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ok need some helpful advice  

hooiserdaddy69 48M
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1/23/2009 8:33 pm

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4/5/2009 11:39 pm

ok need some helpful advice

for those of you that follows my blog. I need some feedback would you like to see it as just my writing or would you like for me to add some random stuff and thoughts of the day stuff like that. so please give me your thoughts and ideals on what you like to see more of. also need thoughts on new stories too tell me what you like to see. i will take all thoughts and ideals and run with them thanks

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firegryphon 52F
5903 posts
1/26/2009 12:34 am

i'm all about you babe. I like the stories - don't get me wrong. I did encourage you to keep posting those.

I'd really like to see you write a rant or five. Definitely a few thoughts of the day because well and I being male/female versions of each other. What can I say? I'm narcissistic like that.

fuck me! i got the spelling on that first try and no spell check. HOT DAMNED!

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roxy54sexy 59F
8914 posts
1/23/2009 9:16 pm

Hello, yes you should share yourself a bit. These are nice stories that you put out here in your blog. You can put whatever you want in your blog.

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winter854654732 39F

1/23/2009 9:07 pm

cool =)

Alexa891195 62F  
51 posts
1/23/2009 9:00 pm

Your blog is titled "A Little Piece of Me"... so it should be just that -- pieces of yourself.

If those take the form of stories, then write stories.
If they take the form of random thoughts and opinions, then do that.

Just my opinion, but the blog should be a reflection of whatever pieces of yourself you choose to share with us.


PS.. you're a good kid, so whatever you do will turn out just fine.

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