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Fucked by a Lesbian  

bus163 56M   
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11/8/2015 12:35 pm

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Fucked by a Lesbian

So I am out at a party.It is a "Alternative Party"Gay Lesbian Bisexuals were attending(Along with straight guys and gals) I was approached by a Beautiful TALL brunette. We talked for a long time.I told her I was Bi-Sexual so this seemed to put her at ease.She told me she was only into Girls.I made her laugh when I said that I was after some COCK!!!!We started to play truth or dare and we finished half a bottle of Tequila.
We both passed out on the sofa. She woke me and grabbed my hand.We took a Cab to her Apartment She invited me in.What happened next caused all 9 inches of my cock to swell for the the next 4 hours I was there. She first painted my nails. She than put make up on me.This was a first.She went into her closet and came out buck naked wearing a 10 inch black strap on. She told me I was her bitch for the night. She than fucked my ass and made me deep throat her strap on.Fuck just writing this makes me hard.She gave me the best blow job I have ever had.She let me cum in her mouth and than kissed me sharing my sweet Load.

Best Fucking night in a long time..

sexy69opencouple 43M/46F  
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12/2/2018 2:41 am

Sound like a great time.

veryfunnycple64 58M/58F  
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11/8/2015 1:01 pm


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11/8/2015 12:46 pm

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