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Make the amends  

bobbijobbs 37M
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10/31/2021 12:28 am
Make the amends

I have Ben sharing Daddy with girls for the little while since my last post, and it has changed everything so much for the better! I have always wanted share him and his magnificent body with others oh, but I was always afraid tell people how much has fen for him because let's face it it's kind of embarrassing.

I don't know how many young won but I helped him by giving him a couple of girls that I've known from a long ti. It was shocking first that he actuy got one of them back the apartnt, but also shocking when she recognized and she realized how it happened. The smile on her face as she realized how far I have Fen turned on so much.

It has been a while since he ok out and I hope he takes out the club again soon I want make out with them in front of everyone on the couch. I am so afraid he's going forget how good my lips feel wrapped around his cock

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