window, leaning up against it, stepping back a bit, she cups and massages her breasts. She turns around and sits on the window sill... what an amazing ass. She steps out of view.

She didnt see me.. did she want to be seen, I wonder. 2nd floor, second room... they are right next to me. I decide to take a shot.

I knock on your door. He answers... "hello?" opening the door. I see he has a camera around his neck. He's wearing a white robe.. I cant see her.

"Hi. I was just out in the parking lot and I happened to see your wife in the window... and welll... ummm.. well, i was thinking she might be a bit of an exhibitionist... and well... I was wondering if you would like someone to watch you... sorry, this is awkward and forward of me... but she just looked so sexy".

As he gives me the once over looking me up and down, his robe opens, his cock dangling between his legs. I stare at it... and he notices that I don't look away.

"Come in. I'm just taking some pictures of her." He says inviting me in... his robe now fully open. "Make yourself comfortable." He says gesturing to the couch and focusing the camera on her ass while she's on the bed on hands and knees. He takes a bunch of pictures. She lays back on the bed and spreads her legs, fingering her clit and her wet pussy. He's snapping away, I'm sitting there in awe -- looking from her to him - his cock now hard and sticking out from his robe.

She notices me checking out his cock and smiles. More pictures, I'm just taking it all in. My cock totally hard in my jeans.

"When he said 'make yourself comfortable' he meant take of your clothes." She tells me. I comply as he continues taking pictures, having removed his robe. Unbuttoning my shirt, looking back and forth between this sexy couple, his camera focused on her. Undue my belt and step out of my pants. Slide down my underwear and my cock springs up at full attention.

She leaves the bed and kneels before me taking my hard cock in her mouth. He's taking pictures as she licks my shaft. He steps closer so she can suck one of us and then the other, back and forth. Stepping closer together she rubs the heads of our cocks together and then takes both in her mouth......

anyone want to help me finish this story??
A great afternoon
Posted:Jul 3, 2016 12:20 pm
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2016 9:24 am

I had just logged onto to see check out the cams and Becka, the wife of a local couple was on cam... still dressed but licking and sucking on a dildo. Very hot.

Ding... I get a text. It is Jeff, the husband. "What are you doing?" "Umm.. watching your wife on cam. God, you are lucky. She is so hot" "Yeah, and she's been so horny lately. Are you free?" "Yes, why?" "I want to give her the two cocks she's been lusting after." "YES" "How quickly can you get to our place?" "10 minutes." "k. I'll meet you there and we'll surprise her."

I had met Jeff a little over a week earlier. After exchanging some emails -- well not really exchanging -- when they posted new pictures I'd email thanking them for sharing their hot photos -- Jeff had emailed me to ask if I'd meet him saying that he was screening guys before maybe introducing them to Becka.

We met at a local bar after work. The conversation flowed -- non-sexual -- getting to know one another. And I guess he was comfortable with me because the subject turned -- "so, what do you like to do in 3sums?" "In all honesty I'm there for her pleasure. I'm very oral, enjoy kissing, figuring out how she likes to be licked. But really, whatever she wants. There's something real special about a woman who can let herself go and just enjoy two men." "Yes, that's Becka." he said with a smile.

"So why me?" I ask. "You must have tons of guys offering their services."

"Well, don't get ahead of yourself yet, Becka still has to approve. But there are so many flakes on - you set things up and then you never here from them -- or they are so full of themselves that it is all about them. And, well, you come highly recommended. Scott and Amy were reluctant to share your name with us -- but they said you were really cool and respectful and well, Amy really loves your tongue."

"Oh, man, I'm sorry, the time has gotten away from me, I have to get home for dinner. Becka's going to be wondering where I am. I'll be in touch and we'll find a time for the three of us to meet. No expectations, no promises."

Fast forward a week and I'm pulling up to their house. "I'm here" I text Jeff. "I'm almost there. Wait for me." My heart beating with excitement. A minute or two later Jeff pulls into his driveway.

Together we walk to their front door. "She's been wanting two cocks to for a while but certainly isn't expecting them on a weekday afternoon. She's going to be sooo excited."

He opens their front door. "She'll be upstairs in our playroom. Let's get undressed here and surprise her."

We walk upstairs and pause at the doorway of their playroom. She's on cam... and wiggling on a dildo that is suctioned to the floor. Eyes closed in pleasure she's moving back and forth on it while fingering her clit.

So hot and sexy. I'm immediately hard and start playing with my cock while watching her in her pleasure.

Jeff nods to me and walks in. I follow. He leans down and kisses her -- surprising her.

"I've brought something home for you," he says, gesturing to me and my cock. He steps back as she reaches for my hard cock and takes it into her mouth, licking it, sucking it, then reaching for his cock which is now hard she takes turns sucking one of us and then the other while still riding her dildo. Her mouth feels so good, so wet on my cock.

Jeff maneuvers her so she is now siting on their couch while he's kissing her, her legs spread and pussy exposed for me. I lean in, kissing one thigh and then the other, moving closer, licking one side of her pussy and then the other -- blowing on her clit -- then dabbing at it with my tongue. Then circling her clit with my tongue. Becka is enjoying my tongue, wiggling her hips as she is also now sucking Jeff's cock. I stick my tongue deep into her pussy as the bridge of my nose presses against her clit. I move my tongue back to her clit as I slide her dildo into her wet pussy. Fucking her with her dildo as I tongue her clit and she sucks Jeff's cock.

"Oh god, oh god, yes, yes, keep going." Grabbing the back of my head, pulling it in tighter, her hips wiggling as she starts to cum hard. "Oh god, oh god, I'm cummmmminnggg."

I come up for air to see Jeff smiling at her. "Fuck me NOW" she says to him as she moves to the bed. Doggy-style he starts fucking her as I maneuver myself so she can suck me. She's licking my cock up and down as he's fucking her. Taking it into her mouth. He's going faster. So hot and so sexy. She looks up at me and I can see the pleasure on her face, in her eyes as he fucks her.

Suddenly they are both cumming. He pulls out. She looks at me. "I hope you don't mind sloppy seconds because I want to ride you." She mounts me. Her wet pussy filled with his cum feels amazing. She's in control. Hands on my chest. Rocking back and forth.

He stands above me as she continues to ride me and she takes is slightly-deflated wet-with-his-cum-and-her-juices cock into her mouth. Cleaning it off, licking it... and Jeff is hard again.

I pull her down on top of me and we kiss, tongues darting as our hips bang, my cock sliding in and out out her wet pussy.

I see Jeff lubing up his cock and moving behind her. Becka and I kissing I grab her ass -- pulling her close to me - pulling her ass apart as Jeff slides into her ass.... and we fuck... and we fuck like there is no tomorrow.. withering with passion... exploding with pleasure.
The anticipation!!!!!
Posted:Apr 23, 2016 10:02 am
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 2:16 pm

You know the feeling.

The excitement you feel when you will be meeting a new couple.

You've exchanged emails, im'd (when it wasn't fucking up), looked at their photos and imagined all kinds of things, set a date, time and place to meet, texted in the morning to confirm....

... and he sends you a picture of her sucking his cock. And while you prefer women to men, you can't wait to feel his cock getting hard in your hand and in your mouth. It looks so nice and fat...

... and she's so so sexy. That nice shaved pussy with a big clit. There's so much you can imagine doing with them...

...that you hope you don't mess up the meet part.
The dangers of bluetooth syncing
Posted:Apr 18, 2016 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2020 12:19 pm

Like many of you with newer cars, my phone will sync with the communications devices in my car so that I can speak on the phone hands free - and read and respond to texts I receive on my phone while driving.

I learned (fortunately not the hard way) that one might want to disable this feature while driving with vanilla friends.

Just after I had turned off the engine and gotten out of my car with a vanilla work colleague and his I received the following text....

Are you going to be at the club tonight?? I miss your big fat cock!!
1 comment
A recent bi 3sum
Posted:Mar 24, 2016 5:21 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2021 9:16 am

I had the honor of joining a FWB couple for two hours of absolute pleasure.

It is always a concern when meeting with a new couple -- how are things going to get started. I needn't have worried -- as she greeted me with an open mouth, tongue exploring wet kiss.

Then turning out a light to set the mood (still enough light to see everything), she started kissing him while standing up. Her shirt comes off. I take off my shirt and press my chest against her back as she continues to make out with him. Then she's rubbing her ass against my cock. His shirt come off. Her bra comes off. He and I both take off our pants as she gets on her knees and sucks us off, one at a time, then both, rubbing the heads of our cocks together.

I get on my knees and join her in sucking his cock, our tongues on the head, she's a great kisser, nice wet mouth, and a great cock sucker.

She then stands back to watch me suck him, taking off her pants.

A lot has happened in the five minutes I've known them.... lol.

It is just great to be with a woman who is so comfortable with herself, and who knows what she likes, and what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it -- or demand it.

I'll be seeing them again... but they also gave me some things to try when I join other couples.

She rode me reverse cowgirl, while he spread my legs so he could tongue her clit - and my cock and play with my balls. A great sensation!! And she would occasionally lean back so that my cock would pop out of her and right into his mouth. Very hot. Wish I had a video of that.

We briefly tried DVP - but couldn't make that work. But we did do some DP -- well her on top of me, with me in her pussy -- and he used his fingers -- and then a toy on her ass. Loved feeling the pressure of the toy against my cock inside of her.... and she loved it too since she then came and squirted all over me.

Two hours of pure bliss -- that left me worn out and dehydrated... but with great memories.... climbing a flight of stairs the next day -- why are my legs sore... oh yeah, that's why.
I'm such a voyeur
Posted:Dec 2, 2015 4:25 pm
Last Updated:Dec 16, 2015 2:37 pm

There was quite a crowd at the Pleasure Palace this past Saturday and I had a great time... and I learned (if I didn't know already) what a voyeur I am.

I arrived a little after nine and the place was packed. Things hadn't really gotten going yet so I wandered around a bit and bumped into a friend in the big playroom. Soon my pants were down and she was sucking on me, then I went down on her while another woman worked on her breasts. Not that we were shy or anything, but it was too crowded in the playroom (the two big beds were occupied) so we ended up in a private room where four of us had some fun for a while.

Now I'm shy (about approaching people I don't know) but I'm not shy (about walking around naked or in a towel). So I wander around a bit -- coming up on a threesome taking place in one of the smaller rooms downstairs -- the door is open (meaning they don't mind people watching, but the chain is across the door, meaning they aren't open to visitors).

There's a husband and wife (or boyfriend/girlfriend) and another woman. The wife has been dominating the husband - ordering him what to do. He's lying down, she's playing with his cock, his balls and his ass while the other woman sits on his face. Very hot, very sexy. I definitely enjoyed watching.
I am an exhibitionist
Posted:Nov 18, 2015 1:57 pm
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2015 5:15 pm

It has been a while, too long, since I've been able to visit the Pleasure Palace and lately as I've been relaxing (and jerking off) my fantasies have really focused on being watched. I've been there seven or eight times and there hasn't been a time when I wasn't one of the first ones naked and having fun (sometimes in a private room, sometimes in the public playroom).

I am actually somewhat shy so every time I've been there I've know a couple (besides JandL ) were going to be there who I could/would play with.

Anyway, there are two different scenarios I've been imagining recently.

One involves the sybian. I haven't been there since they've got it but I've seen videos of women riding it. In my fantasy, it is a quiet night there -- not much playing going on, a couple of couples wandering around. L is trying to get things started and is talking to two couples about the sybian and how great it is --- let me show you, she says, mounting it and playing with the controls. She enters another world of pleasure. I'm watching from a distance, playing with myself through my pants... then, I figure, what the hell, and strip down and walk over, my cock at attention.

L sees me, nods and I approach her. She takes my cock into her mouth and gives me a great blow job while the two other couples just watch.

In another scenario.... I arrive knowing a couple (who I'll call Steve and Sara) whose company I have enjoyed before is going to be there. I see them seated at a table with another couple. They are engaged in conversation, so I make the rounds... it is early and nothing is going on yet... and the bigger private playroom is still available.

I return to the bar, and get a water. Sara gives me a kiss and I join the four of them -- being introduced to the other couple, catching up briefly -- then Sara asks, "is there anything going on?" "No, it's empty in the play area" "Is the big room free?" "Yes".

With that Sara squeezes my cock through my pants "Are you ready?" "I'm always ready for you two" I respond. "Excuse us" she says to the other couple and Steve, Sara and I go off to the locker area, take off our clothes, grab some towels and head up to the large private play room.

When we get there, the other couple is nearby -- the wife walks up to us "I think I know why you want that private room. Is it okay if we join you? We'd really like to watch the three of you together."
National Nude Day
Posted:Jul 14, 2015 10:53 am
Last Updated:Mar 3, 2017 10:19 am

So apparently today is National Nude Day. I'll celebrate when I get home from work.

I wish there was some place around here where I could go to celebrate the day with others. I think things would be a lot healthier if nudity where more socially acceptable.

I just love the feeling of freedom that comes from being naked outdoors. It is very liberating.... and very stimulating. One of my favorite couples has some great outdoor pictures of her -- and I'd just love to join them for a photo shoot -- or some other kind of a shoot.

I'm glad I've met a number of people who are comfortable in their own skins.... and comfortable with themselves as sexual beings -- those that don't have any hangups about getting naked and having fun.
1 comment
The Pool Exhibitionist
Posted:Jul 13, 2015 1:12 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 2:16 pm

You had noticed me before at the pool... and I had noticed you in your nice pink bikini.

When you arrived today I was already in my lane swimming and you found a spot right at the end of my lane. Now granted there were only a few open spots on this hot crowded day, but you chose the end of the lane of the only adult male who was at the pool alone... perhaps to tease me... since that is what you did.

Bending over and facing away from me as you pulled off your shorts, then bending down, your bikini bottom nicely showing off your ass. Then lying down, and spreading your legs just a little more than they needed to be spread so that I can see right between your legs as I stop briefly at the end of each lap.

I switch to swimming breast stroke so that I can watch you. You're looking at your phone, legs spread as you run a finger along the inside of your leg, adjusting your bikini, then your finger lingers, perhaps on your clit. Very hot.

Sorry this isn't more exciting... but this is a true story that took place at a crowded public pool. I hope that she'll read this... and that we can take it a bit further.

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