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take me part 464  

dadigan 60M  
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12/2/2021 7:29 pm
take me part 464

I walked out and looked the north, and west. I wasn't going break anytime soon. I walked the kitchen with Sara.

"You were SO cute hunched over with drakon on your lap. NO one wanted disturb you. They respect you Daniel, as one of them because you work harder than anyone, like you did in Osaka. The hospital is fine. They fuel or the generator, and food, and 's not much mischief they can get into." I nodded as we trudged through snow to the kitchen I walked back to the barn, as Sara stared at me, and got a snow shovel. I cleared a path. She shook her head, and smiled.

"What? We walked inside. Some folks were getting off, others were starting, but the kitchen smelled GREAT! Emma was still . I walked up behind her and hugged her as Sara watched. I kissed her cheek.

"If wasn't already married, I'd ask you in a heartbeat. I squeezed and kissed her again. She turned and looked at me, and kissed me.

"Eat something, and get back work." I nodded. Sara smiled as I walked up.

"You are something else, mister, but she's right, you need eat." I had a full breakfast and walked outside when the phone rang. was Deat.

"You're awake."

"More or less. Are in Scotland?"

"Yeah, but I from Klaus, at Interpol. No one knows you are, but people looking for you, brother..... bad people." I exhaled. "I know, right? Watch your six, just in case. We'll help Henry, and everyone in Denver. Melinda is ecstatic about her role with the clans, and the girls a excited, even though they don't why. attention, brother. I've called my team in Denver. They're checking on things."

"Thanks, and enjoy Scotland. You beat me ." I hung up.. !!!! Jakob looked at me.

"A pain in the ass I deal with." He nodded. "Are you good in the barn?" He nodded. "I'm going bring back wood, and I'll start chopping if I get the chance." I grabbed the keys, and drove the treeline. The phone rang.


'Yeah , I'm here. Are you home?"

"Almost, we landed and the plane just took off. We're heading home once we get through customs. We'll be fine. I know you hate this, 's our life right now and we need us, everywhere.


"I'm here, and you're right. Help your mom and Ama. You and I will talk about you being pregnant. I love ALL of you and we'll see you as soon as we can." Shit!!!!! I spent the next four hours loading logs, in silence, and the I spent the four hours splitting logs.. It wouldn't take the sting away losing my family, but it gave me something do. I came in with and a load of wood and unloaded it.

"Jakob sent me help you." I nodded

"Thanks, but tell him you help in the barn. I've got this" He didn't know what do.

"'ll be fine, and the barn is better right now. Go" He ran back the barn. I didn't time think about what Deat said. I needed contact Bob because I needed nip this in the bud, but I wood split. I spent the rest of the day splitting wood, until the sun faded. I could see because senses were enhanced. I had more split when Annie and Sara walked up with Drakon and his merry band. I put the ax in the stump and sat down be mauled by puppies. Drakon sat between Annie and Sara, watching. I played with them, as they bit and licked me, until Drakon barked. They left lemmings off a cliff. He walked back the barn do whatever. I was fine with it, and chopped wood.

I chopped as the light drifted away. Annie walked up.

"You plan on doing this all night?" I laughed I as split a log.

My senses are getting better, so I want take advantage of them."

"And you'll be in...when?"

I smiled.... "When this wood is split, and stacked." She shook her head, kissed me, and walked away. I was stacking wood as Sara walked up.

"You work hard, mister." I put more wood on the stack and shook my head.

"They are all home. I thought you would want know." I looked at her and smiled. I threw the last few logs.

"Thank you." Sara smiled as she walked away and I got in the truck. Life happens when happens. was still snowing. They had butchered the venison and was packed in freezers, not that we needed that. Kana was teaching people how clean a hide. she looked at me smiled.

Christ, I was lucky. I unloaded the wood in a mound. I took the chainsaws to the shed. I walked inside and no one stopped. Jakob brought me mead, and Emma brought me food.

Sara walked up... "EAT, you can't save everyone." I nodded. I was tired.

evernshamdodges9 65M  
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12/2/2021 9:32 pm

wish i had part 463 to lead into this part. this part was a very good one.

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