Sexy Asian Singles


islandman37 61M  
27 posts
7/29/2014 5:36 pm

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talldark884 57M
714 posts
8/14/2014 12:38 pm

Hi islandman,
Would like to talk about coming out there for business trip...

islandman37 61M  
23 posts
8/17/2014 5:58 pm

Would be glad to help as long as you are straight.

author51 59F  
130010 posts
7/16/2015 3:01 am

you already know my thoughts on testimonials but that is just my humble opinion.I only felt the need to post the one as I could have posted more but did not..for me the only validation I need is my own on who I am and what I look like in person and my character and integrity..No one elses opinion matters to me at all..I am looking forward to meeting you though..

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