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Your mother knows best ?  

greekphilosopher 59M
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7/28/2009 4:13 am

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10/20/2009 10:19 am

Your mother knows best ?

Or does she ? Does she know about you ? Who you really are ? The things you say, feel, or do when you get a bit tipsy, angry, happy, hot, or cold ? I can hear you saying at your screens '' yes, she does ''
Does she know what you think ? ...the brain that ever existed... as my favorite nerdy mag put it.
( yeah, ok, the lad's mag space was replaced by a very PC nerdy mag few years ago... )
Does she know as much as some companies around on the net ?
Your web page requests timed and dated
as well as what was typed on the search box
your mail
your last read plus how long it took to read
your old photos downloaded on some face recognition enabled photo software editor thingy
your appointments
activities on partner web sites
web sites visited
when, where, why, and what for...even your location, along with some other various bits of meta data like your IP address, ( held for 9 months ), cookies ( held for 18 months ) could be known and stored by just one company ! Or many !!!
Your favorite search engine, browser, and even OS can know more about you than your own mother. There is some software out there, that, when you type a specific e-mail address on it, it will show you everything that address has been associated with, ever !
All or your most recent activities, interactions with any computer, can be recorded and stored for a number of days, by a number of companies.
What do you mean by saying you never actually read the terms and conditions, especially the bit about '' ...privacy policy '' of everything you ever done on line ?
Naturally, technically, no company really knows you personally, but the volume of info they hold on you is huge, including servers activities, created content, searches, sites visits, clicked ads, the whole lot !
Your internet foot print could be as big as Europe, even if you thought you were been anonymous...
Soooo.....are you still going to be a Mayor, MP, work for a public organization ?
If your mother knew how to connect your own IP address with all the info that companies hold about you, while on this great super-highway of information, your on-line life, would she

A ) Cry and scream at you ?
b ) Slap and disown you ?
C ) Laugh and hug you ?
I like to think that my mother would laugh and hug me. How about yours ?

I am and I can be a .
Looking for a creature to and sometimes .
If you think that you can you can .
, and
So, come on
PS : I have not received a single wink or testimonial last week !!!
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papyrina 56F
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7/28/2009 6:02 am

i have the cleanest computer in the world,only an expert could find out what i was up too.

There are plenty of free programs that help you cover your tracks very easily.

Living in Greece know one is going to say who the Ip is,all protected

I'm a

i'm here to stay

greekphilosopher replies on 7/29/2009 12:57 am:
A clean computer ? You ??? I am surprised !!!

net_girl_2000 111F
8508 posts
8/12/2009 11:56 pm

Laugh and hug me id hope! pc is squeaky clean by the time ive finished surfing ...then again is it ever really!.....not that ive anything to hide mind you....
hugs xxx

ps just winked at ya

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on. x

greekphilosopher replies on 8/15/2009 8:33 am:
Hi netty, I can just see you scrubbing the pc clean every night !

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