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I've figured it out..  

itzchic824 35F
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9/23/2014 9:28 am

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10/10/2014 7:33 pm

I've figured it out..

I have come to the conclusion the part of my body I hate the most is my boobs. I am not a small girl, not huge. But I am ok with my partner seeing my stomach and pretty much the rest of me. But my boobs aren't perky when not in a bra, so I feel like they're just balls of fat. I'm a size 40 D, but I know there's women with my size that don't just hang there like mine does. They turn up and are as perky as bigger ones can be.

I can deal with being totally naked besides a bra in front of him, but when the bra comes off my self esteem plunges cause my boobs just aren't up where I want them to be.

I'm hoping as I lose weight and they shrink a bit maybe they'll get at least a little perky.

I sent an Angel to watch over you last night, it returned in a hurry. I asked why, it said "Angels can't watch porn." Thanks for fucking traumatizing my fucking Angel!

Don't bother trying to figure me out. Not even the little voices in my head understand me. It's pointless!

Tlane2015 40M
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9/23/2014 10:25 am

I agree with toning and firming up your body. I also think a good support bra works or sexy lingerie corset. As for perky nipples, ice cubes or sexual arousal work. I'm sure that your partner likes you just the way you are, so no need for the low self esteem.

itzchic824 replies on 9/24/2014 6:31 pm:
It's not nipples, my breasts in general. I would like a nice corset lingerie top, that'd def be awesome.

buxombbw4u 54F  
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9/26/2014 7:15 pm

I think most men are sort of like "Oooo boobies...." whenever they see a pair of naked ones in front of them.

But I feel your pain. I've never been happy with mine and have often considered a breast-pick-me-up surgery. The problem is that I really enjoy my nipple sensitivity, and I'm afraid surgery would ruin that.

2022... it HAS be better, right?!

izzie1 50M
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9/27/2014 7:43 am

I think boobs are awesome. Big ones, little ones, differently shaped ones, oddly shaped ones... I like them all.
I'm not discounting your self esteem challenge. There is something super sexy about cleavage and subtly and flashes of pieces and parts that are suposed to be covered that we ultimately catch a glimps of.
When that bra comes off and you get full access to treasure...that's like a milestone for dudes in their process.
Maybe embrace it a little bit. Find those spots, ask your partner to massage and play, retrain yourself to enjoy it. Explore a little. I get that's a tall order from where you stand now but... damn boobs are so much fun... learn to use them. I think you're missing an entire element of the experience. I mean its about 1/16 of your body that isn't being kissed or licked or touched or seen for that matter.
There's also some evidence that shows your breasts need to breathe and be handled... email me and I'll send you the article if you're curious.
I hope it all works out for .

Do me a favor...go look at one of my other posts and make a comment... please...

itzchic824 replies on 9/27/2014 8:54 am:
Hmm maybe I'll take your advice. I do let the guy touch and all, but I also don't get much pleasure out of it. My nipples aren't sensitive at all, so it kind of sucks.

tedbear472 74M  
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10/7/2014 8:11 am

Boob seize doesn't really matter that much. Larger boobs make great pillows. The person that said that more than a mouth full is a waste is totally wrong. I so happen to like big boobs and they are very seldom perky unless they are filled with silicon and I don't consider them boobies. I LOVE PLAYING , LICKING AND SUCKING THEM. Just saying

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