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Are disturbing images erotic?  

izzie1 50M
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9/7/2015 9:21 am

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11/19/2015 8:27 pm

Are disturbing images erotic?

I suppose we all have tastes and tollerances.
For me... blood and bloody things are my hard limit. I'm not a gory movie fan and I'm not into the gaping porn stuff at all.
But... I am finding beauty in some non traditional places and there is some uncomfortably erotic imagery out there.
I'll also say that I am completely against non consensual, u.n.derage, manipulative and illegal sex.
I do like that people with differences and physical "challenges" can have ... and are taking control of their sexuality.
- Do I wanna fuck a bearded lady or a hermaphrodite? No... but I certainly don't fault them for expressing theirs and getting theirs.
- Would I date or have sex with a little person? I wouldn't rule it out based solely on that fact that she was a little person.
- Would I date or have sex with an amputee? Same... I wouldn't rule it out based solely on their physical differences.
- Would I date or have sex with a really really fat woman or a really really thin woman? The physical body is not my deciding factor ... so I would say ... sure... if we had a chemestry and connected...
- Pierced... guaged... body modified... surgically altered... same... if we had a chemestry some hardware or store bought parts have never really dissuaded me
- Transgendered... I can't really say... I'm attracted to women and if I connected with someone under the impression that she was a woman and it turned out she had male parts... I would probably choose not to pursue that... based on lots of reasons. Mostly, that I'm not attracted to penises and have no desire to do anything with one other than my own.
- Physically challenged... blind, deaf, wheelchair bound, paralyzed... it kind of depends. I'm not really a caretaker type but I do like the protector role... so... I'm gonna say... maybe and yes to blind girls. Have you seen me... I'm a monster so that plays to my advantage.
What demographic have I left out?
Comment away blogland...
I'm fascinated by people's differences.
I steer towards the societal norms and don't go down those roads
People's with differences freak me out.
When I see someone with differences I run the other way.
I'd have a freak show orgy if I could find one.
The more bizarre the difference the better...

Do me a favor...go look at one of my other posts and make a comment... please...

travellerabc123 52M  
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9/8/2015 8:10 pm

Unpin some stuff. I saw you posted something, but I couldn't find it. All the pinned stuff is on top, so new stuff falls down.
That said, nice post.

Embrace the suck

nightsoul1962 59F
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9/7/2015 10:17 am

While I have my limits like we all should have, I'm more attracted on what a person has inside than the exterior look!


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