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fudging about age...  

change_is_good2 67M
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10/26/2012 2:46 pm

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7/26/2014 7:14 pm

fudging about age...

So don't get mad but I wonder if there is a double standard between men and women on fudging on age in a profile. I don't because I see it as dishonest and know that the truth comes out anyway and would be decapitated if caught doing it. I don't want to waste anyone's time with a revealing let down. And I see it as wrong.

But I have had at least two dates where the woman has lied about their age, once by ten years and recently by 4 or 5. The first situation happened when I was on the second or third date and asked where she was when JFK was shot and when she said high school I nearly shit. Right then in my head I was really disappointed, it would be so weird not to have someone close to my age to share those types of memories with. I let it slide right then but later in email discussed that it was not cool to start off with anyone based upon any sort of lie. Her answer was that she agreed that it was wrong and at the same time when she posted her real age, all she got hitting on her was old pasty looking specimens. She did look the age she lied to be, I tried to go further in the relationship but just let it dwindle out. One thing a woman can't know about me is that I was married to someone 3+ years older than me for 25 years so I really don't want to go older this time. So I generally don't hit on any more than a year older. If I make an exception, that's my choice.

When I discussed this with my women friends, (and even my mom I got the answer from many that it is a woman's perogative. Or that it's not that big a deal for a woman to fudge. I'm not about damnation judging this to be a deal breaker, but it doesn't help if you are ambivilent to begin with about there being the mojo/desire to go forward, only to have that awkward moment of truth!

If you'd like leave a comment. I am interested in viewpoints.

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rm_allegria49 72F
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10/26/2012 10:40 pm

Hmm.... I don't lie about much of anything.

As far as double standards go, guys lie about their age too, but mostly THEIR HEIGHT, the shape they're in and certainly their prowess, which is usually always a big red flag, signifying a dud.

And in reality I also opt for 10 younger than my age... although my reasons are probably much different than yours.

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