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Learning my place  

bobbijobbs 37M
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6/12/2021 3:08 am
Learning my place

I think I may have messed the other day. So everyday I'm glad out of my cage when Daddy gets home from work and I'm allowed 3 hours go out and about and get everything done that need done

I was running late but I was home on time. However I did not finish of my errands so Daddy had put back in the cage instead of letting hang out with them. I wasn't even thinking about it but submitting like that just had so hot and bothered that I accidentally pleasure myself completion!

I'm sorry I'm just so used nothing that I do mattering that much and suddenly I'm the center of the world my black Daddy! Even though he was angry I will admit that I was thankful he was angry in the first place!

13128 posts
6/12/2021 10:06 am

are you referring to a cock cage ?

or a whole-body cage ?

bobbijobbs 37M
1 post
6/14/2021 12:22 am

, so sorry I should have elaborated but I was going to make a post about it! It's a cock cage but when I'm wearing it, I'm not really supposed to go into the man cave. Not unless they invite me

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