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Temptations Resort, Cancun  

eroticcpl24 59M/54F
10 posts
1/7/2010 1:34 pm
Temptations Resort, Cancun

Has anyone here on been there and is it swinger friendly. Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

ExploringMySexy 58F
2 posts
1/10/2010 7:57 pm

I have not been there but am thinking of staying at temptations in Cancan for a couple of days in early Feb. There is a website called Cancun Care where they have blogs for Temptations and Desire and other cancun resorts, you get to meet people who are going and who have been there.

diablo3591 69M
7 posts
1/16/2010 7:44 am

Haven't been there but based on web results it may NOT be so swinger friendly. You should dig deeper if you are planning on going.

rm_gandd1962 59M/59F
1 post
8/7/2011 11:28 am

We have been there twice. The first wasn't too good. The facilities are average, but it's not bad for the price. A couple of the restaurants are pretty good, but you have to make reservations and that process can be painful. Overall had a great time the second trip. Would definitely go back.

nongen10 45M

10/20/2011 3:29 pm

havent been there, but have gone to the nudist resort here in VA. NOT a swingers club, but very nice and friendly. Would like to try some other ones out as well.

XciteUs692009 60M/61F
52 posts
12/20/2011 12:30 pm

Temptation is pretty good (best for the price)
Desire is more swinger friendly in Cancun area.
there are some very friendly resorts in Florida and Dominican Republic but I wouldn't go until March or April
Let us know if you are going.
Pls send an update to XciteUs69

islandman37 61M  
23 posts
11/21/2012 6:02 am

From Nov 27th to Dec 4th it will be my 12th time there.I guess you can say I love the place.Of all the resorts in Cancun they have the highest repeat customers.
Price is right,food is good,accomodations are clean and service is great.
About 40% of the people there are in the lifestyle,another 30% are wannabees and the other 30% can be depending on how much booze they have in them.
Hope that helps.

kink4play52 64M/60F
1 post
5/7/2014 5:10 pm

We were there just over a year ago on our way to another resort but only stayed a night. Not the greatest place, mainly for the younger University crowd. Most we saw were a few topless girls by the pool. I can see more at Crystal Crescent. Lol1

rm_homer9119111 42M
2 posts
5/26/2014 5:36 pm

Me and my wife did the couples thing and it spiced up things for us at a hotel in Sydney n.s. and man we fucked hard for days afterwards but hard to find couples Robs Wood

Great_eight 56M  
1561 posts
10/22/2018 2:14 pm

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