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New Advanced Search Options for Sexual Orientation  

community 36F   
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5/16/2014 1:39 pm
New Advanced Search Options for Sexual Orientation

New advanced search options for sexual orientation of male/female couples have been added to the desktop site. The added options will allow members to better refine their search when seeking couples on the site.

This addition is not yet available on mobile.

When searching for couples, you can now select Straight, Bi-sexual, Bi-curious, and Gay for Male and Female:

When searching for M/F couples AND additional genders, you will see the following options:

If your search does not include couples, you will see the following options:

anastasia666 43F
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5/17/2014 1:13 am


Job well done Aryana. This will give members more options to search for and how they wish to be have their searches work faster/better to optimize what they truly want to find.

Happy weekend Hugs,


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rm_cherimore 61F
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5/17/2014 4:53 pm

Thank you for the information on another new upgrade on the site.

Texan12291845 62M  
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6/17/2014 11:03 pm

uh..........dearest.............the search options are all fucked up. Check out my comments in the site support blog. Geeze!

Em_n_Ant 53F/50F
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8/21/2014 11:44 am

Consider please "Transgender / Spouse" to go along with the Male/Male ... Fem/Fem options......... strange as it may seem to many, transgenders do in fact have spouses who love them. But because they are forced to make a choice such as Fem/Fem or M/F etc. They end up having the ignorant 1/2 of the world bitching them out about what cat. they should be in! You're pretty much setting them up to be ridiculed by douche bags with IQs that don't measure over 95.

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