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What does it mean  

islandman37 61M  
27 posts
2/19/2013 8:06 am
What does it mean

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islandman37 61M  
23 posts
2/19/2013 1:17 pm

Tilly and Antique,
Thanks for your imput,it is appreciated.
Tilly,I never take it personally.I pride myself in being able to understand things from a couple's point of view and respond accordingly.
Every once in a while a couple will respond and then sometimes a great friendship is born.I always try and see everyone's perspective.
Antique,you gave me food for thought in that when you respond with a polite "no thank you" some men get offended and respond crudely thus no response.Hmmmm.I guess I will promise couples now that I will respect their decision and thank them for being classy then block them so that I do not bother them again.I will let them know a negative response is better than no response.
Thanks once again.
Luv ya.
Any other comments?Educate me folks.

rm_myhwyvonne 59M/58F
25 posts
10/20/2013 8:37 am

My hotwife and I are somewhat new and appreciate your blogs. We check our notifications daily but ultimately she makes the choices. We have been overwhelmed by the interest yet while we believe our profile is quite clear some guys don't or won't.get it. Str8 single seems clear to us our orientation is straight/straight single means unattached in anyway separated isn't divorced we'll believe your partner is cool if she tells us in person. She thanks the guys for their interest anyway and is polite as she is usually flattered.

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