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take me part 480...edited  

dadigan 60M  
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12/6/2021 1:32 pm
take me part 480...edited

I hated doing these things, but I would protect my family. was easier when I was the dragon, but I always felt when I shifted. I needed everyone but was still early. The morning crew started showing up. I gave the animals hay, grain and water and let Drakon, and his marauders, out. They all barked at me as they went by and Annie walked up.

"We all think you are more like them, than human." She hugged me as i laughed. "How are things?" I shrugged.

"I think in stasis. We need get all of your secure. She nodded. I''m calling Bethany in an hour.

"'s a substantial amount, sweets. won't be easy.

"Bob, and his crew aren't the good hackers, love." She stared at me and nodded. "Just until we end this, but better safe than sorry." We walked outside and watched Drakon with his pack.

"Go breakfast with the crew. I'll watch them. They are adorable." I nodded as I kissed her and walked inside. Emma smiled, but pointed her spatula at the empty chair.

"Does she scare you?" I nodded as they all laughed. "She makes great food though. We were just talking about that pie. We got one bite from our families. Are we back in the trees?" I nodded.

"It'd be good take them down, and pays you, and 'll keep warm." They all laughed because would. Cutting wood was best done when was cold because you built a lot of internal heat. Make a fire and grab thermoses of coffee. I'll bring lunch out and cut wood." They nodded. I was their boss, but I was also part of their crew, just like in Japan, and in Denver. They all finished and started pick up their plates.. "Leave them. I'll deal with it. We're all glad you had a nice weekend. I took the plates and scraped what food was left into the pig bucket.

"They up you because you treat them with respect." I nodded. "Annie did a smart thing marrying you.... all of them did."

"Someone mention my ?"

"I was telling Danael that the men up him and that y'all did a good thing marrying him." They nodded.

"You may change your mind because he's a handful and a half. Did he eat?" Emma nodded as she pointed her spatula. 'The dogs are playing with two wolves, and having a blast. Everyone is getting use them because they are learning they are friends." I smiled and nodded.

"You didn't go your cave?"

"No, Sara, 's too much going and I'm still not great at shifting time, or space." She nodded.

"Go eat ladies."

"We're leaving in a couple of hours for the airport. We figured you wouldn't come." I shook my head. I'm going with Kana and Annie is staying here, just in case. We can explain animal attacks, and fires, but it would be hard to explain what I would do to them. I would do worse than Chloe, and it would be complicated." They all smiled.

"I think they are figuring out their next move. They lost a lot. Bob is sending more Intel as he gets it, and they are going deeper. I think we should put most of the cash we in precious metals. If these storms keep going on then 'll rattle everybody." Annie nodded as I kissed them, and Emma, and walked outside Bethany and tell her the .

"Been , and done that Daniel. I was thinking about what you said, and looking at the trends....and the weather. People are going be spooked. I sent you cash, and told everyone else to get cash, and shift funds into hard assets. 's not a bad strategy in general, especially now when things are so weird weather wise. Weird scares people.

"Are you still working for Charles, or are you working for us. Charles, but both, because a lot of his business is your family."

"Good, and thanks. Tell everyone I miss them, and attention. The threat isn't gone yet." Silence.

"I will. Chloe and Haagerstadt will keep us safe, and probably Jake since he's a Da'. How weird is that?"


"We'll be fine love. I suspect you the bulk of the problem." Silence.

"We're working through . Thanks Bethany. I walked the dogs, and the two wolves. I nodded at them as they yipped, and ran off. "Did you a good time, mister?" Drakon barked as they walked their stall for a nap. was unbelievable how cute they were. I needed get busy because I needed research a lot of things, which included training livestock dogs. OY. I finished splitting the wood when the girls came out to say goodbye. Annie was on the phone shifting accounts. I told them to be careful even though I didn't need to. It was a matter of time before we'd shit deal with, but in the meantime, we had work do.

Claw51478 74M  
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12/6/2021 2:42 pm

Took 1 hr. , from time Daniel posted on his blog, to show up on my page/ his blog post.

Good read, they are shifting their money, just in case Francis's people have hackers also.
Gotta love those puppies.

dadigan 60M  
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12/6/2021 3:53 pm

I'm still mighty partial to Sara, but that Drakon is something else, as well as the white fluff balls."

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