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The Voices Inside
Are you ready to quit?
Are you ready to learn?
Are you ready to find the spark inside and let it burn?
I'm the walls that close in
I'm the words you won't say
I'm the voices you choose to keep inside
And lock away
I don't want to be flawless. When I go I want the cuts to show.
Passion. It lies in all of us, sleeping, waiting.
And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir.
Open its jaws and howl.

It speaks to us, guides us, passion rules us all.
And we obey, what other choice do we have?

Passion is the source of our finest moments.
The joy of love, the clarity of hatred,
and the ecstacy of grief.

It hurts sometimes more than we can bear.
If we could live without passion,
maybe we'd know some kind of peace.
But we would be hollow.
Empty rooms, shuttered, dank.
Without passion, we'd be truly dead.
'Cause sometimes you just feel tired, you feel weak
And when you feel weak you feel like you want to just give up
But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength
And just pull that shit out of you and get that motivation to not give up
And not be a quitter, no matter how bad you want to just fall flat on your face and collapse
Music is like a tattoo,
and bands have to make music
where people are proud to wear your tattoo,
no matter what kind of music you like.
For some, music is not just a pastime,
It’s an undeniable fact of living,
A blissful slavery of mind, body and soul.
To rise above the ashes of mediocrity is rare,
Yet the gift of song is freely handed out to anyone who cares to receive it,
Instantly shattering our daily drudgery. The path to pursue more than the usual,
More than what is safe and known,
Is wrought with time-sharpened jagged blade s that cut deep,
Blocking many from the road to something greater,
Beyond the stunted imagination of their peers. Within the veins of the few,
Passion fills every sinew with a sweet unquenchable purpose,
Calming the fear of those treacherous paths,
Though every slice burns and bleeds,
Still they take each cut
And wear the scars with pride to signal their choice,
That undying pursuit of greater joy within every cord.
And so they say – Watch me bleed
When life knocks you down..calmly get back up, smile, and very politely, say, "You hit like a bitch."
I’ll never show you my cards, I won’t be playing a hand worth bluffing. But when you’re running with me, you won’t be wondering why you’ve fallen.
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Read This If Nobody Texted You Good Morning
Posted:May 23, 2015 10:24 pm
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2017 9:57 am

First of all: Good morning, beautiful.

Is it too late to say that? I know you’ve probably been awake a while – likely hours or even all day. I know you may have gone this whole time without hearing it – shrugging back to friends and family who asked you how you’re doing with a non-committal “Fine” because that is what we’re meant to do as humans – answer meaningful questions with arbitrary phrases. I know that you may not be fine. I know you may have had a lacklustre day. And I know that something as incredibly mundane as a “Good morning” text may have made all the difference in the world. It’s okay if that’s the case. It’s okay to sometimes ache for those simple and kind-hearted gestures.

Because the truth is that good morning texts are more than a half-hearted means of communication. They are a sign that we are thought of. Cared for. Adored, by someone who may not be immediately present. They are a reminder – one we perhaps should not need but sometimes do – that we are appreciated in our entireties. So if you did not get one this morning, here is what I want you to know:

You deserve to have a good day today. Not because of some universal law that necessitates good things happening to worthwhile people, but because we all do. We all deserve to have a beautiful morning and a correspondingly fantastic day, regardless of who loves us or appreciates us or thinks of us first thing when they wake up in the AM. Just because someone is not around to appreciate the complexities of who you are does not mean that you deserve anything less than pure joy. And in case there’s no one else to remind you, here is what else I want you to know:

There’s a particular way you laugh that can make an entire room light up, if only for a moment in time. There is a way you tilt your head when you are concentrating that makes you look unbearably kissable – as if you were placed on this earth only to stare at things and frown in the most endearing form humanely possible. There is a noise you make when you are falling asleep – a soft, almost inaudible sigh that sounds like the ethereal embodiment of all that is tranquil and calm. There are a thousand minute intricacies that make up the tapestry of who you are and not a single one has ceased to exist since the last time that somebody loved you.

I know we’re not supposed to need reminders of that. I know that we’re supposed to be strong and self-sufficient and reassured – certain of our own worth, questioning only the value of others. But we’re human. We forget.

We forget that we are loveable. We forget that we’re desired. We forget that we are anything other than the hard-shelled, busybody workaholics that we’ve all been trained to behave as. We forget that we, too, merit adoration.

And here’s what it’s easiest to forget: Who you are doesn’t cease to exist because there’s nobody there to admire it. The way you bite your pencil is still cute, even when there’s nobody to tease you for it. The way you hold yourself still exudes confidence, even if there’s no one to assert it to. The way your eyes light up when you’re talking about what you love is – and endlessly will be – attractive, regardless of who is there to listen to you speak. All the little quirks that make you up are not extinguished because somebody once chose against them. You still deserve to have a good day, even when there’s no one there to wish it to you. Even if you forget to remind yourself.

Someday someone’s going to love all of those tiny things about you. Someone’s going to love the way you cough. They’re going to laugh at the way you lose your keys while you’re actually holding them. Someday, someone is going to stare at you from across a crowded room and know exactly how you’re feeling based on the way your head is tilting or the type of wine you’ve used to fill your glass. Someone is going to appreciate all of your obscurities eventually but right now they are all only your own. And that’s okay. First and foremost, you will always belong to yourself.

Here’s what I urge of you if you did not receive a good morning text today: Don’t forget about what makes you incredible. Don’t let your own intricacies slide. Because the loveable parts of you are not gone – I absolutely promise you that much.

You are so much more than the person who nobody texted this morning. You are encompassing. You are fierce. You are a blazing, roaring fire in a world full of people who’ve been burnt. So please, refuse to let the wounded people extinguish you. Refuse to be tamed. Refuse to flicker down into a meagre, burnt-out coal because somebody else is not tending to your flame.

At the end of the day, we’re all in charge of what we bring to our lives. So be the person who brings light to your own, even if nobody else shows up to it. Be the person who has a good day, even if nobody wishes it to them. Find a way to fuel your flame when no one else remembers to, because the world needs the light you give off.

And you, my dear, are too intense a power to be reduced by something as small and insignificant as the lack of a good morning text.

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My definition of FWB
Posted:May 13, 2015 7:53 pm
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2017 5:09 am

I know guys think a fwb is fuck and see ya next time.

Simply put, my definition is talk - ya know text, maybe a convo here and there on the phone on occasion; hang out - go out to a concert, for a drink, bowling, whatever floats our boats; and lots of sex on a regular basis. Also cuddling after/between sex is kind of a must. I had a guy who didn't do that and it was so damn awkward to go from sex and all that touching to nothing.

Some guys will say that's bordering on a relationship and I suppose so. But the difference is the cuddling and touching is just in private not PDAs like holding hands and kissing in public.

If you want a fuck and see you next time, then move along, you will not change my mind. I can't do stranger one night stand sex. Not worth it.
You didn't leave a forward address...
Posted:Jun 28, 2014 12:02 pm
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2018 3:09 pm
Gone away
You left me all alone
The only thing I got from you was
You dirty tshirt and hose
I sit here by the phone
And listen to your message
You didn't leave a forward address

Oh oh
Trying to move on
Oh oh the magazines keep piling up
Oh oh
Happiness is gone
Got to pull myself together
Letters in the mailbox for you

Paid your bills
Every one on time
Just got the notice
Your favorite uncle just died

And a name
I don't recognize
he says he loves you
Another day can't leave us behind

Oh oh
Trying to move on
Oh oh the magazines keep piling up
Oh oh
Happiness is gone
Got to pull myself together
Letters in the mailbox for you

Letters they keep coming back

I keep returning to sender
To sender
Still they keep coming
Still there coming back
I keep returning to sender
To sender
Still the keep coming
Still there coming back
Now I'm just burning your letters
Your letters
Still they keep coming
Still there coming back
Another day can't leave us behind

Oh oh
Trying to move on
Oh oh the magazines keep piling up
Oh oh
Happiness is gone
Got to pull myself together
Letters in the mailbox for you

Letters they keep coming back
I keep returning to sender
To sender
Still they keep coming
Still there coming back
I keep returning to sender
To sender
Still the keep coming
Still there coming back
Now I'm just burning your letters
Your letters
Still they keep coming
Still there coming back
I keep returning to sender
To sender
Still they keep coming
Still there coming back
I keep returning to sender
To sender
Still the keep coming

"Letters in the Mailbox" - Hanson

Guess I'll give in and make one of these posts. If you want to leave me a private message, this is the place to do it. Come on, what's your deepest darkest secret?
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Makes No Sense At All (Labyrinth) - Ch 22
Posted:Sep 18, 2018 7:29 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2022 5:15 am

Chapter 22 - Just a little spark that burns so bright

The next day Jareth sent Cerin to the High Court with a missive, to explain the situation and to seek their aid. Jareth refused to leave Sarah with how sneaky Kai was proving to be.

Before Cerin left, he helped Jareth weave an intricate spell on the Castle as well as Sarah's mind and dreams so Kai couldn't infiltrate anything.

Jareth had Sarah accompany him pretty much everywhere in the Castle except for the restroom, although baths were especially enjoyable. He cancelled all audiences with his subjects and refused any visitors until further notice. He would not take the chance of Kai somehow slipping by and also he didn't want his attention diverted.

In the interim of waiting on their reply and Cerin's return, Jareth spent a good amount of time working with Sarah to try to expand her budding magical abilities that had been cropping up when facing Kai. If she could control them and not rely on the hope they would emerge if she were in danger, he would rest at least a fraction easier. Without that or him by her side, she was almost completely helpless against Kai's power.

They were in the Escher room and Jareth was quite unsuccessful in getting her to manifest her powers.

Sarah was very irritated, no matter how hard she tried.

"Sarah, Precious. Magic is really very simple. All you have to do is want something and then let yourself have it!"**

She huffed out a breath, "Well I want to conjure my powers and I definitely ain't blocking myself from having it, so what is the problem?"

Jareth quirked his lips, then produced a crystal. He rolled it around his gloved hands, his mismatched eyes watching images only known to him in it.
When he didn't respond and continued to ignore her after her saying his name a few times, she felt her temper rise.

"Hey Mr. Glittery Pants, are you watching porn on there or something?"

Without looking up, he replied, "Possibly."

Ok, what was going on? Jareth was never outright disrespectful. She tried to keep her temper in check, but what the actual fuck?

The longer they stood there in silence, him acting like she wasn't in the room, the more the fire in her rose. Until finally it exploded in a shower of sparks from her fingertips, which he threw the crystal ball in a cloud of glitter, deflecting it.

His smooth laugh sounded through the sparkly air between them, "I knew it."

"Knew what?" She waved at the specks of annoyance, trying to glare at him.

"Your abilities manifest when your emotions are running high. Up until now, when you were in danger and irate. You can't force them. But we need to take that knowledge and make it flow from you at will, not unchecked."

She put her hands on her hips, "Well then, what do you propose? This is so out of my element."

He strode the few steps, closing the distance between them and slowly circled around. He stopped behind her and leaned in. "We need to figure out what you feel right before it manifests," he whispered in her ear, causing shivers to travel up and down her spine by his nearness and his breath.

"I..I..don't know," she barely got out as he started kissing down her neck.

She felt more than heard his laugh, his teeth nipping his only reply.

She had relaxed against him, giving him as much access as possible.

"Concentrate on how you feel Precious," he mumbled as he licked her ear after he made his way back up.

His arms had encircled her waist and she could feel his desire for her against her butt. She felt her body starting to ready itself for him.

His gloved hand had traveled up to her covered breast, tweaking her nipple through the material.

She tried to turn around in his embrace, but he stopped her with gentle pressure. "Tsk tsk love, so impatient."

Her breath hitched with annoyance. The more he stoked the fire, the brighter she burned for him. She needed his bare skin and standing still while he teased her was going to make her combust.

She imagined stripping him of those damned gloves first, twining his fingers with hers. Then onto removing that pesky shirt that was always bewitching her with glimpses of his chest. She'd return the favor on his nipples, making him squirm as he begged for more.

As she lost herself inside the fantasy, she felt a warm sensation starting at the tips of her toes and making its way up, stopping before it reached her fingertips as Jareth abruptly ceased his attentions.

"Wha..?" she gasped.

"I was concentrating on your reactions, to see where it starts."

"What starts?" she was getting irritated with his mood swings.

"Your magic, Precious."

She whirled around,"You mean you got me all in the mood for MAGIC?!" She was going to kill him. Sparks started to fly from her fingers.

He grabbed her in between one breath and the next, locking her arms next to her sides. "Calm love, feel it."

"I'll give you calm!" she struggled to no avail.

He wasn't phased,"Feel the roll of magic, envision shaping it to your will. It is yours, it must respond to you."

She struggled for a moment more, then his words sunk in. She stilled and concentrated inward. There seemed to be a glowing ember pulsing. She attempted to pull on it, but it resisted. Until Jareth leaned down and captured her lips with his. As the desire grew and her emotions spun out of control, the ember flared brighter.

She tried to bend it, but it danced in defiance.

Jareth broke the kiss,"Good start Sweetling."

"But I didn't do anything," she was still trying to focus, but the moment was lost.

He tilted her chin up to look into his eyes, "No one gets it right on their first try. Not to mention, most Fae start from very young. You are at a disadvantage."

"Yeah no shit. I'm not Fae and I'm 30," she rolled her eyes and tried to break away from him.

He let her go and watched as she paced.

She had to work off this energy. She was losing control, no thanks to him. She was worked up between her libido, anger, and frustration. Using the tangle of emotions, she reached down to where she had felt the magic well within her. She woke it from its sleep and felt her fingers warm, but no sparks. She was facing away from Jareth so she smiled with satisfaction. Not slowing her pace, she made her way back to him. The last second before she turned to once again walk away from him, she directed the energy from her fingertips to his crotch. Not enough to harm, she hoped, but to give him a jolt.

His face had remained placid while she paced, until then. He was unable to keep his composure and glared at her.

She laughed and smiled evilly. "Serves you right."

He had cupped his hands and a soft glow emanated from them around the delicate area. Once he was satisfied he was healed and nothing permanently damaged, he growled, "For what?"

"For getting me all hot and bothered, then not following through you ass."

He stalked towards her, "You do realize willfully attacking the King can result in death?"

"Take your own advice and calm down Your Majesty," she wiggled her fingers, purposely showering sparks.

Jareth was not truly angry, in fact he was proud of how quickly she managed to get a reign on her magic. She would still need practice, but she seemed well on her way. He was a bit annoyed, however, as if she hadn't been able to control it he could've been truly harmed. He had yet to produce an heir, so that would have been a very bad situation. He wasn't lying, as Fae couldn't, that she could go up for punishment by the High Court if something serious has happened.

However he could see she was not in the frame of mind to take his warning seriously, so he would have to wait to enforce the gravity of the repercussions for such actions.

For the moment he decided to finish what he started earlier. He grabbed her around the waist and lowered his lips to hers again. She pushed against him, but was quickly kissed into submission.

When he let them both come up for air, she breathed,"So help me Jareth, if you intend on stopping again, I'm going to zap your fairy ass."

He chuckled,"You are aware that is a threat to the Crown?"

"Oh yeah, and what are you going to do about it?" she countered.

"I think punishment is in order," his hands traveled down to her bottom and brought her flush against him.

"Oh.." she half moaned.

"Are you agreeable to my instrument of punishment then?"

He didn't let her reply, transporting them to his bed and discarding with their clothes in the process.

Sarah had no complaints with the penalty she paid over and over for the rest of the day, as well as into far into the night.

Copyright 2018

A/N - Yeah...the characters just haven't been speaking to me. They piped up briefly once I kicked Jareth in his sparkly butt, so enjoy!

**Shout out to the movie Halloweentown. I borrowed the quote. lol

*Lyric is from "Sound of Light" - Hanson
Makes No Sense At All (Labyrinth) - Ch 21
Posted:Jul 21, 2018 4:50 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2022 5:15 am

Chapter 21 - Where's the truth for us to use

"You see, Cerin has a twin brother, not identical. What you see of Cerin right now, is actually what his brother Kai, looks like," Jareth explained.

"Kai, wait what?"

"When Cerin was Above with you as Kai, he did look like himself, but didn't use his true name. He was sent by me to watch over you since you hadn't wished me back into your life. He has the ability to change to look like Kai, but Kai doesn't have the same abilities - that we know of."

Sarah had been staring at Cerin as Jareth spoke. Then before her eyes he changed into what she knew of as her Kai - short, semi-layered brownish-blondish hair, artfully tousled, striking green eyes. She gasped at the transformation.

He smiled at her, "I am sorry Sarah. I didn't mean to deceive you. When things became of an urgent nature to get you to the Underground for your safety, but you were too stubborn to take the hint, I had to resort to drastic measures."

"You mean the whole asshole thing at the club was just an act?"

He smiled almost sheepishly, "Yes. Since Jareth's dreams weren't working, I had to push you to hate your life so much, to wish Jareth to you."

"Did..did you cause me to lose my job?"

"Actually no. That was just a stroke of luck it happened at that time."

"Why couldn't you have just told me what was going on?"

"Unfortunately Precious, that is against the rules. While dreams are my domain and I can bend things that way, no one could outright tell you what you needed to do," Jareth broke in.

"Still..I was really hurt that night. There had to have been a better way," she frowned.

"Most likely there would have been if we had more time," Cerin replied. "However it was the best that could be done in that moment. I am most ashamed at causing you such distress dear Sarah. I hope you can accept my apology."

She blew out a breath and nodded. "So why did he single me out?" she was looking between Jareth and who she was trying to assimilate that who she now saw was Cerin not Kai.

"You see, Cerin and Kai are actually older than me. But that is not how the King is chosen. The Labyrinth chooses who it wants to bond with as Its King. Kai took exception to this as the Goblin Kingdom is the step before being High King once the current High King either passes through the Veil or steps down when the successor is deemed ready to take over and the High King has decided to pass the crown. By the Labyrinth passing over Kai for me, he will never be High King."

"He is also the older of Him and I," Cerin added. "So as the eldest of all three of us, he feels the succession should be done like the Above countries with royalty by age."

"The Labyrinth is no dumbass," Sarah joked.

Jareth and Cerin smiled. "Indeed not Love," Jareth agreed, dropping a kiss on her cheek.

"So..what happens now?" She looked up into Jareth's eyes.

He frowned,"I am afraid you shall have to keep to the castle, any adventures outside will be very few. As it seems even with guards, Kai is able to still get to you. His power has indeed grown."

Sarah didn't want to be cooped up, but she understood the logic. Hell she had even been in Jareth's arms and Kai still managed to take her away. One thing was bugging her though, "How is he a vampire?"

"As far as I can tell, the rumors that he had fallen in with the Vampire kingdom must be true. There are stories that they can do a ritual to turn other magical beings into one of them, with that being retaining their initial abilities and just adding to them. I could feel a change in him through our connection, but I can't use it too much as he can feel me as well when I do that," Cerin replied.

"So how do we stop him?"

"Precious, as much as I know you can take care of yourself, I am afraid this will require not only Cerin and I, but the aid of the High Court. If Kai is this powerful and even more so than what we have most likely seen, we will not be enough. He will just use you as bait or worse, just kill you if he has no need of you."

"Which with today's happenings, shows he most likely is just trying to remove you," Cerin added.

Jareth nodded in agreement, his arms tightening around her at his near loss.

"I just can't conceive of needing more power than you Jareth. I've seen what you can do and I'm sure it's not everything," Sarah's reply was half statement, half question.

Jareth gave a dry laugh, "While I appreciate your belief in my abilities, I most certainly am not all powerful. The Labyrinth does aid me and I indeed have great magic at my disposal, however Kai has shown that he has ways to intercede and I refuse to take that chance. We will gather the High King's aid before facing Kai."

Sarah nodded in understanding, then sighed. "Well, I wanted something exciting in my life, I guess I'm getting it," she said wryly.

Jareth and Cerin laughed half-heartedly at her attempt to lighten the situation.


That night Sarah and Jareth's coupling was filled with urgency, both lovers taking each moment as a possible last one. Their kisses were desperate and filled with passion, their touches lingering - memorizing every hollow and curve. When he finally drove into her she grasped him tightly, almost trying to pull him to become one with her in every way.

Jareth had to hold back completing what she was asking with her body unknowingly. She was his, had been since she was 15. He had been waiting for her to make her way back to him, but she had to come willingly. He could try every trick he knew to push her in the right direction, but he didn't. It was perhaps the only good thing to come out of this insane situation, it had brought her to him.

As he lay there in the afterglow of their lovemaking, he knew once all this was taken care of, there was going to be a lot of explanations and why she couldn't leave again.

But first he had to keep her safe and defeat his brother. He sighed.


Copyright 2018

A/N - Boom! There is the twist. lol Did I turn anyone's mind to mush? haha I had trouble keeping it straight myself. There's more, gotta have the battle obviously. But all you readers who thought Cerin was the vampire and thought for sure last chapter you were right, Na na na. *sticks tongue out* Hope everyone enjoyed. I've been on a crazy writing spree lately. Have another story in the works too!

Please leave a contribution in the little box.

*Lyric is from "Now or Never" - Three Days Grace
Makes No Sense At All (Labyrinth) - Ch 20
Posted:Jun 30, 2018 1:27 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2022 5:15 am

Chapter 20 - All the noise in her head and the fear in her heart are slowly tearing her apart.

The lovers finally managed to disentangle themselves from each other and make it out of bed, even managing to put clothes on. This happened after another bout of lovemaking and another brief nap. It was late afternoon when, after a late lunch, Jareth took his throne among his goblins and Sarah went out for a walk in the Labyrinth trying to capture some sun on her pale skin. She had a goblin guard for company as Jareth absolutely refused to let her go alone with the danger she had been facing. She had started to feel her temper rise, but then after a brief review of everything that had happened in the Labyrinth, she concurred it was a good idea.

The goblin guard wasn't good for conversation unfortunately, so she walked along in silence, it following behind her.

She idly ran her hands on the walls as she wandered until she came upon a crystal clear lake that looked shallow, surrounded by a gathering of trees reaching out of sight. The sun shone into the lake, but the trees were almost in twilight. It seemed no way out except for the path that had brought her in. Which when she turned around, had been erased - along with her guard.

Now she was worried, why do bad things keep happening to her?

She tried yelling for the Goblin King, but when he didn't appear in front of her she knew she was in trouble.

Suddenly a voice started whispering in her mind, 'Look at the beautiful clear lake, so nice and refreshing.'

Sarah backed away, not giving into the temptation. If a voice in her heard was urging her to the body of water, it couldn't be good.

'Come now, it's shallow, what can possibly happen? The sun will warm you as you wade into the coolness.'

She shook her head, but felt her feet moving forward. 'No No No, ' she screamed in her mind, but couldn't say it out loud.

She found herself taking off her sandals and stepping onto the white sand at the edge, that contrasted with the blue of the lake, the green of the trees and grass.

That's when she realized the lake wasn't shallow. A few steps in and she lost her footing when it became a steep slope of loose ground. She rolled and fell, being dragged down by the force of the liquid surrounding her. This was one of those deceptive pools, where the water is so clear that the bottom looks so close, but in reality is hundreds of feet down.

She swam back to the surface, gasping and sputtering for breath that she didn't have a chance to take before she went under. She had just started to make her way to the shore, when she felt something grab her legs and pull her back into the depths. She looked beneath her and saw two mermaids - one with blue hair and one with red - with strong grips on her legs, giggling as they pulled her to death.

When she started to despair she was meant to die here, the mermaids were all of a sudden blasted from her by unseen force, then she felt herself being pulled back up. Unfortunately she couldn't see her rescuer as she had neared the point of passing out from lack of oxygen.

The sun shone down on her as she was rolled out on the shore and she coughed up the water she had inhaled. She took deep, gasping breaths - her chest heaving with the effort.

When she rolled over to thank her savior, she screamed. Then she started backing away on hands and feet in a crab walk. "No! Not you!" She was in near hysteria.

Cerin looked down at her with concern, not understanding her sudden fear of him. He frowned and strode to her. He needed to get her to Jareth and it seemed something was blocking anyone from summoning the King from this clearing. It reeked of evil and menace. He gently hauled her to her feet and quickly transported them to the throne room of the Castle Beyond the Goblin City.


As soon as they arrived, Cerin released his hold on the frightened woman and she fell into Jareth's arms.

Jareth had been sitting on his throne, listening to issues from his subjects. He didn't bother with a crystal upon seeing the drenched Sarah with Cerin. He simply waved his hand, making the crowd disappear to give them some privacy.

He held her tight as he glanced at her, then at his brother,"Cerin what in the Underground happened?! Why are you both soaking and why is she shaking?"

"I am not sure of the hows, Brother, but I followed her invisibly like you asked and barely slipped into the clearing before the pathway disappeared, leaving the guard outside. She had walked into the water that is deceptively deep and before I knew it, she had fell completely under. I dove in and saved her, finding two mermaids were dragging her under. I blasted them with magic to free her."

"It is a good thing that I sent you as well. I knew a goblin guard wasn't enough to guarantee her safety." Then he looked down at her once again, kissed the top of her head, and said, "It is alright Precious, I will always make sure you are protected."

"N..N...No, "she chattered half with coldness and half with fear,"H..Him."

"Who, Love?"

"Cerin. He is the V..V..Vampire. I saw his face when I was trapped the first time."

Jareth stiffened and looked at his brother. But he didn't fly into a rage like Sarah thought he would immediately do. Instead he said,"Well Cerin, it seems the jig is up, as the humans say."

"Yes I believe so. We cannot keep it from her anymore."

Sarah found herself teleported to Jareth's sitting room in front of the fireplace. Her wet clothes had been replaced for dry ones and a soft blanket appeared around her as Jareth still held her, now seated on the settee.

Cerin had changed his clothes in the travel as well and sat upon a nearby chair, all three now being warmed by the crackling flames.

"What is going on Jareth?" Sarah's shaking had all but subsided with being dry and near the Goblin King. She looked between him and his brother.

"Precious, Cerin isn't exactly as he appears.." he started.

Copyright 2018

A/N - It is a bit short, but a good bit of action. I had to stop it there, so much will be happening if it goes the way I want it to. Just remember, things are not always what they seem and what is the title of this story? Makes no sense at all! Whatever your theories are, and I do enjoy them, are most likely not what's going to happen.

*Lyric is from "One Voice" - Blutengel
Ladies who have used progestin only BC pills (POP)
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I can't be on combo BC for health reasons so I'm
looking into progestin only. There are mixed reviews.
Can you ladies tell me your experience with them? I know
the window to take them is a lot smaller. But my main concern
is weight gain and how it affects your period.

I have talked to my doctor already btw, I am just looking for actual experiences of any side effects.

Makes No Sense At All (Labyrinth) - Ch 19
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Chapter 19 - I like the way you breathe when we're moving

Lemons for all! I'm so generous.


Sarah slowly rose from unconsciousness, after dreams of a dark entity raging against a barrier that was set up to protect her. It was both physical and mental. Once again she saw his face for an instant, just like back when she was trapped with him. When it swam through her mind in the fogginess between asleep and awake, it startled her, causing her to gasp and bolt upright.

Unfortunately she was still entwined in the Goblin King's arms, causing him to wake with her sudden movements.

"Precious? What's wrong?" he asked, groggily as he stroked her back.

"I..I..just a nightmare about that vampire."

Jareth frowned. The Fae can taste a lie, just as they cannot actually tell a falsehood. So Sarah wasn't essentially telling him anything untruthful. However, he could taste that something was amiss as her words rung incomplete. He would speak to her later, as omissions are just the same as lying. But secretly he was proud of her as well. The Fae had a gift with words and how to spin half truths. She was already acting like one of his own kind.

"Don't worry, Love. I put up a shield to protect your mind from that vile creature. He should not be able to get past my magic."

Sarah nodded that she heard his reassurances and she didn't doubt he would protect her with everything in his power. But the face was someone she had seen before. Someone she would never have guessed. She was afraid Jareth's power wouldn't be enough. She could go home, but she doubted she'd be anymore safer in a different world than the Goblin King. At least here he could hopefully get to her quickly if need be.

Jareth sat up behind her and started kissing her neck evolving into little nips at her soft skin. She smelled of sex and him. His male ego was more than satisfied with this. When her shoulders slumped in surrender he brought his hands up and cupped her breasts. She leaned back against him as he tweaked her nipples into points, slowly rolling them between his long fingers. This brought a moan from her lips and all thoughts of familiar, dark beings left her mind.

His mouth trailed up to her ear, breathing softly into and sending shivers done Sarah's body in the process. Then he proceeded to lick the outer shell and slowly moved inward. In the mean time his one hand was busy sliding its way down her quivering belly to the apex between her thighs. He caressed the bud nestled there, already slippery from his ministrations. His other hand stayed busy twisting and teasing her nipple with just enough pressure.

Her hands were twisting in the sheets beneath them, overwhelmed with the pleasure he was giving her. After years of deriving minimum pleasure from sex and thinking she just wasn't meant to enjoy that aspect of life, this arrogant but fiercely protective King was disproving her whole theory. Apparently he was set to ruin her for anyone else and not being able to settle once she did go back to her life Aboveground. She mentally shook herself out of these morbid meanderings of forever being alone. The freaking Goblin King was pleasuring her and even then her mind couldn't shut the fuck up!

Thankfully it was only a minute that her mind had strayed to these serious thoughts and her body was still responding to Jareth's touch, causing him not to notice anything amiss.

She could feel his hardness against the bottom of her back. Before she could act on her sudden impulse to turn around and reciprocate the pleasure, his hand where two fingers were currently stroking in and out, pressed against a sensitive spot and caused her to jerk and succumb to an expected orgasm. She had never reached one so easily. How did he do it?

He lightly continued stroking, withdrawing from her entrance and focusing nearer to the top of her folds as she gasped. His other hand had dropped from her breast and she entwined her fingers with his as she came back to herself.

One she regained her energy and her limbs felt they would work again,she maneuvered to face him and pressed her full lips to his thin ones. He smiled against hers and then returned the gesture. As their kiss developed into tongues and open mouths, her hands were busy traveling down his sleekly muscled chest, past his stomach to her now personal prize.

She stroked him lightly at first, getting a feel of his length and girth. Somehow it felt different this way than when he was inside her. She broke the heated kiss and moved down, sliding him past her lips.

"Sarah.." he moaned. "You don't need to do this, Precious."

She grinned as much as she could around the more than mouthful and slowly worked her mouth up and down his length.

His hands wove into her tangled tresses and he let her take the lead, doing as she wished.

She hadn't done this much, enough to know the mechanics of it, but she wanted so much to show him through her actions how much she appreciated the pleasure he had given her. She followed the subconscious queues Jareth was giving through the slight rise and fall of his hips and the light pressure of his fingers in her hair.

When he started moaning she figured she was doing something right, so just continued to follow her instincts. For some reason this male could cause her mind to usually turn off. It did sneak back in, earlier was a good example, but he had succeeded farther than any guy before.

After a few minutes the pressure of his fingers in her hair got harder as he started to pull her away. "Love I'm not going to last much longer if you continue."

She smiled against the saliva en coated appendage and slid him back into her mouth. Working on him faster, using her hand as well to make sure what she couldn't fit was still receiving attention.

His grip got more urgent in her hair, but also his hips were moving even more of their own accord. She was causing the great Goblin King to lose control. She liked the thought of that.

He spurted down her throat, her barely tasting the liquid. She actually had never done that either, always letting the guy finish on her stomach. Never wanting to give them that privilege.

When she lifted her head after he was done, he laid down and she went with him, laying her head on his chest. He held her to him as his chest heaved.

"Oh my lovely Sarah, you prove time and again why you are my Precious one," he said when he had his voice again.

She smiled with satisfaction that for a being such as he, who no doubt had hundreds of years of experience, was able to be pleasured by someone as herself.

They laid there entwined in their lover's embrace. Both loathe to break it. She knew he was a king with duties but she wanted to keep him right there, in their own private moment.

Jareth must've felt the same way as his hand not currently resting on her arm, pinched a nipple, bringing it easily to attention. Another thing she marveled at as usually her nipples weren't very reactive.

Just that simple touch from him caused a throbbing to start in another region of her body. She could feel her core readying itself. But before he could progress any further, she sat up and swung a leg over his.

His hands grabbed for her rounded hips as she slid herself onto his recovered shaft. Her head fell back and her eyes shut in absolute satisfaction at the fullness and depth he provided, especially in this position.

His hands helped to guide her enough for her to follow his pace and soon she was bouncing up and down just like any porn star would do. What in the hell was he doing to her? It was all so amazing and nothing she ever thought to experience. She shut her mind off once again before it traveled any farther down that road.

His grip on her hips pressured her to slow down the rhythm until she stopped with him seated deep inside her, making her eyes cross with the sensation. She caught her breath as he sat up, mounded some pillows against the headboard, and leaned against them. Then his hands returned to their previous resting place and he directed her into a slower pace, pulling her down to meet him.

He then let go of one side and grasped the back of her head, bringing her lips to his in a heated clash. Her hands gripped his shoulders for leverage as she met him kiss for kiss, thrust for thrust.

Soon she felt those stirrings again, in awe at no extra stimulation needed. He had to be doing magic, she just shouldn't be capable of this. Then she spasmed around him, the rise and fall of her hips coming erratically, even with him still clasping them.

Before she finished, he felt himself on the verge and he came with her at the end of her climax. She collapsed on top of him, boneless and not seeing a near future of her able to get up.

When he had gained some strength back he kissed the top of her head and stroked her back.

"Oh my Sweetling, you continue to amaze me."

"No, YOU are the one who keeps surprisingly me," she mumbled against his chest, "though you'd think I'd be used to you by now." Her hands were limp at her sides. If it weren't for his keen hearing, he wouldn't have heard her reply.

He laughed, but still didn't move. His duties would wait. There was nothing urgent to be seen to. If something cropped up, he would be made aware. All that was important was currently on top of him. He was content to lay here and bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Copyright 2018

A/N - This is another great example of the characters doing what they want! Before when I had planned on nakedness, Sarah didn't want to. Now that they've got their hands on each other, they can't get enough. Geez! I was planning on moving forward with the plot this chapter, but when the characters want something else, that is what you do. I'm just along for the ride, in more ways than one. (Yes I know that was corny - if you caught the double entendre).

Also since it took a prologue and 17 chapters before they had the naked goodness, I'm sure you guys won't mind a bit more playtime.

I don't know how much longer this will be. I know where I want to go, but how I get there is up to the characters.

*Lyric is from "Shaking" - Sugarcult
Makes No Sense At All (Labyrinth) - Ch 18
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Chapter 18 - We're rocking and rolling, We're touching and moaning

Lemons! Make some lemonade all you thirsty readers!


Both almost-lovers were entwined in a dream, this time of the Champion's making. Her hands were doing what they wanted to, his hands were doing what she wanted them to. But right before they joined, she woke up. But not alone. She was entwined in the Goblin King's arms and against his very naked body she realized. She hadn't noticed when she crawled into the bed with him that he had no clothes on. Her leg was flung over both of his and she could feel the part that had been denied her in the dream. It was still dark, so she couldn't have been asleep very long. The fire was out, leaving it pitch dark.
Somehow she knew he woke up when she did, ending the fantasy. "Jareth?"

"Hmm?" he was afraid to move for fear of scaring her.

"Did you just share that dream?" she whispered.

She had be aware of the way the blankets were tenting, plus he couldn't really lie,"Yes Precious. But before you ask, I believe this time you started it not me." He ended with a teasing note in his voice, squeezing her to him in a half hug.

She sighed, "I thought so." He assumed she would go back to sleep, but then she grabbed him and pulled him on top of her, using her legs for leverage.
"Sarah?" he pushed his hands onto the bed on either side of her to take some of his weight off of her.

"Just shut up and kiss me Goblin King. I can't take it anymore," was her reply as her hands tangled in his hair.

She didn't know if it was her overworked libido or the darkness or both, but when she woke up once again unfulfilled, she was past her breaking point. With him next to her, completely nude, and her in a towel that was losing its grip on her body - she finally was able to push past her inhibitions. She wanted him, Damn it! She was going to have him.

Before she could change her mind, Jareth tilted his head down, his lips meeting hers. In her kiss was one of desperation and longing. Her hands were wandering up and down his back, like they couldn't believe they were touching him voluntarily. His hands were caught in her long dark tresses, applying just enough pressure to drive her even more beyond her sensibilities.

As he broke the meeting of their lips and started kissing down her neck, she groaned.

"Jareth, we can go slow later.." she gasped,"Right now I REALLY need you inside me. I've been turned on half the night."

He paused in his exploration of her soft skin to look in her eyes. "Precious, are you sure? I wanted our first time to be quite memorable for you."

She reached down to cup his butt as she moved restlessly under him. "I promise, it will be. I just don't have the patience for foreplay right now. It's not necessary." She barely refrained from whining in impatience.

One of his hands made their way down between her thighs under the parted towel to find her more than ready for him. "Oh my Love, have you been this tortured all this time?"

"Yesss.." she hissed in frustration as his fingers explored her folds.

Jareth really did want to take his time, but he feared his little mortal Champion may cause him bodily harm if he took that route. He would give into her demands this time. But she would have to suffer through a more leisurely quest of her body during the next occasion.

He lifted himself up enough to completely undo the towel and let it fall to the bed beneath her on either side.

Her legs had been parted on their own, so his positioned himself at her waiting passage and slowly pushed into her wet heat.

She moaned as his slowly entered her, but it wasn't fast enough. This Fae was trying to kill her. Her hands tightened on his firm behind and pulled his hips towards her.

Caught off guard, he wasn't able to halt the movement and he finished sheathing himself deep inside her tightness.

She gasped at the fullness and stretching sensation, as he struggled not to lose his seed with that one stroke.

"Saraaah," he moaned, once he retrieved his breath, "why did you do that Sweetling? I didn't want to hurt you."

She involuntarily squeezed around him, making him flinch with the effort to hold himself together. "I couldn't take it," she whispered, "I couldn't wait anymore." Her chest rising and falling with short bursts of air.

His mouth quirked with amusement, she was already demanding things, Queen of his heart.

Then his expression turned to one of concern,"Are you alright for me to move then?

"More than alright. If you don't move I'll..I'll...find something unpleasant to do to you once my brain works again."

He held back his laughter, as he knew this was meant seriously. But she was so endearing.

He slowly withdrew from her warmth and slid in a a bit faster than his previous pace, her hands still urging him on. He paused a moment to gauge her well being. Finding nothing to cause him concern, he once again withdrew and plunged back in.

"Oh God...don't stop."

He grinned and leaned down to meet her lips again as he continued his thrusts. Her hands had moved into his hair as her legs held him to her. She met his tongue as it slid inside her mouth, tangling with his. He was dominating that part of her, just as he was invading a more intimate place.

After a few minutes of that pace, she broke the fusion of their mouths to gasp,"Harder, oh fuck, harder..."

He was no longer hesitant to give what she desired and only held back slightly, as his Fae strength may be a bit too much to fully let go of its reigns. But his increase of loss of control made Sarah writhe under him. Her legs unlocking from around his hips to move of their own accord. He removed his hands from her hair and grabbed her legs, positioning them over his shoulders.

The change of angle made Sarah all but lose her mind. She could feel him deeper than anyone had ever been. Her nails scored his arms, which was all she could reach of him.

He continued his conquering between her thighs as he reached down to caress the bud nestled there.

Her reaction made him certain he was going to find blood on his arms come morning.

He kept up the assault on her senses until he felt her start to convulse around him, then continued through it until her arms fell limp to her sides.

He grinned with male pride at pleasuring his female. Then with a few more thrusts, he let go of the control he had been using to prevent himself from finishing first. He gently collapsed on top of her after letting her legs fall boneless, down to the bed. Then once he had his wits about him, he realized he may be hurting her and started to slide off. But before he could move very far, her arms came around his back and held him.


He was going to argue, but if she was comfortable then who was he to deny her?

They laid there a few minutes, him still inside her. She lightly stroked his back, like she couldn't get enough of touching him.

He did slowly move to the side and rolled her with him, so her head rested over his heart. Her leg curled over him of its own accord and she continued her stroking, now of his chest.

He kissed the top of her head as he held her to him.

"Are you still well, Precious?"

She smiled against his skin, "Extremely."

"No pain?"

"Nothing but a good twinge, now stop being such a worry wart, Your Majesty," she teased and glanced up at him.

He returned the contented smile and dropped a peck on her lips. As he laid his head back down on the pillow, she let out a wide yawn.

" As fine are you claim to be, I do believe you are exhausted. Both of us have gotten very little rest this night and it is near dawn. Close your eyes, my love. We have endless time to continue this."

She did as he bade and as she started to drop off, she heard him softly humming the ballroom song as he stroked her arm.

He only got a few lines in before she was beyond hearing.

When her hand went limp on his chest, he followed her into the realm of dreams. Though nothing in that land could compare to his current reality.

Copyright 2018

A/N - Please go easy on me. While I read a lot of such scenes and definitely am no innocent maiden, I have never written one. I tried to stay classy but passionate. Hope it worked! lol

*Lyric is from "Sexy Drug" - Falling in Reverse
Makes No Sense At All (Labyrinth) - Ch 17
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Chapter 17 - 'Cause inside I realize that I'm the one confused

Oh no, he wasn't letting her push him away again. He put slight pressure on her chin once more. When she looked up, he swooped down to capture her lips with his. He felt her push slightly against his chest, but he wasn't having any of it. They were meant to be, she wanted him, and he would show her.

His tongue did its own magic dance with hers. First coaxing it, enticing with his own spell. Her hand went limp, snagged in the opening of his shirt as she started to lose herself in the moment. His hand still at her waist slowly pulled her to him, partially trapping hers in between them. The other slid to tangle into the silky strands at the nape of her neck, also a strategic move to keep her lips right where they were.

He felt he could kiss her forever, he could be happily suspended in this moment. However, there was more he intended on now that he had finally got her this far. Also, almost losing her not once in the air, but then a second time in her dream, made him feel almost frantic. He tried not to let that show outwardly. He didn't want to scare her away. For all the bravado and strength his Sarah had, there was still a 15 year old girl who never really learned how to return love. If he didn't tread carefully, she would slide through his fingers again. Literally and figuratively.

He left a small space between their bodies, trying to move slowly. His gloved hand at her waist traced up her back under her shirt.

That seemed to give her the go ahead to free her hand by his chest and both made their way tentatively towards where his shirt met his pants, seeking his bare skin.

He allowed them a breath as his mouth moved to her ear, blowing in it gently and his tongue snaking out to trace the delicate shell. He could feel the shiver go through her. He savored every reaction he could coax from her, as he knew she was very controlled.

She had managed to pull his shirt from his pants and she was idly exploring his stomach and chest, traveling to his toned back.

He took her mouth with his again, as her wandering hands started to snap his careful control. When she lightly scratched her nails into his back, he knew she couldn't have any idea what that was doing to him. His Sarah, that he thought was lost to him forever when she defeated the Labyrinth. His Sarah, who was thrust back into his life by neither her or his actions. His Sarah, was in his arms voluntarily giving herself to him, one motion at a time.

Unfortunately, that little movement caused him to lose his control for a single moment and he jerked her flush against him, into his lap.

She felt exactly how much he wanted her even through both of their pants. Though his were more of a second skin. She broke the kiss and became stiff in his arms, breathing heavily.

He tried to distract her with trailing kisses down her neck, but it was too late, she was gone.

She had pushed from his embrace and slid off the bed. "I..I'm sorry Jareth."

He huffed in annoyance, "Sarah love, you want this, I want this. What is the matter?"

She was now backing towards the connecting door to her room,"I..need a shower! I'm disgusting from today!" Then the door slammed, leaving a very frustrated Goblin King.


Sarah wasn't lying, she did need a shower, which was where she currently was. Letting the water cascade down her keyed up body. But it wasn't the whole truth. She panicked. She wanted him, had since she was 15. She wasn't blind, he was a perfect specimen of maleness. Then as she had got to know him in her time in the Underground, she found he wasn't this unreasonable, foreboding being. He was King yes and he did tend to want to get his way. But he was willing to listen and she had rarely seen his temper. He also had a wicked sense of humor that she loved.

But whatever this was with them, scared her. He was a friggin King! She was just a 30 year old laid off writer. Which until recently, her life had been pretty boring. This whole spell business was definitely one of those situations of be careful what you wished for. She always wanted more adventure and had yearned for it, not knowing why. Though it made sense now, having been in a mystical realm 15 years ago. She had wanted to come back even though she didn't remember it.

She kept waiting for him to burst in the bathroom honestly. She had locked the door in her panic, but he could certainly get through a locked door in his own castle if he so chose. Just another thing to add to the positive column about him, he respected her privacy as long as it didn't involve her safety.

She finished cleaning herself and turned the shower off. She stepped out, wrapping up in a big fluffy towel. Another amenity of this place, her towels at home didn't feel like small blankets.

She dried her hair with a smaller one and tentatively opened the door, wondering if he'd be waiting.

He wasn't.

She wasn't sure whether to be relieved or disappointed.

"Probably for the best," she muttered.

She would have to face him sometime, but she was too confused and her body was still humming from his earlier attentions, that she was glad it wasn't now.

She flopped on the bed, expelling a frustrated breath. Frustrated at herself and at her body for not wanting to forget about the unfinished business she left with Jareth.

She was just going to lay there for a minute before getting up to change, but when next she opened her eyes, it was hours later. Checking the clock on the wall, it was past midnight..and her stomach was growling.

No wonder, as it'd been a long time since breakfast. Unfortunately the kitchens were quite a trek from her room.

"I wish I had something to eat," she mumbled to herself.

"Here you go miss," said a voice in the darkness, making her jump off the bed.

A light flickered and then the fireplace by the table and chairs, came to life. A small shadow was standing there.

As Sarah inched near, she squinted to make out the shape. "Dot?"

The little goblin giggled,"Yes Lady. I figured you would be hungry when you woke up, so I have been waiting. Now sit! I can hear your stomach."

Sarah sat in one of the chairs and saw a steaming bowl of soup with bread on the side, waiting for her.

She smiled,"Thanks Dot. You're a life saver."

"It's nothing my Lady. I will get it in the morning. Good night."

Before Sarah could reply she had scampered off.

She finished every bite, feeling much better once the food was gone. She sat sipping the tea Dot had brought as well.

She brought the cup with her back to the bedside table. Though she obviously wasn't currently tired.

The Goblin King could help with that, her subconscious butted in.

Nope nope, not going there.

She wandered to the bookcases in her sitting room, grabbing a mindless one that should put her out in minutes. She made her way back to the bed and made herself comfortable.

Unfortunately the book was very well written, with a lot of romance. These characters didn't know how to wait to get it on. Sarah groaned in annoyance. She couldn't get a reprieve and now her body felt even worse. It needed release. But when she would do it on her own it really only banked the embers, it never gave her relief on a bigger scale. Just another reason to not open herself to someone. If she couldn't do it, a guy sure as hell couldn't know her body better.

She shut out the light on the nightstand and attempted to go to sleep with the low light of the fire. All she managed to do was toss and turn. Her body was having none of it.

She had never bothered to change into night clothes and now the towel was twisted mostly off her body, freeing it to the air. Which seemed to caress her budded nipples like she wanted a certain Fae to do.

Her body all of a sudden seemed very sensitive, without her doing anything to cause it. The air seeming to travel down between her legs softly, causing her to unconsciously widen them a bit. Just enough pressure to leave her wanting more.

She had to be dreaming, she tried to justify as her hands bunched in the blankets. She was turned on when she fell asleep and so logically her mind would create something.

A laugh came by her ear, "My clever one." The breeze seemed to form into fingers and was lightly stroking her nether lips. More teasing than giving any real relief.

The voice sounded suspiciously familiar, "Jareth?" She opened her eyes, so sure he was there, but her room was empty. However she still felt the stroking, driving her crazy.

Instead of the voice again, she felt a hot mouth engulf her nipple. Her eyes had snapped closed and she tried to hold him to her, but her fingers passed through nothing.

Against her body's protests, she bolted up and out of the bed. She was to the connecting doors before she realized she HAD been dreaming. She was disoriented as she stumbled against the wall putting a hand up to steady herself. The towel had fallen off on the bed when she lunged off it and for the door. Thank God she had woke herself up before storming into his room buck naked.

Too bad that didn't calm her body down. In fact it was even more fired up than before she had drifted off.

She carefully laid her head against the wall. She didn't know what to think. Did Jareth send her that dream to force her to him? Or was it just her overactive, sexually starved imagination?


When Sarah had left him, he had vanished to his tower room and smashed a few crystals against the stone. Not in anger at her, but mere frustration at how close they had been to being one and also at the state of his body. He needed relief and only she could give it to him.

Oh, he could do it and he had. More than he cared to count. But his body wept for hers.

He had finally wore himself out enough to go back to his bed for some rest. Which led to dreaming of him sending her the caresses. He didn't do it purposely, but his mind had other plans once he was in the realm of fantasy.

When she forcefully pulled out of the dream, it catapulted him awake too.

He could hear her moving around, but then all went quiet.

What was she thinking?

After many long moments of silence, he started to think she must've went back to sleep. But then the door to her room opened and his keen eyes followed her making her way to his bed. His fire had long since died as he had never bothered to rekindle it when he came back to his room after his exertions in the tower. He discreetly made it light by magic, enough so she could see but not noticeable to her that anything in the room had changed.

He lay still as she sat on the side of the bed by him and he could now see through his slitted eyes, she was wearing a towel.

She looked down at him for a minute, then she lightly touched his shoulder, which was bare, as he liked to sleep in the nude. "Jareth?" she said softly.

He pretended to jerk awake and fully opened his eyes, "Precious? What is the matter?" He slid his gloveless hand up her am.

"I had a weird dream and I didn't know if maybe.. you sent it to me?" She looked away from him.

He took a breath and let it out. He sat up, careful to let the blankets pool in his lap. He then proceeded to explain that he hadn't intentionally sent it to her. He himself was asleep and it was subconsciously done.

"I am very sorry Precious. I would never force my attentions on you like that, " he finished, now stroking her back through the towel.

She didn't rebuff his touch while she was listening, now she looked at him and gave a half smile. "I guess I can't really be mad at you for that. As long as it was an accident."

He grinned at her,"Oh love, it would never be an accident if I had you and certainly not in a dream."

The words were out before he realized he shouldn't push her, but she just laughed. "I did leave you in a bad spot. I can't blame your subconscious."

"One would say it wasn't very fair," he teased.

She grinned at him,"I wonder what your basis for comparison is." Then she frowned,"I AM sorry Jareth. If you happen to remember any of my memories, I haven't exactly had the best time with guys. I'm not an innocent but every time I bothered I wished I hadn't. I don't know if it's cause my mind gets in the way, I know I think too much. Or if the guys really were just asses."

He did remember some of those as he had been looking for the one who had put the spell on her, he understood the need for his patience. But.."I do agree that you get in your way with too many thoughts, however from what I did see, most of the males you were with weren't worthy of your body to begin with."

"I..just wish I could still control my actions and make my own decisions, but without my brain getting in the way when it comes to those situations. Do you get what I mean?"

"I believe I do. You want to get out of your way, so to speak, with things you really do want."

She had been looking at her lap, but glanced up at his reply,"Exactly."

Then he saw her eyes started to droop. "Come, it seems everything is catching up to you. Join me under the covers," he pulled the blankets back and gently tugged at her arm, then when she started to protest he added, "Just to sleep love. It is very late after all."

She gave in and crawled next to him, hanging onto the towel and curled into his body, his arm around her. Both Goblin King and Champion succumbed to the realm of dreams.

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A/N - *Dodges the objects being thrown.* Sorry guys, I seriously was planning on lots of nakedness in this chapter, but my characters went a different way. I think more so Sarah than Jareth. I hope the fact this chapter is almost twice as long as the last few will at least make up for it a little.

*Lyric is from "Breaking the Habit" - Linkin Park
Makes No Sense At All (Labyrinth) - Ch 16
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Chapter 16 - I'm so strung out on the static in my veins

Sarah woke up on a soft surface, to dim flickering lights. She slowly turned her head to the side as her vision cleared. All she could see were shades of red and black. Definitely not her room, but also not where she collapsed in the Labyrinth. As her brow furrowed in thought and concentration, the slightly swimming images of the room made her close her eyes. She sighed in relief at the respite.

She must've dozed off as when she became aware again, she heard low male voices.

"Have patience Jareth, she will be ok."

"But she has been out for hours. Maybe I didn't get to her before too much blood was taken." She could hear the frustration in his voice.

"No, her heartbeat is strong, Brother. Her body is just repairing. Between the loss of blood and the expense of energy with the magic, she has overexerted herself. Her body isn't used to magic and releasing it in such a way, while not truly harmful, has its price. Have faith." The voice she now recognized as Cerin, replied.

She felt the bed dip with weight; but before she could reply, she was swept under into the inky black once again.


She was in an almost pitch dark area with flashes of lightening in the sky. It was extremely disconcerting going from nothing to brightness and back again.

Suddenly she heard laughing coming from everywhere and nowhere. Surrounding her, feeling constrained even though she wasn't bound physically.

"Little mouse, you may have escaped my grasp once, but it will not happen again," she recognized the voice. She gasped as she spun around frantically, trying to locate the source.

She felt the wind that had stirred with the voice, lifting her hair around her face.

She was tense, waiting for his arms to wrap around her, to trap her.

The electric current in the air was so thick, she could imagine reaching out and touching it.

She started to walk quickly, the flashes of light her guide.

"Where do you think you are going?" The tone had turned irritated. "You have become a very big problem. If you would've only cooperated you could've had everything."

She rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Yeah, everything but Jareth," she blurted without thought. Hmm, where did that come from? Sure he wasn't the villain she had painted him to be half her lifetime ago, but it's not like she wanted to be with him. Right?


"Whatever helps you sleep at night," she muttered, as she continued walking.

"YOU KNOW NOTHING OF HIM! HE WILL DESTROY YOU ONCE HE OWNS YOU BODY AND SOUL! At least I am am honest about my intentions from the beginning." The voice had continued screaming, reverberating off of invisible walls, but the last sentence had been whispered in her ear.

She spun around, ready to fight. But she was alone, except for the evil laughter echoing once again.

This was absolutely ridiculous. She didn't know what made her so courageous, but she impulsively baited him. "You are a coward! Hiding! Can't even face me!"

The lightening bolts started striking closer to her, causing her to jump back.

Then the darkness formed into the shadowed vampire, radiating menace. He stalked toward her and grabbed her by the throat, cutting off her airway. "I am no such thing," he hissed,"Need I remind you of our last encounter?" Then he flung her to the ground, or what she assumed was the ground, made of more blackness.

"So eager to be caught by the predator hunting you?" he continued as she coughed, then glared at him. "Oh you mean where I blasted your pansy ass?" She was back on her feet, hands on her hips. She felt reckless, the lightening goading her on.

He growled and lunged for her. Only to be flung back by a flash in the atmosphere.

Sarah gasped, somehow she knew she had done that. She subconsciously has reached for the lightening and had channeled it to strike.
She backed away, not knowing if she had hurt him.

The man shaped shadows were still for a moment, then they moved and she could tell he was looking at her.

He was in front of her between one breath and the next, once again lifting her by her throat. The shadows started to extend to wrap around her, until she would be nothing but a part of the endless nothingness. "You have far outlived your usefulness. It is time for me to dispose of you. I will take your new powers to increase mine and you will cease to exist."

This time she had no protection. Since she didn't know how she had managed to manipulate magic, she couldn't even begin to know how to focus it to defend herself. She weakly tried prying at his hands. She could feel her energy dwindling.

"Sarah!" she heard from a distance. "Precious, wake up!"

"Jareth?" she thought, she had no breath to reply verbally.

"Love, you are in a very powerful dream made real. You must wake up!" Then she felt a jolt and she came awake, shooting up; gasping for the oxygen she had been deprived.


Jareth's arms encircled her when she bolted to a sitting position. The tears came after her lungs had been filled and expelled a few times. "Shh Sweetling, you are safe."

He had found her in the false alarms tunnel; unconscious, bleeding, but breathing.

He had transported her to his room in the Castle Beyond the Goblin City and had been keeping vigil over her.

Cerin assured him she was not irrevocably harmed, but still he watched for any sign of distress.

After hours of her stillness, she started to whimper in her sleep. Then to thrash. He had tried to slip into the dream, but the same signature as the previous spell, was sealing it against him. He could watch from a distance, but not interfere - at first.

He gave a grim smile at the memory. No one could out magic him for more than a short time, when at all. He hadn't been able to come to her aid completely, yet again. However he was able to break through to wake her from the dangerous sleep she had been snared in. One where if she would've died in it, she would also pass to the beyond physically.

Once she quieted, he realized how close he had come to losing her. His arms tightened around her and he kissed the softness of her hair.


When Sarah has recovered enough from the dream and had settled against his chest, she instinctively nuzzled between the open V of his shirt to the slightly cold skin beneath. She laid her ear there and listened to the reassuring beat of his immortal heart.

But soon that wasn't enough and she started to kiss the exposed area, tentatively at first.

Jareth sucked in a sharp breath of surprise and pleasure. He had dreamt of this for so long. Always unfulfilled.

His hands started to wander across her back, finding the bottom of her shirt and slipping underneath. He kept them by her waist to see how she would react to his movements.

She had stilled, her head not moving from against his skin, so he couldn't see her face. She had stopped her gentle kisses, but he took it as a good sign that she hadn't pulled away.

He slid one of his gloved hands out from under her shirt and tilted her chin up to look at him. She averted her eyes.

"Precious? What is wrong?" his other limb was still slowly stroking her back.

"I.." her brow furrowed in frustration."I'm sorry Jareth. It's been a long time and I never was much good at closeness. I shouldn't have started something I can't finish." She looked down as her shoulders sagged in sadness.

Copyright 2017

A/N - Yes I am evil. I purposely ended it there. Suffer my pretties.

*Lyric is from "Lightening in the Sky" - Devour the Day
Makes No Sense At All (Labyrinth) - Ch 15
Posted:Mar 18, 2018 11:03 am
Last Updated:May 26, 2022 5:15 am

Chapter 15 - Death surrounds, My heartbeat's slowing down

If Sarah could've moved; she would've been screaming, punching, and kicking. This had to be the worst feeling ever, your body not responding to your commands.

Not to mention her blood was slowly draining out of her and into a vampire ensconced in shadows.

She could feel herself growing weaker, the life leaving her limbs. Her mind started getting foggy and she knew this was the end. Right in Jareth's kingdom, but not by his hand. She was not even allowed to let tears escape, she could feel them behind her eyes. She was surprised she could still breathe, how gracious he was to grant her that, though most likely not for much longer.

Then she started to hear voices, specifically Jareth's voice, 'Sarah love, where are you?'

She must be near the end if she was starting to hallucinate him, when she was totally cut off from him and any escape. He had to be a figment of her imagination.

'Precious, I am NOT a figment of your imagination, no matter how delicious it can be,' He sounded annoyed.

Now she knew this was all fantasy and she laughed in her head. Not finding the physical strength to do it out loud. She felt light headed and high. Not that she'd ever been high, but she assumed this is how it would be.

'SARAH! Snap out of it! We are connected, now isn't the time I wished to disclose this, however you must pull on my magic to break away from whatever is draining you. I can feel your life force slipping away love.' Now he sounded worried. She sighed, he was almost her fantasy man.

'Almost? Man? Neither are true, but I shall argue those points later. Now stubborn woman, if you won't take my magic, I shall make you. '

Before she could reply to her fantasy Jareth, she felt a big push of energy into her whole being. She suddenly felt more alert and instinctively gathered from the well of magic infused in her, then blasted it to the shadowed vampire behind her.

His teeth slid out of her skin and she felt the blood start running down her throat. She whipped around to face him, finding he had been blasted back against the wall a few feet away. He managed to maintain the shadows swirling around him, making her wonder if they weren't a part of him and not a spell of his.

'Ok love, now move to any part of the wall and command it to open just for you. You are its Champion, it will heed you.' Jareth's voice filled her mind.

For once without challenging him for telling her what to do, she ran to the wall as far away from the vampire as possible. "As Champion of this Labyrinth, I command you to let me pass!" she said as forcefully as she could, as she laid her hands on it.

She heard the roar of her enemy and risked a glance behind, to see he had regained his wits and was running towards her. For a moment the shadows on his face cleared and she gasped.

In that second, the wall under her palms gave way and she fell face forward through it. For the second time that day, her hands and knees suffered the brunt of her fall.

She hastily got up, wincing through the pain, to face her attacker. Only to find the wall was once again solid. She walked to the opposite side, just in case, and leaned against it letting out a breath.

When she went to push her sweaty hair out of her face, she realized the blood was still leaking down her neck. "Shit!" She didn't have anything to stem the flow.

She started walking slowly, keeping one hand over the wound while the other felt along the way in the darkness.

After a few minutes of wandering in who knows what part of the Labyrinth, fervently hoping she didn't stumble into any dangers untold, she saw a dim light up ahead. It grew a bit brighter as she got nearer to it. In fact, this tunnel seemed very familiar.

"Don't go on."

"Go back while you still can."

They startled her, then she realized where she was.

When the third one started to say his line,"This is..", she interrupted it. "Sorry, I know it's your job and all, but I've been through this before and I know I'm heading towards the castle."

"No you're not!" she heard a voice farther down the path.

The current false alarm in front of her had been a bit annoyed his only line that he barely ever got to say, was interrupted. Until he got a better view of the girl,"Champion? Is that you?" Its deep voice gasped.

Sarah leaned across from it, feeling suddenly fatigued again. "Yep, that's me."

She slid down to sit on the stone floor, her legs not able to hold her anymore.

As she started to black out, she heard the false alarms yelling.


"It's the Champion!"

Right before consciousness left her, she heard the one across from her yell, "Help! The Champion needs help!"


Jareth felt when Sarah fought back and when she managed to slip through the wall. He smiled, satisfied. He knew she could command the Labyrinth, especially drawing on his magic. He was proud of her. However he hadn't been able to get an exact location on her, even after she was away from whatever creature had her trapped and had been harming her.

This caused him no end of anger and frustration. It was his Labyrinth. It was him and he was it. That is why Sarah could draw on it and him, because she was connected to him. She just didn't understand yet. He had begun to think he wasn't quite clear on the extent of it either.

He transported to the vicinity he had felt her, torn between finding her and catching the being who dared to harm his Precious one. It pained him to let it go free for the moment, but Sarah was far more important.

Because of his connection with her, he was able to break through mentally to assist her, but the creature's magic had blocked him from finding her physically and coming to her aid.

He thought once she was away from it, he would be able to locate her instantly. It was unacceptable that he could not.

"It's not fair!" he found himself grumbling as he strode through the tunnels, his magic lighting the darkness around him.

When he realized what he had said, he smiled a little. "You are rubbing off on me, lovely one."


The dark eyed vampire had railed against the wall his little mouse had disappeared through, then realized he couldn't guarantee someone else wouldn't find him. So he disappeared to somewhere safer, when he had gained enough strength magically to do so.

The girl had surprised him. He hadn't sensed such a well of magic in her in all the years he had kept her from the Underground and the Goblin King.

On further inspection, he realized the magic the girl had blasted at him tasted of the Labyrinth itself. He would have to rework some of his plans, but whether she ceased being a problem alive or dead, didn't matter. She had won the battle, but he planned to win the war.

Copyright 2017

A/N - Ok, so normally I don't think of myself as predictable, but I knew it was a give in Sarah wasn't gonna die last chapter. Story would be over and I am far from done. muhahaha

*Lyric is from "Not Gonna Die" - Skillet
Makes No Sense At All (Labyrinth) - Ch 14
Posted:Feb 2, 2018 8:31 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2022 5:15 am

Chapter 14 - The harder I try to make things right, the further down I sink

"Come now Champion, this is a poor performance from you," the Sphinx interrupted Sarah's internal struggle with the right answer.

She glared at it, wishing silently for the right answer. She was a writer for pete's sake! Words were her profession - twisting them into something magical.
With that thought it dawned on her, so simple but yet so complicated, just like the words in a story.

Sarah looked up at the now not so magnificent creature and smiled triumphantly,"That is playing dirty, wording it like that. The answer is to read and to write."

The Spinx was getting ready to leap at the girl, so sure of its victory, until the words left her lips. She had guessed correctly, the conniving brat. It sighed in disappointment at the loss of a meal. Bound by the rules it had to adhere to, it stepped aside. "Correct," it said ungraciously,"You may proceed through the pyramid to your freedom." It looked away, feigning disinterest at its no longer prey.

Sarah kept an eye on it as she made her way to the entrance, ready to run at the first movement from her adversary, but it stayed still.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she was inside the coolness of the pyramid. She continued slowly, not sure where she was heading. Her next step met no resistance and before she could back track, she had started to shift through the floor. Quicksand! She tried in vain to grab the edge of the sinkhole before it closed over her head.

This is the end, death by sand. Lovely.

She shut her eyes against the overpowering sand and took a breath as it went over her head.

Next thing she knew, she was through the trap and landed hard on stone. She heard evil laughing and snapped her eyes open as soon as they were cleared.

In front of her was an outline of a man sitting on a throne of shadows, they acted as if they were wrapped around him even as he moved. Even his eyes were near black.

"Hello Sarah, it is about time we have officially met," she felt like he was grinning at her.

She tried to keep her mind calm and took her time getting up from the floor. Her knee she had landed on smarted and so did her palms where she had scraped them. Her butt didn't fair much better. She dusted herself off, facing him with hands on her hips and a glare in her eyes. "I can't say we still have. Who are you?"

He stayed leaning back in his throne, acting lazy and disinterested. When inside he was aflame with her defiance of him, she should be cowering in fear. However he held it back, since she had made it to him alive, he would use her to his advantage.

He laughed and then tsked,"You really shouldn't ask questions that will get you into more trouble than you already are. You should be throwing yourself on my mercy, though I have none to give. You are trapped my dear." He rose to his feet and slowly circled her, the shadows following him to the point where she didn't know if he was wearing an actual cloak or if it was made of them.

She refused to turn and follow him around, staying in place facing his throne. She couldn't help but tense when he was behind her. Then she felt his heat as he invaded her personal space.

"You have no idea of your worth my dear," he whispered in her ear, causing her to shiver,"Alive or dead makes no difference to me, but alive I can certainly do so much more."

He stepped away, enjoying his game of cat and mouse. He felt her reaction and knew she was afraid, as well she should be. He continued his path around her. If it wasn't directed towards him, her courage would be something to admire. She would have made an excellent Goblin Queen and still she might, just with a different King.

It was disconcerting knowing a male was within the blackness, but not being able to meet his eyes. She knew it was a power move and so she crossed her arms over her chest and contented herself thinking of all the things she would do if she had the power to retaliate.

At his words of her alive or dead, she flinched but refused to let it quail her. Instead of acknowledging his threat, she asked,"Are you the one who put the spell on my mind to block the Labyrinth?"

He was surprised by her lack of fright, which got under his skin even more. He considered not answering, but decided it might be the thing to make her realize the dangerous situation she was in.

He had made his way back around her and once again whispered in her ear, "Yes little mouse, I have been in your mind and can control you." Then to emphasize his words physically, he grabbed her waist and crushed her back to his front, letting her feel that he was flesh and blood with the desires of a man, no matter what type of being he actually was.

She fought against him, trying to pry his iron bands of arms from around her. But he held her tight and slid his mouth from her ear to her neck. He groaned,"You smell of power yet untapped. I can't wait to partake of it." He licked her neck, causing her to cringe. Where Jareth's touches had inspired want, his en cited disgust.

He tongue disappeared, replaced by sharp canines. Just like Jareth's she assumed, though she would love to feel his, not this evil substantial shadow.

Then she felt his teeth barely pierce her skin and she struggled in earnest, as the blood welled, and his tongue lapped at the puncture.
He moaned at the pleasure of the liquid sliding down his throat.

She was not going to die by a vampire, his actions having given away what he was. She tapped into a long ago memory of learning basic self defense, which she never had occasion to use, Thank God. So she did what she could and SING.

She used her elbow to hit his Solar plexus as much as she could in her position. Thankfully with his distraction of her blood, his arms had a loosened just a little. It afforded enough room for her to maneuver, where she then smashed her foot down as hard as she could on his Instep, causing him to let her go altogether. Then before he had time to react she had twisted around and hit upward with her hand, hearing a crunch in his Nose, then to finish him off she kneed him hard in the Groin.

He was bent over, blood flowing from his nose into his hands.

She quickly searched for a way out, patting her way around the walls for a door or opening. This was the Labyrinth after all. To her dismay, he hadn't been lying to her earlier and she wasn't finding any avenue of escape.

In the time she had taken to look for a way out, which she supposed she should have done beforehand - but she had panicked with his fangs in her neck - he was on her, almost fully healed.

"That was very stupid little mouse," he growled, grabbing hold of her, "I was going to let you live and be my Queen once I had finally gotten rid of that imposter, but now I'll just drain you and take all the power your blood holds. This time I won't be taking any chances either."

Before she could ask what he meant, she found she couldn't move anymore. Her brain was giving the signals, but her limbs wouldn't cooperate. Then his fangs were once again piercing her skin and she could feel the blood leaving her body while she silently cried out for Jareth. Wishing with all her heart that he would hear her.

Copyright 2017

A/N - There are more surprises where this being is concerned, so don't think I'm done just yet. *evil laugh*

*Lyric is from "Quicksand" - Devour the Day

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