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New and Improved Notification System  

community 36F   
9386 posts
5/16/2012 12:48 pm
New and Improved Notification System just launched it's new and improved notification system in the navigation bar.

With this improvement, notifications are no longer only sent to a maximum of 1,000 members. Users can also now see their Icebreakers in a bar at the top of the screen!

This should all make for an engaging, clearer, and more streamlined experience on the site.

rm_NIKLA2011 49F
5789 posts
5/16/2012 1:40 pm

i don't like it...
it stalls out what i am trying to do...
it makes the whole thing freeze up and I DON'T CARE who is checking my profile !!

i had to go in and remove the entire thing so it's at ZERO all the time!!!

curiousnwet1966 56F

5/16/2012 1:51 pm

I really don't need to know that I just commented on a post. I know that .. I did it.

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rm_cherimore 62F
11156 posts
5/16/2012 1:56 pm


I had being hearing about this new Notification System show on the top tool bar recently. But until today, I still don't see it. I only see the bottom alert bar. But it barely show any alert.

community replies on 5/16/2012 2:05 pm:
Hi cherimore,

This feature is currently a beta test that some members have on their account that developers are currently working on, which may be why you're not seeing the navbar notifications yet.

If you're not getting many alerts in the bottom notification bar, check your settings to see what alerts you've selected to receive or opted out of receiving.

sexysixties2 104F  
39750 posts
5/16/2012 2:00 pm

Hi Aryana.

I just wish they would fix the things that need fixing.

On a different's comforting to see that the community blog has the same problems as the rest of us....this post is showing twice.

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rm_cherimore 62F
11156 posts
5/16/2012 2:34 pm

community replies on 5/16/2012 5:05 pm:
Hi cherimore,

This feature is currently a beta test that some members have on their account that developers are currently working on, which may be why you're not seeing the navbar notifications yet.

If you're not getting many alerts in the bottom notification bar, check your settings to see what alerts you've selected to receive or opted out of receiving.

Thank you, Aryana.
Just for testing interest on the alert bar on the bottom,I actually had setting checked yes to most every thing to appear accept for all under cupid. The only thing it show mostly are when some one log on since last week until now.

BrownEyedBBW 53F  
8831 posts
5/16/2012 2:51 pm

Can I shut it off like the bottom bar? I prefer not to have it.

community replies on 5/16/2012 5:41 pm:
You can't turn it off completely, but you can go to the alert bar settings and turn off the notifications you don't wish to receive.

softassilk2008 39F
1196 posts
5/16/2012 3:10 pm

Please take it away from my account. It is terrible. It loads, and moves the page down. I keep clicking on the wrong things because of this. It is frustrating me and I hate it.

Also...why can I not change the colors on my profile anymore? That was fun. Trying to click on the constantly moving and uploading page isn't.

I honestly see no reason to know when I comment on a blog, or when others have commented on blogs after I post a comment on theirs.

Engaging, clearer, and more streamlined = Confusing, murky, and frustrating.

rm_Spambalaya 60M
510 posts
5/16/2012 3:51 pm

You need to have the option to turn off those wide beige notification bars. When I'm in a chatrrom and they pop up one fater another, it pushes the chat window further and further down the screen. That means I either have to delete the notifications right then and there or investigate them before clicking the little X, which is a pain when I'm trying to chat.

community replies on 5/16/2012 4:53 pm:
Thanks for the feedback, Spambalaya. This issue has been noted and is being worked on.

AlvinBooth 68M
5468 posts
5/16/2012 8:40 pm

Why we need to be "Notified" or "Alerted" at all is a mystery to me. I can't believe that anything that happens on this site is so important that we need to be "Notified" or "Alerted". For those of us that don't have large screens it just takes up space.

Remove it ... please.


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FullOn4U 56M
20399 posts
5/17/2012 2:18 am

How can it be "improved" if it's "new"?

Or more to the point, just how bad was it before it was "improved"?

Has it been tested at all before being inflicted on us? Was it designed to work as badly as it does?

Did nobody notice that when the notifications are added at the top of the page the whole page that you're viewing shifts down?

Did nobody notice that this can cause cams to freeze?

Did nobody notice that it doesn't notify you of half that goes on but that it still keeps telling you that someone emailed you 24 hours ago, or that you commented on a blog?

Indeed it should "all make for an engaging, clearer, and more streamlined experience on the site", but it is clear that it doesn't! Just take a look at the comments here - it isn't working, and surely any employee testing it (you did test it...) can see that it doesn't streamline anything!

citizen4722 64M  
74582 posts
5/17/2012 7:56 am

It's annoying suddenly (still!) getting flirts this way from girls way to young for me. The page sometimes freezes now as well. I know it's not going to go away but here's to wishful thinking.

rm_NassyFox 60F
37014 posts
5/17/2012 1:26 pm

I was going to say that I don't have it yet and ask when it would be implemented 100%, but from the comments, I think I may not like it, so I won't jinx it. I hope they listen to feedback and consider removing it if it only causes more issues for the members.

BramStroker69 70M
69 posts
5/18/2012 3:05 pm

This Notifications system on the top toolbar needs to be removed until it comes with buttons it the top rows for:
'Remove All'
'Turn Off Notifications'

These are all buttons which are fitted to the Alerts system at the bottom of the page and which should have been included from the beginning.
Unless you adjust your settings, Alerts flooded the screen with names of members 3,000 miles away who had just logged on - my matches are for a max of 50 miles!

I am getting these annoying notifications on the top of the screen, which do actually comply with my Alerts settings, but nothing from the Alerts system at the bottom.

I have the same complaints about how the links from these notifications work, as for the current Alerts. (Look at the Site Support Blog for past months to see everybody's whinges.)
Up until a couple of months ago, when you clicked on the username it would take you straight to their profile. (Very useful for a flirt from a scammer who's superflirted at me before the profile has been approved!!) Now it takes you to the 'flirted at me' page, where that member is 'turned off or inactive' and I have to copy'n'paste the name from there to do anything (including reporting it).

Having both Notifications at the top and Alerts at the bottom is tautological, or would be if they both actually worked at the samne time.

community replies on 5/18/2012 3:47 pm:
Thanks, Bram. Good to know. I'm going to pass your feedback along.

rm_trainmepls1 51F
717 posts
5/24/2012 5:45 am

I can't tell if I have it or not. I have the old Alerts Bar at the bottom (which doesn't work properly, by the way, so I've had to shut it off every day for the last couple of weeks). And I have a new Notifications thing with an exclamation point in the navigation bar at the top, which doesn't work either. My Alerts bar isn't following my settings. I got 114 alerts this morning, which I can't delete. And there's nothing at all in the thingy at the top of my screen.

Can't we PLEEEEEASE have the option of removing one or both of them from our screens? They're quite useless and never seem to function properly anyway.

dino_999 51M
15 posts
5/24/2012 1:18 pm

I'm no longer getting any notifications on the site, although I've started to get an email notification every time instead. Is this intentional and a behavior that can be changed in the settings?

sweet_VM 63F  
81699 posts
5/24/2012 3:23 pm

Aryana this notification bar sucks really bad. It pushes the screen down when it notifies you all the time while in chat. I think it being at the bottom of the screen was so much better. Just think if you were on the mobile software for the site.. grrrrrrrrr.

My friend said when she does cam for DJ she will be knocked right out of the screen.. I told her to turn it off and change all her settings. No notifications will come in.. Can you see if you can get this fixed to make it work.

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ElyriaWolf 58F
4443 posts
6/8/2012 8:29 am

    Quoting community:
    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We've noted the major issues with the shifting alignment and page freezes and are currently working on resolving the problem.
Ummmmmm.... If the problem WERE being "worked on" it would either (a ) improve, which it is not, or (b ) get worse, which it can't.

On the old alert bar on the bottom I got FOUR THOUSAND alerts this morning - NONE of which can I delete. What makes it even worse from MY perspective is that none of those four thousand alerts should have appeared in the first place because I have my settings on it set to tell me NOTHING other than when I get an email and IT NO LONGER DOES THAT since you guys rolled out the garbage at the top of my screen.

"The notifications in the navbar and at the bottom of your screen will both be staying."

And unfortunately we cannot shut the [expletive deleted] garbage off ...

I swear... every day this site becomes more of a latrine with all of the useless crap being added.

A thoroughly disgusted Ely

_Y_mud4fun68 53M
15 posts
9/18/2012 9:13 am

i hate it i won't even log in our couples profile
because of it

sphxdiver 72M
21063 posts
11/15/2012 7:28 am

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but this new thing is just not what it's all cooked up to be, two days later the same stuff keeps popping up, and with the bogus flirts, I really don't care about it, Oh, and so in so sent you an e-mail 3 days ago, no kidding!!!
I read it when I got it, I don't need to be reminded 3 days later about it, and then there are the notifications, that don't even pertain to me, I'm getting, I'm not, I repeat not looking for MEN, so why am I getting notified about who posted a photo? a blog entry?
I don't care, you guys really need to go over this stuff and work out the bugs, cause it's bugging me and several others here.
Thank you.

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