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5/19/2009 5:10 pm
Features: Webcam

This is where all things Webcam are talked about.

rm_cherimore 61
11156 posts
5/20/2009 10:27 pm

Lately, I had checked on live webcam and notice on some webcam window above the image is this---->ADMIN(Remove)ADMIN. I was wondering what does the message mean. I am too afraid to click on any of those words to see if something going to happen.

rm_denizk2 71/66
1046 posts
5/21/2009 7:24 am

    Quoting rm_cherimore:
    Lately, I had checked on live webcam and notice on some webcam window above the image is this---->ADMIN(Remove)ADMIN. I was wondering what does the message mean. I am too afraid to click on any of those words to see if something going to happen.
I have been informed from some members that they have seen this too.But I have not seen when I checked.So I thought it might be glitch and passed away


dickyuk8 62
110 posts
5/24/2009 9:45 am

i keep getting a gray box with Stopped broardcasting and a small berish box with the word accept in it ..this is happening a lot and its verry irritating ..accept what is what i wana know
and why do the cams stop while i am broardcasting .my cam goes off but tells me i'm still camming ?? this has been hapening for about a week

rm_NassyFox 59
37014 posts
5/25/2009 8:32 am

Allow the option of not having the IMC show you are there if you put your cam on. Pretty please?

Allow the members to ban someone with immediate results. This means no further comments and they cannot continue to watch.

Allow the option of a message that not only declines an invite to chat, but tells them you are currently unavailable to chat.

rm_denizk2 71/66
1046 posts
5/25/2009 10:29 am

    Quoting  :

I have noticed this today too.Also while chatting with a friend he told me that he can not put his cam on.I told him to use the main page to broadcast but he said the same what dickyuk8 has said dont know if there is something wrong in some profiles because I see that a lot can put their cam on in the room oh sure some complaints that it gets frozen but not often. They go out return back and say ok it is working still I now that a member had the same problem with dickyuk8 I see that he changed his handle even.

GatorL7 72/71
400 posts
5/26/2009 7:18 am

The cams were acting up again last night. We tried to get on cam from 8:30pm EDT till 10:00pm EDT. During that time we got knocked off cam once, and got knocked off the list 3 times, and had to restart, so new viewers could watch. It didn't restart easily either. We had to bring up the Broadcast cam, 3 times for 1 restart, before it came on. Just wanted to let you know there are still issues with the cams. We also were not the only ones this was happening to. Others on cam last night were having the same problems.

poundcakepair 51/47
284 posts
5/27/2009 6:43 pm

Not sure if you saw our post in the May issues and bug report site support blog but basically, we got to 119 viewers last night before the number started dropping. We checked the broadcasting list and it was only up to 127. We hardly received any pages, then one came up and said our cam froze. We rebooted and got a whopping 9 viewers. We miss the days when worked and we had over 1000 viewers per show. Camming was fun then. Last night we just fucked anyway for the 9 viewers. At least the fucking was fun.

kindguyluvsoral2 65

5/27/2009 11:26 pm

My friend ionlyshow, who I notice talks to you a lot has huge troubles with her webcam, troubles that others don't seem to have. I also find that it takes ages to open her profile, again, not a problem with others. Now she is not stupid, she tries different web browsers, and various ways of getting her cam to work.

I find it hard to explain, her die-hard fans are starting to think she is being targeted because she complains a lot. I was wondering however if it has anything to do with how much graphics she puts into her profile, she has quite a well constructed and complicated one, does that slow up the connection time?

I would echo other comments that the cams generally are unreliable and the number of cammers is much lower as a result. Now we pay money for this, so it should be dealt with. Fancy graphics are no good if the site is slow or doesn't work at all.

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poundcakepair 51/47
284 posts
5/28/2009 11:25 am

    Quoting kindguyluvsoral2:
    My friend ionlyshow, who I notice talks to you a lot has huge troubles with her webcam, troubles that others don't seem to have. I also find that it takes ages to open her profile, again, not a problem with others. Now she is not stupid, she tries different web browsers, and various ways of getting her cam to work.

    I find it hard to explain, her die-hard fans are starting to think she is being targeted because she complains a lot. I was wondering however if it has anything to do with how much graphics she puts into her profile, she has quite a well constructed and complicated one, does that slow up the connection time?

    I would echo other comments that the cams generally are unreliable and the number of cammers is much lower as a result. Now we pay money for this, so it should be dealt with. Fancy graphics are no good if the site is slow or doesn't work at all.
We have also noticed that it seems the more views you have to your profile, the more your profile screws up. People can't view you quickly, cams don't work, IM doesn't work, etc. Is it possible there is a correlation between how many people are trying to view you and how screwed up things get? ionlyshow, gatorl7, us, are pretty popular members on this site. We all seem to be complaining about the same things.

Just some food for thought.

Mr. and Mrs. P

wd40w 68
6966 posts
5/28/2009 3:27 pm

I've had LOTS of "free time" of late and have been spending it's the whole story...if you are using the web version of IM...after about 20 minutes...the cams "time out"...although you see yourself broadcasting in your IM are not...1st it switches to the status that you are broadcasting in "Private"...then is goes to "Member name has stopped broadcasting"...this has been happening consistently for the last THREE WEEKS...I've also seen pages of folks broadcasting simply disappear...which I reported on the euphemistically called "Site Support Blog" last month...Brainiacs reply was "I've never seen any such thing in all the time I've been here..." Well guess's been happening regularly for the last three MONTHS...BTW...the filters on the IM have never really worked from the begining of my case 2001...not to mention the fact that the setting for making ones profile invisible to "search engines" DOES NOT WORK! I posted what I found on the which they replied that I should contact Google support to get it removed...BULLSHIT...still geting the admin windows regardless of clearing cookies and cache or how I log into the have a major problem on your hands...

"Illigitimi Non Carborundum Est" W.F. "Bull" Halsey wd40w

WorkMyWood 60
5 posts
5/29/2009 11:16 am

Everytime I click on view webcam it does load but then I always get a stopped broadcasting. How do I solve this issue? Thanks for the help. Chris

GatorL7 72/71
400 posts
6/2/2009 8:10 am

The cams really suck lately. We used to cam 3 nights a week and had a good following. We all had fun. Now it's just a pain in the ass to even try it 1 night a week. If it wasn't for our friends in our chat room, we would be gone from camming. All the fun has been taken out of it for all of us. The ones camming spend the whole evening trying to make sure the cams working and it's very distracting. The ones watching sure don't want to hear us talking about if the cams are working tonight or not. They want to talk to us and see some action. No one gets what they want and are paying for. Sure would be nice if we could have one of the most important features of the site work for everyone. We've been on here 5 yrs and have always had cam problems. But at least they used to fix them once in a while for a few months anyway. Not so for at least a year. It's been total cahos with the cams for at least that long. We're hoping that will change soon, but....

I posted this in the June SSB also, but thought it might get additional viewing and help in here.

This is to continue from last months blog, but it's been going on a lot longer than just last month.

As many of us wrote last month, there are major problems with the cams. Last night we went on cam at 8:30pm EDT. Seemed to be working fine, but choppy. We checked the # of viewers on the list of members camming live and it said we had around 650 watching. At the same time, our viewer we were broadcasting from said we had 139 watching. About 9:30pm EDT our cam froze and we couldn't get it restarted. We only tried a couple of times and then called it a night. We were in our chat room, GATORL7, when it happened and everyone told us it was froze and the cam icon was not next to our pic when we posted. These problems are some of the various things that happen when we cam. Sometimes it goes off totally, instead of freezing. We never know what the problem will be when we cam, but it's something every time. I can't remember the last time we cammed for 1 1/2 hrs. and didn't have a problem. We've tried everything you've suggested and it still happens every time. Hope this helps, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm not being sarcastic, just realistic.

rm_denizk2 71/66
1046 posts
6/3/2009 7:18 am


Agree that there is something wrong with cams.I am getting mails and recently I started to see posts in the group that they aere having problems with cams.I dont know what it is but I noticed some has no porblem but a lot are having problems.And sure as one of the active cam group we are trying to help the members but even now cant give any advice to them
They are telling that they either can not put their cam on or in a private chat and send a invite to show webcam all they get is a message saying " checking webcam settings"
And for the group members private chat is important

Thank you


rm_NassyFox 59
37014 posts
6/22/2009 8:24 am

I was in a topical chat room and I pulled up someone's cam this weekend and at the top it said


Where it is blue, it was an actual hyperlink. I didn't dare click on it though.

CleanCut4Same 72

7/13/2009 2:17 pm

I am wondering if the Video/Cam view shown in the index can be modified to a more current view. It seems it is set up to retain a picture the very first moment I log on with my CAM, then it remains unless I do not log on for at least 48 hours, then it changes to a newer picture.

It would be more preferable if this picture was fairly current, like each time I log in, OR better, a new index picture every hour. Can this be accomplished? What my issue is, is that if I log in and it captures a picture of my chair, I'm stuck with that view in the Video/Cam Index for 2 days, regarless of how many other times I log in. And, it stays there if I log in every day.

It would be a HUGE benefit to all members to view a fairly current CAM view of what is actually on line at the moment to encourage them to view. Sometimes all they see is the chair for days and the number of viewers are extremely lower.

I think all cammers and viewers would enjoy the aspect of a "current view" of what is being broadcast before they click and see what is actually there.

Can you help?

CleanCut4Same 72

7/13/2009 2:22 pm

CAM's quite for no reason. Viewers drop off thinking I've logged off or stopped camming, while others continue to watch. I know, because I ask them what happened when I see them leave, then return.

Why do you drop CAM's so often.

Why don't the pagers work? I'd say I get through to only about 50% of the ones I page or of those who page me. I also know this because when I can't reach them I send an email and they tell me they didn't see my page.

Can anything be done about this querky feature?

rm_FXSBOB3 45
4437 posts
7/13/2009 8:17 pm

Cams REALLY SUCK tonight!
AUDIO isn't working correctly!!!
VID is on/off...
Waste of time!!!
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Sex Site

rm_FXSBOB3 45
4437 posts
7/20/2009 5:24 am

Sunday night19/7/09 and this morning the cams/IMC are on the blitz again~or is that still.

NOTE~ see my comments on [post features] AND [post suggestion]
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rm_FXSBOB3 45
4437 posts
7/20/2009 5:29 am

    Quoting rm_FXSBOB3:

    Sunday night19/7/09 and this morning the cams/IMC are on the blitz again~or is that still.

    NOTE~ see my comments on [post features] AND [post suggestion]

The link glitch hits again~
I took the time to type in the links in my last comment~
Yet the site deems it necessary to edit them,,,Hmmm...
I,and others have had this problem for months.It now appears here.
Parody Of a
Sex Site

rm_FXSBOB3 45
4437 posts
7/20/2009 5:34 am

OK,One final attenpt at getting the links to appear~
July 09 Suggestion Box Features ChatIMC
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Sex Site

jproy2 61
7 posts
8/15/2009 5:06 am

is 2 week a incapable the play my webcam please help me

we2arehere1 58
100 posts
9/4/2009 12:44 am

I can understand the need to continually upgrade and improve the online experience in here, and overall it is a worthwhile site. However.....

The recent upgrade to the IM and cam systems is not a step forward. It appears to be a program upgrade written by men, for men, without thinking through all the consequences. One wonders whether women (and men) now may not enjoy the cam experience and will start to desert the site.

Other than the normal gripes to be expected after an upgrade - time to load the new cams, don't like the new format, bugs not identified during beta testing etc - there are some serious and very concerning failings in the new system.

rm_terryinwyo 43
20 posts
9/5/2009 3:11 pm

SO now standard members cant view cams either? wow this site has fone to shit, standard members cant view cams and if your a male you cant view ANY profiles cams nothing, shit even on the home page all you see is samples of profiles that are blocked out cause its a nude pic, what a joke this site has become. what gets me is that many sites would do what they can to get standard members to buy a membership, not, they just make it very useless to even have a membership and turn us away. wtf is going on with get your heads out of your ass

tresennui 67  
2481 posts
9/11/2009 11:08 am

What happened to the new cam format? Had it briefly, then it disappeared?

Succumbing to me at tresennui

Mr_Celebration 58

9/13/2009 11:30 am

Is anyone else having difficulty at times viewing cams? I am not even able for some reason to view members videos. Nothing seems to open. Is this a problem with today?

realchill12 41  
2 posts
9/27/2009 5:05 pm

when i am in group chat, i click on the cam link, it brings up the cam page like all is good on my end but there is no cam icon next to my name in the chat feed and i've been told my cam is set to private but i've got the broadcast publicly box i am on a mac, if that makes any diff....please help

rm_ArseInGear 44
1 post
9/30/2009 1:49 pm

In the Flash Chat room, I have always had this problem.

In the user list to the left there is a webcam column which never shows who is using a webcam.

A new problem of late is that when I right click on one of these users I used to be able to view webcam if they were using one. It now no longer does. I have to go throught the instant messenger route.

In the live member webacms submenu of the video menu when I click on the cam it comes up with the pop-up to agree to view the webcam which it doesn't anywhere else. This pop up being present in one place and not in others might be a sympton of what's wrong.

Coyboy_Blue_41 53

10/2/2009 11:49 pm

The cam features and the technology on this site is out dated,take some
of that money we pay you put it into upgrades.New cam system they tried
was a joke,not waiting that long for a cam to load.I think that this site enjoys insulting our intelligence and I often feel this.As for bots
get on it and clean it up,or is it a way for A.F.F to promote their own
live model cams.I honestly believe that and have found this site to
be frustrating and will not renew my membership.I am paying for nothing
and I am getting nothing,do something about Ghana I delete them again and again.I find web cam audio sucks and picture quality is poor,wish I had only signed up for a month,and pay for this and that,cost me twenty
dollars to change my name,says it all right there.

snuffy692 43  
4 posts
10/7/2009 9:59 am

I agree with everyone. Each time I try to view a cam, all I see is that it is loading and then says done at the bottom with a blank page. I know that it's not my system! If we are paying to use this site, we should be able to receive all of the features!

rm_cdbianca 48
5 posts
10/8/2009 6:27 am

En que se está convirtiendo este sitio? Con el tiempo y cada vez más, se han ido quitando opciiones de interactuar a los usuarios standar. Ahora ni siquiera los usuarios standar no podemos ver ni una sola webcam de usuario. Verdad que nosotros no les cobramos por exhibir nuestras fotografias y vídeos ni cuando mostramos nuestras webcam? Si yo enseño quiero tener tambien derecho ver. Gracias a nuestras fotografias, perfiles y vídeos, ustedes atraen la atención de posibles clientes y se benefiacian de ello.

Si esto continua así, borraré mi perfil, con todos los videos y fotos que he cargado, que ha conseguido que algún usuario pague para verlos. Ya sabemos que esto es un negocio, pero tamben se supone que debe ser un lugar para compartir. Les pido que por favor, devuelvan algunos beneficios que nos han quitado sin previo aviso, por lo menos la posibilidad de ver una webcam en vivo sumultaneamente como antes. Cuando enciendo mi webcan, tambien necesito ver a alguien. Alguien está de acuerdo?


rm_cdbianca 48
5 posts
10/11/2009 10:01 am

when I click over see webcam users, open new window

can you help me? Sorry for my bad emglish.

nikki4funtimes 55
11 posts
10/21/2009 3:17 pm

i have a funny one about cams,this was on outpersonals that this happen..not,but yesterday,i had my cam on and my cat walked by my chair,and the cat got on the cam picture,and i got a nasty message from outpersonals and they turned off my account..and they want to say im sorry and they will turn my profile back on,it was a warning,dont you just find this funny,dont show your cat on your web cam..

rm_NassyFox 59
37014 posts
10/23/2009 11:18 am

    Quoting  :

Many folks cannot access the profile to get to the cam icon that way. Some don't want to make the effort to do it that way.

bella128 56

12/5/2009 1:46 pm

Have been on this site for about 3-4 months now.My problem is that the filters never sent me a e-mail to fix this,i have tried everything,I have come to the conclusion that the filters just dont work at all.This really sucks to.My major problem is that i cant private cam on here at all.You know it would be nice to private cam on here ,then i wouldn't even have to worry about the filters.But i just about give up on ever fixin this.It makes me think you have to be a paying customer here in order to private cam.I have dsl.very high quality computer&cam etc. From bella128 (Help Me!!!)

bella128 56

12/12/2009 5:34 am

I absolutelly agree with you!The filters never ever work.When ya ban someone,it doesnt work.You have to constantly go into your account&update it never works.Yes they still watch me while i cant see there name.The only good thing about this site is that you can chat&cam free.My major problem is that i cant private cam.I totally agree with you-I guess none of these concerns&problems will never be fixed!Good luck to you!!!

bella128 56

12/12/2009 5:48 am

I absolutelly agree with you!They do need to fix this problem with all these cam's issues.I'm sick of the bots to.We all wont to see real amatuer people on here.I mean if we wont to see pro's we go to the full porn sites.They definitelly need to get rid of these bots please!

bella128 56

12/12/2009 5:53 am

Yes this happens to me to,i dont see that my cam icon is on either,all though i have it on.There are way to many problems with the cams.I guess none of us matters??
bella 128

rm_tere277 44

12/13/2009 2:55 pm

vc e gata demas

bella128 56

12/14/2009 12:50 pm

Somebody please tell me what in the world is going on with the cam's?I'am a standard member,but everytime i click onto a cam it says standard members can only view one at a time.Well i cant view any!I'm not viewing 1 or 2,I'm viewing none What is the deal with this ?I have repeatedly went completely out of the site ,logged back in and it still is doing this!Wow i guess it's not meant for me to be on this site at all!Hell i even cut my cam on thinkin maybe this would fix it,but still cant view any.I really do like this site the staff have always e-mailed me back on problems that i have.Please help i just wanna have a lil fun .

bella128 56

12/14/2009 4:13 pm

Very happy camper!My cam is workin.And i can view.I dont know what was going on with the cam's earlier,butit is all working now!!!


bella128 56

12/21/2009 7:19 pm

Yes could somebody tell me why is it that when i click onto a cam that it says u can view only 1 member at a time (standard member's)?guess what i'm not viewing 2 member's not even 1 so what is up with that?Then when this happens i click on my own cam to broadcast,most of the time it makes it work proper then,for some strange reason.But it still isnt working correct.So what do we all do when this happens?We go out of the site completely.Then we logged back in most of the time this is what we all are experiencing.Just wanted to let the site know,can this ever be fixed?Just a aggravated chat&cam user here

lizardchaser 73
28 posts
12/27/2009 10:38 am

My complaint is within the chat feature. The area i type into does not show on my screen until I post the comment or sentence. Have tried extending the window, but to no avail. Have tried reconnection,a pain and slow process, but still comment area is not visible. Yeah it accrpts comment, and displays above, but typing in blind causes typos to recipent is bad form and confusing. Any others experiencing this?

FireDawg_10 45
181 posts
1/15/2010 12:35 am

Anybody else having the trouble with the IM not playing videos since upgrading to Snow Leopard? I've deleted my flash, re-installed, nothing. Just a huge pain in the ass!!!!
Hell since I "upgraded" my Opera doesn't work anymore & I can't get my FB games to play either but that's a topic for another place... LOL
Actually I think it's just me being screwed with this damn Snow Leopard till a real upgrade comes... But just curious. Anybody else having these troubles too? I can broadcast vids but can't get them to play to watch them. On rare occasions the audio will play though which is even more frustrating.

rm_indkns 30
34 posts
2/1/2010 12:19 pm

Can you please give some advice on a webcam configuration that will give maximum quality? We just popped over to, and noticed the vast difference in quality between those cams and the cams at

liketoplay2006 73  
4 posts
2/11/2010 4:30 pm

Since the latest system upgrade this week, I am unable to view other members webcams. the screen appears but no image. I am a gold member, please advise

houseofharry 55

2/15/2010 7:44 pm

same problem here also , whats the point in becoming a gold member

houseofharry 55

2/17/2010 1:00 pm

still not working right , a right pain in the ass

4037 posts
4/9/2010 7:55 am


I've been having a problem while camming and also seen it occurring with others.

I open my cam, start broadcasting, and after a relatively short period of time (half hour or less), the cam disappears from all the usual places. IE, my cam will not be listed under 'members broadcasting', there will be no cam icon by name in chat, and my profile will show that I am not currently on webcam. The cam is still broadcasting, and if someone is viewing it continuously - and doesn't get booted - they can still see and hear me, but no one who has not been viewing me can access my cam.

I've also seen this happen with others, where I've been viewing them, and then their cam disappears from chat, from 'members broadcasting' and from their profile page - I can still see and hear them, but their cam is effectively invisible for anyone not currently viewing it.

This creates problems not only in that people (obviously) want to be watched and to watch, but also in that members have at times thought I was being deliberately exclusionary, and slagged me off for that.

Trying to reload the cam works - but only briefly - and seems to take an inordinate amount of time. The page often gets stuck on the 'you may be recorded' screen and does not allow me to click 'yes'.

All of this makes camming and watching rather less enjoyable than it might be.

I'm using Google Chrome, I don't bookmark the site, and I do empty my cache, cookies, and trash regularly. I am using updated flash players and my connection isn't inordinately slow (certainly not dialup!)

thanks in advance for your response and working to resolve this,


moreguy4u 62
3 posts
4/28/2010 6:08 am

I am a gold member but having enough problem s that this is it I won't be renewing my membership.
it takes forever to see a cam and almost impossible to see more than 1.a big change from just a few days ago. what happened? I have tried clearing the history etc nothing seems to help.
I called the number listed on the site several days ago and they said they would report the problem but have never heard anything from them or no solution.

rm_LadyGodivaTX 61
13 posts
7/30/2010 5:50 pm

I recorded a video on How can I save it to my PC?

Lady Godiva in TX

Beginner bling maker

canukeep2secrets 51
15 posts
8/27/2010 4:24 am

Here's a tricky one to figure out - looking for some help here webcam (which worked with a few years ago when I was a gold member), which also currently works with on the "record a video from webcam" section of my profile, does *not* want to work when broadcasting my webcam.

I have verified that the camera works (actually took a video with the Logitech Quickcam software and uploaded it). When going to broadcast, I click on the "Broadcast" button, it takes me to the "pages" page. I click on "Choose webcam" and it says it found the following webcams ....but nothing every shows up in the list.

Tried in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Adobe Flash is set to "allow" both camera and microphone. Restarted computer, Windows XP Pro, 2GB of RAM. The camera is a Logitech Quickcam Fusion.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Flash Player, removed the QuickCam software provided by Logitech and installed the version that originally came with my camera. I either get the Adobe Flash Player "allow" window to come up, but I cannot check on "allow" or "remember", or I get the Adobe Flash Player window and I can select my webcam, and it will even turn it on, but never works with

My next step is to verify that it's not my computer and try it on another machine here. This is a relatively fresh Windows install (maybe 2 months), and very little other programs installed. Incidentally, I'm a computer geek by trade, so I have already run the regular course of troubleshooting.

As an aside, my Friend Finder instant messenger client does the same thing and also never lets me connect. Firewall is set to allow that program through. Browsers are set to allow all content from

Ready to pull my hair out - help!!!

Any thoughts?

rm_vidodelarue2 52
1 post
3/19/2011 8:52 pm

Can anybody explain to me how to invite somebody to view your cam. I can broadcast no problem to the main list, but when I have an open chat box on the IM and I push the "Invite to view webcam" button it tells me that there is "no cam found". I am on a brand new macbook pro with all the bells and whistles, had this issue with my old mac as well. My firewall is turned off, trying to use the built in cam

BigDaddyRon68 53

10/24/2012 6:48 pm

I have a brand new Dell laptop and clearly, the webcam works. I keep getting a "shockwave flash crash" error and can't broadcast my cam. I even reinstalled shockwave flash on my PC. Anybody have this issue?

Spiceitupforyou 70
15 posts
6/11/2016 10:11 am

All of a sudden I can no longer view live member web cams. When I click on someone the cam window opens with their profile info at the top and other info at the bottom as it usually does but the broadcast never starts. This has been going on for several weeks now and I've sent a number of messages to your support center with no response at all. Can someone help?

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