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An early start continued  

SouthGeorgiaCoug 65F
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2/13/2022 7:43 am

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2/16/2022 3:35 pm

An early start continued

If you read An Early Start you know I was being fucked every morning before school by my then boyfriend who eventually broke with me. I continued fucking him daily even when I was dating others, even when I started dating my hubby to be. I had found out I enjoyed it too much and did not want to quit. At times I would feel bad and think I should quit but I could not, I loved getting multiple dicks!

This went on even after I started dating hubby to be exclusively and got engaged. I still could not help myself, I was fucking hubby to be regularly but had come to love getting a variety of dicks. to the week of the wedding I kept having sex with the old BF. On Friday before a Saturday wedding I tried to tell him this was the last time, I was getting married and we could not fuck any more. We wound staying naked together all morning and screwing 3 times. did I know this was a precursor of things to come.

Small simple wedding was on Saturday, hubby and I spent the night in a motel in a nearby town naked and having sex all night. We were , broke and he had to be at work Monday morning so no real honeymoon. We made it home Sunday afternoon and continued our sex marathon. Our clothes came off as soon as we got home and it wound be the second night I slept nude and loved it, first night was the night before. I almost made him late for work Monday when we had a early morning fuck before he was out the door.

Once he was gone I got a shower, dressed in a short robe, made some breakfast and sat down to relax and enjoy some quiet time. I drifted off to sleep and the next thing I knew I heard a car pulling down our driveway. I looked out and their was my old BF getting out much to my surprise. I jumped , forgetting how I was dressed, and went out to see why he was there.

As I walked out I remembered what I was wearing and that the wind was blowing my robe open, exposing my pussy and my nipples were poking through the thin material too. I started to go back in but as the old BF got out of his car he had a huge smile on his face and a bulge in his crotch. What are you doing here I asked. I just stopped by to congratulate you he replied, and to see if married pussy was better than single pussy.

You should not be here I told him as he walked towards me. He did not say a word as he walked p to me, wrapped his around me and kissed me deeply. I found myself responding as his hands untied my robe and he slid his hands under it. I was thinking I should not be doing this but my body was saying yes, yes, yes!

All I knew was I was horny and needed a dick n me as I took his hand and led him inside. I was no longer thinking about getting married 2 days prior as I dropped my robe and led him to the bedroom. We crawled into the bed I had just left a earlier and he slid right into my wet pussy. He was so hard and ready as he pounded me hard. Within minutes we both reached our orgasm and he shot his load into my married pussy. I grinned at him and asked so how is married pussy?

I was going to include the next 2 weeks and my next conquest after getting married but this has gotten long. I'll do a 3rd post on "An Early Start" and tell about my start in nudism and exhibitionism.

A Cougar searching for cubs!

69ereatwetpussy 59M  
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2/14/2022 7:23 am

I could just see. The neighbors looking out the window.
After old BF leave he walks over knock o. The door smiles and said is there time for more.

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 2/14/2022 12:02 pm:
The nearest neighbors are not real close and are family. That comes into play in the 3rd part!

sexy_notes_4u 56M
108 posts
2/14/2022 6:17 am

I enjoy reading about your sex adventures. It's quite a turn on. Patiently waiting for future entries. Your high school adventures would be nice to read as well.

SouthGeorgiaCoug replies on 2/14/2022 9:50 am:
Thank you, glad you are enjoying them. I'll keep adding to theis one as I have time so check back. Have you checked out the ones Hubby wrote on his blog? Link on the pinned post at the top.

spunkycumfun 61M/67F  
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2/14/2022 2:38 am

A good read.

boobwhisperer69 59M  
8323 posts
2/13/2022 8:44 pm

Married pussy IS better than single pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wrMercury 44M  
1570 posts
2/13/2022 2:10 pm

Sounds like the beginning of a fun morning

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