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Add Up to 10 Photos to Your Blog Posts  

community 36F   
9406 posts
12/20/2013 12:16 pm
Add Up to 10 Photos to Your Blog Posts

Blog posts now support up to 10 photos and new formatting tags to give you more control of your post.

To put your main photo, you can use both the [image] or [image1], and use [image2] and [image3] [image4]... for additional photos.

You may also resize and change the alignment of photos using width/height and right/left tags such as [image2 right width=30 height=100].

Andrew's latest post Blog posts now support up to 10 photos shows you an example of the new changes.

We know this is an addition many of you have been asking for, and we're happy it's now here! We hope you enjoy it! Thanks, everyone!

evergrnstatewife 51M/61F
2274 posts
12/20/2013 12:36 pm

Cool. That's going to add nicely to the customization of blogs.

Shared wife -evergreenstatewife

sexysixties2 104F
39750 posts
12/20/2013 12:52 pm

Thank you...this will make it easier for me to post on my blog.

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rm_cherimore 61F
11156 posts
12/23/2013 5:01 pm

Thank you,Aryana.

anastasia666 43F
2229 posts
12/24/2013 2:09 am

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Aryana,

Thank you for sharing Andrews post about the 10 images per post. I am sure all of the bloggers and posters will have a great time trying the new feature out.

Happy Holiday Hugs,


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JN63JPN 59F  
27412 posts
12/28/2013 7:36 pm

It's great that a feature that members were actually asking for was implemented, instead of renewing pages just to add more frivolous banners. However, as usual, kinks still need ironing out. But it's a good start.

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ArglBargl14 59M

1/26/2014 7:47 am

That's just super. Too bad you removed links to the blogs, groups, and etc. from the mobile version of the site. Now I have no reason to visit here when I'm using my tablet. And another reason not to renew my gold membership.

bustybettyboop 55F  
59311 posts
6/27/2014 1:13 pm

I still don't know how that works. I only know how to put profile pics up...I wanna be able to learn how to do any pics.

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