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take me part 462  

dadigan 60M  
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12/2/2021 3:11 pm
take me part 462

I went nowhere, which was odd. I wasn't sure how long I was out, but no one was looking me. I pushed myself up and took a shower. I was getting dressed when Annie and Sara walked in.

"You smell nice a change," Sara nodded. "We need you. The rest of the hay and grain is here and everyone has left the airport. Billy and Ellen went too because of Ellen's , and to help if need be." They both kissed me and grabbed my balls. "You smell nice now." I put on my boots and jacket and grabbed my gloves and hat, went to stack hay. Even with the tractors, it was heavy work....none of it was easy and it all needed to be stacked. We had unloaded about half. Annie walked up.

"Go eat something, and get warm. It's no going anywhere. I'll deal with it." They smiled and walked to the kitchen. "What's up. sweets?" Annie was taking her jacket off.

"You do the hay and I'll do the grain." I nodded. "Everyone is on their way. They'll us later. I know you hate it. love, but it's good that we have family everywhere we are present." I nodded as I grunted and lifted a sixty pound bale of hay. "How did you know this?"

"Winter in the past is brutal. If wasn't the dragon, we'd be dead, and would the wolves, and our friends.. There is a gap in the timeline, but I figured we might have that happen here...and then I felt things change."

"How are they in the past, and how are the wolves here?"

'Fine, and fine. Fenrir said there was a enough until the storm broke...'

"You're good with him?" I nodded.

"I nodded to hit something. He can just hit back harder. We're fine. I took more of the older deer and dropped them around, away from the wolves. We are removing snow from the north fields so it's easier the deer. Nature doesn't seem do anything in half measure." Annie smiled and kissed me.

"I need deal with the town.... The chef is fired so make that a point if you need to. I'll leave this to you." I nodded. "Sara is dealing with all of the rest, because she's Sara. I know you hate this, especially after learning about Jake and Emily, but we need to get use to be separated." I stared at her. I kissed her, but she was right. !" I kept moving hay, and grain, until people showed up. I walked out as the driver was loading up.

"Hard storm." I nodded.

"Have you eaten?" The wind and snow were still howling as he strapped down his tarps.


"Grab your thermos." He nodded and we walked into the kitchen. Emma smiled. "Whatever he wants, Emma." She nodded as I shook his hand. It wasn't easy working people anywhere around here. I trudged back the barn finish unloading the pallets. We put as much as we could in the barn and were moving the rest the hay barn. It was close four when we stopped and Sara and Annie brought us Russian tea.... it had cinnamon, and all of the similar spices , and had orange and lemon peel, and a strong black tea. It tasted good and had caffeine. We had everything where it needed to be but men were still in the trees.

"Do we have thermoses?" Emma nodded. I need all of them. "Do we have a cast iron pot?" she nodded.. "I need that and stew. I also need cups, and bowls, and utensils, and dessert. We have men cutting wood." She nodded.

'Will this work the pot?" I smiled and nodded. "Good, we'll fill it. They can heat their tea in this." I nodded.

"I'll be back with a truck. Thank you, Emma." She smiled and walked off. I took the flatbed and strapped things down. I knew they a fire to get warm. It was Norway. I honked many times as men started coming out of the trees, smiling. "Where's the main camp?" They pointed. "Help me." We took everything into the woods about a mile. There were enough coals that the stew heated quickly, as did mugs of tea.

"What's that, Danael?' I took the paper off of it.

"It's an apple tart. Emma was going to it later but when I told her I was going....." They almost pounced at it. I chose well with Emma. The logs were lined up along the tree line. "I need a chainsaw, gas and oil. They nodded . I cut most of the wood before the chainsaw did what they did. I didn't bother. I loaded the truck wood, and strapped the chainsaw and gas on top, and drove back to the barn. I honked when I got to the barn. Jakob walked out.


"Behind the hay barn."

"Grab the chainsaw and gas. It needs work." He nodded. When winter was really bad, people did what they did, and if they had worked on a ranch, or a farm, you pretty much knew what needed to be done. He came and got the chainsaw.

"It'll be ready by tomorrow. How are they?"

"Good, Emma gave them a hot meal and an apple tart. I think we might be having one tonight." He smiled and walked backed into the barn as went to unload countless pounds of wood. I was almost done when Sara walked up.

"There you are, mister. Annie has been in contact with clans. Melinda is still trying to figure how they want to deal with themselves. The planes are away, East and West. They shut the airport down. Ama and the , and Chloe, might be staying in Nova Scotia. We'll see." I smiled. ''Annie said you were sad." I looked at her as she hugged me, and I cried.

"What, love?"

"My family is gone. I understand it, but it hurts, especially after Jake and Emily." She smiled'

"Parents, and grandparents....go figure. You carry too much, but we need that now. A leader shouldn't be a leader if they can't cry for their family, or people. Don't forget, get back to work." I unloaded all of the wood and went back to get a second load, and unloaded that. I was getting to twilight as I started unloading the second batch. I finished as Drakon walked up with his pack. I dropped and petted all of them.

Kana said, he was whining for you. I didn;t know where you were, so I let him lose, and he came here.? I smiled.

"You're smart, aren't you Drakon?' He barked. I kissed and hugged Kana. "You stayed.

"You're my dragon. It's hard because of Airi, and what we need to do at home...... but you are my dragon...period. I won't leave my dragon." I nodded as I finished and Kana took the pups back to the barn. I parked the truck as Kana closed the barn. Everyone was gone until the next shift started. We walked to the kitchen as she held my hand.

"Your women in the past... they are riders?"

"Two of them are, why/" She stared at me.

"They would be my kin. We are jealous of our dragon, but I am seeing that can't be. There aren't many of you. Anna is a rider. We need to teach her. I'll make sure she does well in school." I hugged her as we walked into a boisterous kitchen. Annie and Sara smiled and waved.

Claw51478 74M  
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12/2/2021 5:14 pm

"And the Beat Goes On " Good read. He will be glad when winter is over.

Jimmy0brown 42M
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12/2/2021 5:31 pm

A very nice read.

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