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Posted:May 13, 2014 10:02 pm
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2015 4:31 am

Decided to not to co-opt someone elses blog and since we havent put one up in a while, thought we would take this topic and blog about it.

Long subscribed to the point of view is that there is little point in arguing with an asshole, cuz, by my definition, a person being an asshole is so devoid of recognizing how socially or situationally inappropriate their behavior is, that even if you told them they are being an asshole, they would look at you blankly, because their own inner restraint is off kilter, well because they are being an asshole. (head lowered in shame) I have been an asshole...we all have our asshole moments...some of us have however perfected the art, some have no shame and are down right proud to be an asshole - such people are still pretty clueless how much of an asshole they are being, as per my definition, cuz they are an asshole.

Being an asshole, when I use the term, is gender less, so yes women can be as much an asshole as men. I dont like to call any woman a bitch, not a PC person, but its sexist, derogatory and typically when men use it they do so to hurt women ex knows this (hanging my head in lower shame..well sorta, cuz she really pisses me off sometimes)...I digress, suffice to say, yes ladies you too are capable of acting like and being an asshole.

Now, as mentioned at the beginning, an asshole doesnt know they are being an asshole. The difference between being an asshole and acting like an asshole, is that when pointed out to them, assholes continue acting like assholes, un-apologetically so. GODSAVEJFK is an asshole, we are acting like an asshole for calling another member an asshole, see how that works...

So why blog about assholism? Well seems assaholism is a growing condition where folks can hide behind handles online...not just here but anywhere else folks are able to chip in their opinion anonymously. Its getting so bad, that some organizations are removing the comment sections from online publications or requiring self-identifying sign on that links social profiles.

We recently commented on a womans blog that her comments were mean and unfair, she linked others profiles and called the women diseased whores, all because they had the tenacity to send her an email...and she took such great offence that they didnt read her profile....OMG...imagine the horrors of horrors, that folks dont read a profile....this person is well versed with her block feature, that could have sufficed, but because she is empowered with the anonymity of this site, she resorted to some pretty mean stuff...actually, alot of what she says is mean and her defense is its her blog and she can say what she wants....clue it in, she is an asshole. (note, see we didnt put her profile name hear, cuz, well then we would be assholes for fighting with assholes.

Maybe its just us, maybe its cuz we really want to meet folks here, so why would we conduct ourselves in anyway online that we wouldnt conduct ourselves off of it? Yeah, we get snippy sometimes with the "hey ya wanna fuck" emails, straight guys telling us they are bi-curious, fakes, the flakes, etc etc...but really why act like an asshole? It never seems to occur to some folks that if just maybe the ideal person(s) you are looking for see you acting like an asshole and they just pass you by.

Now we love a nice tight asshole, we just dont like it attached to an asshole.
An education counts for nothing
Posted:Nov 1, 2012 6:37 pm
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2015 2:40 pm

Apparently even the smart guys on here cant think with anything but their dicks..see below a recent email exchange from a doctor no less - we've altered the first three letters of his profile name.

> ---------------------------------------------------
> Sender: ***SEXMAN
> To: Travel_Couple69
> Date: Nov 1, 2012 5:12 PM
> I am in to play with both!

Our reply

Usually when we receive a one line email from a straight profile, we simply reply with a thanks but no thanks. However, you are so suitably impressed with your level of education, and rightfully so, you mentioned it in your opening sentence of your profile.

Which leaves us to shake our heads and say WTF? because obviously one's level of education doesn't necessarily correlate to one's level of common sense.

If you had taken any time what so ever to read our profile you would have known we are not interested in one line emails. If you had read our blogs you would know we are not interested in "closet bi" males. You would also know the premium we place on profiles and that a straight profile offers nothing to a bi couple.

Lastly, do you really want to involve yourself with any couple whose standards are so low, that seven words is all it takes to inspire them to draw back their bed sheets and tell a guy to hop on in?

So thanks for your interest, but we will have to decline.

2nd Email

> ---------------------------------------------------
> Sender: ***SEXMAN
> To: Travel_Couple69
> Date: Nov 1, 2012 5:36 PM
> Thanks for being so patronizing!
> > ---------------------------------------------------

Our final reply - blocked

Thanks for shaking our faith in higher education.

Get pissy all you want, obviously our profile is above and beyond the usual reflecting the effort we put in and the seriousness of our approach to this.

The opening paragraph alone, informs a viewer to read the damn thing, you obviously chose not to. We are expressing our genuine dismay, frustration, and opinion that an education counts for nothing if guys are just thinking with their dicks.
Seinfeld Blog Spot
Posted:Jul 11, 2011 9:14 am
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2012 6:50 pm

Insipid, vacuous, benign, vapid, vanilla, weird, and just plain what the fuck are you talking about.

As one of the few male bloggers on here and I love to write, discuss, share my insight hear others opinions and of course round out our profile by expanding on our experiences in our blogs. Now my other half reads these from time to time, though I often use Us, We, when alot of this is just me.

Of course this site was to initially facilitate our sexual journey, and part of that was joining like minded groups. In so doing found alot of interesting folks, some too far away, some we would like to meet, alot we would not be interested in sexually but they would make postings in the groups that I found very interesting and began to enjoy reading and adding to the various discussions.

Well seemed just as I got into it, the really interesting folks started to fade away and the postings reverted to the "where are the glory holes in Arkansas? (It's the shed behind your trailer, ask yer Mother) - come on just poking fun, all part of that Canadian superiority complex.

Fortunately I came across another guys blog and responded to his postings. After awhile I decided I would venture out and set up our own blog.

So over the last few months I have really enjoyed reading, posting and responding. There have been some excellent blogs out there but again it seems I may have gotten on the bandwagon too late as the quality of good blogs seems to be diminishing. Maybe its the summer and folks have lots better to do.

One trend on the blogs that sticks out the most is since an overwhelming number of bloggers are women and an overwhelming number of men who hope to get laid, that the most trivial of postings are responded to in earnest.

Okay - had to delete the two paragraphs that followed as it was turning into sexist drivel and my point would be missed. There are wonderful female bloggers here too.

How about this - seems like a lot of posts are just attention getters? Is this what blogs are for? I kinda get the blogs that are rate my genitalia and HNW - I dont expect thoughtful discussion on those - the tile is succinct enough. But it is amazing that some real thought provoking blogs get little or no feed back yet the choice of breakfast cereal, by serial bloggers, turns into pages of insipid dialogue - which makes me feel there should be a blog spot called Seinfeld - where all the posts that mean absolutely nothing should be posted to.
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Sex with Mr. Dress Up
Posted:Jun 22, 2011 9:41 pm
Last Updated:Feb 10, 2017 7:07 am

Okay, only Canadians will know who Mr. Dress Up is and if you really thought this blog was some kinky fantasy of having sex with our childhood icon (I so wished he was my Dad) while Casey and Finigan watched, get help you sick pervo.

No, actually this is a question to those in the CD community or anyone with experience with such - would it be considered rude, ignorant, poor etiquette, etc to ask a cd if they would consider a meet without cross dressing?

The reason I ask, is yes, I think it would be rude, even mean - obviously if a person has posted a profile as a CD then they have put themselves out a bit farther then any of us would dare and that takes a lot of personal courage and conviction.

Cross dressing doesnt do anything for us and its rare that one is passable, but there have been some great profiles, which sans the cd, we may have further interest.

Our general rule, is that we do not initiate correspondance to those whom are not sexualy compatible with us, such as bi oral male only, because we know their limit and respect it. Just the same as we get offended with those that send us emails asking us to limit our sexuality for their comfort ie straight or oral only males.

So it would be interesting to know what others think about this or what the ettiquette in this situation would be.

As to those who are still thinking about sex with Mr. Dress Up, I can only imagine what goes through your mind thinking about the Friendly Giant.
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Its the Journey not the Destination
Posted:Jun 12, 2011 2:24 pm
Last Updated:Mar 14, 2016 6:11 am

Never been a doubt as to my bisexuality, but it was always as a bottom, always on the submissive side. As we explored this as a couple, we've discussed our boundaries and limits. She has been both very supportive and very turned on by our experiences.

Its also been an educational process for her, explaining the dom/sub, bottom/top aspect of bi males. All along the way, she has continued to be intrigued and turned on.

Playing as a couple with males, we have found it has simply been easier if I lead/direct the action. Which is fine, with only a couple of exceptions the few males we've played with are so polite and considerate that they dont want to offend, so we have found it makes it easier and limits any awkward moments where no one makes the first move.

All this has led to pushing my comfort levels. Recently had the opportunity to play with an experienced bi male. The cool thing is that he has very detailed blogs, which gave us a good picture of him (except that he is the epitome of not judging a book by its cover - very button downed and unassuming professional one would never know his sexuality is off the charts) and I knew he definitely wasnt confused or reserved about bi male play.

Right from the start this totally allowed for a stress free situation and at one point I ended up on top of him kissing and grinding into him. Things led to him asking if he could full fill his desire of being in the middle of a couple - which again added to the play - only once before did we have a playmate make a request - usually the male is too worried about being offensive - but its so much hotter if everyone in the three some opens up and brings something to the bed.

As it turns out this was one of our fav positions we had yet to try, the difference was, we always thought about this in the context of me being topped. But the comfort levels were so high, that we happily obliged.

We both slipped on condoms and he entered my wife and I entered him. She absolutely loved it and I found myself in a position I never fantasized about, fucking a guy while he was fucking my wife. As much as we enjoy bi play, I also love seeing her get fucked by another guy, this position just gave me a birds eye view.

But in short order I started to feel a sudden rush of being the top, both of them under me were being fucked and I was the guy on top. I fell over him and kissed the back of his neck, ran my hands through his hair and was really getting off on all this.

As it happens, he was unable to maintain his erection while I was in him. We all repositioned a bit and I continued fucking him doggy style while he ate her out. This really started to drive me wild, especially pushing his head into her pussy. We took the time to take a few pics as both her an I were really getting off on this - making a guy see to our pleasure at the same time.

I again started driving into him and bent over, watching him eat her. I was totally turned on by his body, kissing, massaging, and pushing him down. All this was possible because my wife is so cool with it all and getting turned on by watching.

Unfortunately, I lost my edge, was so close to cumming, but it was so much overload.

As it was late and all parties had an early morning, we called it a night. He was apologetic as he had promised to top me - but it hardly mattered. There has been a few times where neither or one guy didnt cum during our threesomes, but this just makes for hotter sex for us as a couple later.

In our post three some debrief, we always have one, we talked about what had happened and how each of us felt about it. She was completely turned on, of course and encouraging.

I've always known that I really enjoy the whole body aspect of another male, this is why we play with males only, so both of us can have sexual pleasure from another. Most guys just want bits and parts, ie oral only, but this doesnt work for us, our ideal playmates will fully enjoy male male sex.

What I did find is that I am truly versatile and can be more dom than I ever thought I could be. The play possibilities are so much more broader now. We have discussed a fantasy of her being ravished and submissive to myself and another guy (once trust developed) but now added to that are the thoughts of what fun we could have with a sub/vers male where we are comfortable with or trust has developed.

Now we dont kiss and tell, but its unfortunate that the gentleman in question, and we mean that sincerely, lives outside our travel area, but no doubt if we get the opportunity we will happily see just how much more we can explore.

As a couple we knew we were on a journey of couple sexual exploration, but never knew where that journey would lead us. Orgasams are fine, but this was truly a situation where the ride was so much more fun and introspective than the final destination.

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