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How do you want me?  

Thikrthanmost7 61M
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12/1/2021 7:29 am

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12/7/2021 6:44 am

How do you want me?

How do you want ?
What a question to answer as she lays naked under the Holiday lights.
Standing naked before her wanting eyes I smile.
My thoughts of our bodies wrapped in each other are suddenly paused. The simple question has not been heard for some time. Our sex always enjoyable and satisfying for me and I had ways hoped for her had become slightly repetitive and predictable.
Hearing this invitation from her I had pause. Her beautiful naked body lay before . Her legs opened just enough expose her pussy. Her right hand cupping her breast as her fingers caressed her hardened nipple. Her left hand extended out as she reached for my excited and extremely hard cock.
Speechless and lost for words I stood for what seemed for an hour running scenario after scenario in my mind...
Her collection of favorite toys laying on the bed next to her and the restraints already in place to be used. As much of a clueless man I can be at times.... I knew exactly what my lover wanted..
How do I want her?
I want her lost in her pleasures and taken to and even past her limits.
If you are still with me,
How would you proceed?
To be continued

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