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Unzipmeslowly51 51M
196 posts
7/22/2021 6:06 am

Heatwave...does the hot sticky weather make you does me...ive been spending time in the garden in my undies its so hot here😊

Leegs2012 49M  
92838 posts
7/24/2021 2:46 pm

Yes, for sure. I always jog in short-short running shorts. I love when Women look, because I enjoy looking at them too!!!

CL_Love 49M/48F
419 posts
8/6/2021 11:36 am

I'm pretty much the same horny, but cold and rainy weather does more for me wanting to be in bed with a lover than heat. Sometimes I just don't want someone's sweat dripping as we're trying to have fun.

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