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Its the Journey not the Destination  

Travel_Couple69 56M
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6/12/2011 2:24 pm
Its the Journey not the Destination

Never been a doubt as to my bisexuality, but it was always as a bottom, always on the submissive side. As we explored this as a couple, we've discussed our boundaries and limits. She has been both very supportive and very turned on by our experiences.

Its also been an educational process for her, explaining the dom/sub, bottom/top aspect of bi males. All along the way, she has continued to be intrigued and turned on.

Playing as a couple with males, we have found it has simply been easier if I lead/direct the action. Which is fine, with only a couple of exceptions the few males we've played with are so polite and considerate that they dont want to offend, so we have found it makes it easier and limits any awkward moments where no one makes the first move.

All this has led to pushing my comfort levels. Recently had the opportunity to play with an experienced bi male. The cool thing is that he has very detailed blogs, which gave us a good picture of him (except that he is the epitome of not judging a book by its cover - very button downed and unassuming professional one would never know his sexuality is off the charts) and I knew he definitely wasnt confused or reserved about bi male play.

Right from the start this totally allowed for a stress free situation and at one point I ended up on top of him kissing and grinding into him. Things led to him asking if he could full fill his desire of being in the middle of a couple - which again added to the play - only once before did we have a playmate make a request - usually the male is too worried about being offensive - but its so much hotter if everyone in the three some opens up and brings something to the bed.

As it turns out this was one of our fav positions we had yet to try, the difference was, we always thought about this in the context of me being topped. But the comfort levels were so high, that we happily obliged.

We both slipped on condoms and he entered my wife and I entered him. She absolutely loved it and I found myself in a position I never fantasized about, fucking a guy while he was fucking my wife. As much as we enjoy bi play, I also love seeing her get fucked by another guy, this position just gave me a birds eye view.

But in short order I started to feel a sudden rush of being the top, both of them under me were being fucked and I was the guy on top. I fell over him and kissed the back of his neck, ran my hands through his hair and was really getting off on all this.

As it happens, he was unable to maintain his erection while I was in him. We all repositioned a bit and I continued fucking him doggy style while he ate her out. This really started to drive me wild, especially pushing his head into her pussy. We took the time to take a few pics as both her an I were really getting off on this - making a guy see to our pleasure at the same time.

I again started driving into him and bent over, watching him eat her. I was totally turned on by his body, kissing, massaging, and pushing him down. All this was possible because my wife is so cool with it all and getting turned on by watching.

Unfortunately, I lost my edge, was so close to cumming, but it was so much overload.

As it was late and all parties had an early morning, we called it a night. He was apologetic as he had promised to top me - but it hardly mattered. There has been a few times where neither or one guy didnt cum during our threesomes, but this just makes for hotter sex for us as a couple later.

In our post three some debrief, we always have one, we talked about what had happened and how each of us felt about it. She was completely turned on, of course and encouraging.

I've always known that I really enjoy the whole body aspect of another male, this is why we play with males only, so both of us can have sexual pleasure from another. Most guys just want bits and parts, ie oral only, but this doesnt work for us, our ideal playmates will fully enjoy male male sex.

What I did find is that I am truly versatile and can be more dom than I ever thought I could be. The play possibilities are so much more broader now. We have discussed a fantasy of her being ravished and submissive to myself and another guy (once trust developed) but now added to that are the thoughts of what fun we could have with a sub/vers male where we are comfortable with or trust has developed.

Now we dont kiss and tell, but its unfortunate that the gentleman in question, and we mean that sincerely, lives outside our travel area, but no doubt if we get the opportunity we will happily see just how much more we can explore.

As a couple we knew we were on a journey of couple sexual exploration, but never knew where that journey would lead us. Orgasams are fine, but this was truly a situation where the ride was so much more fun and introspective than the final destination.

django1331 60M
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11/12/2013 4:25 pm

Hi I loved this blog entry, I am so looking forward to being the man in the middle on my next encounter this weekend with a gorgeous couple from Adelaide I met on line here on (wonders never cease !!!) this will be our fourth time together and although from the get go M into M into F has been our our goal we always seem to get distracted by the multitude of combinations and scenarios avaliable.

RelaxedandFun102 70M/70F
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3/10/2016 5:23 pm

Hi, I discovered your Blog through a reply you made on another Blog. Very nice Blog you have and this was a very enjoyable post.

JonClubFemme 64M
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3/13/2016 9:50 pm

As a Bi-Top I love having a sub male serve me with his controlling female present!

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