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Waiting Patiently for Daddy  

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Waiting Patiently for Daddy

Waiting patiently for , ignoring the increasing pain the longer I sit, waiting on my knees. Dressed in a black fishnet bodysuit and stilettos, bright red lipstick on to match my long red hair that falls down my back in curls. Ive got my collar on my neck, adorned with metal studs, accompanied by a chain link leash. 's here,! I see the door as it opens wide, I see the empty hallway behind him as he rksks letting someone see me, sitting naked and leashed, wirh my hands clasped firmly behind my back. There is no kn
there of course, which disappoints me a little bit. I wouldnt mind if just for one moment everyone could see what a dirty slut I am. I crawl over to my , on my hands and knees, I tug at his pants before he can close the door. "?," I say, my voice carrying into the hallway with ease, "Please use , I didn't touch myself all day. I waited for you to touch , Please."Casually he strokes my hair as he shuts the door. "Good bitch," he says. "You're such a , I didn't think you could do it. It was hard, wasn't it?" My has a confident way about him. He's not cocky or obnoxious. But it's like... he has a calm certainty, of himself and his place in this world, it makes proud to be his property.
“Yes, ," I say. "I... I leaked over the floor again," I say, he likes to know how wet I get waiting for him. He smiles down at . "That's even better," "Now, come here slut," he says, as he grabs for my leash. Crawling on all fours behind him. He tugs at the leash, i begin to struggle keeping up to his pace, my collar begins to choke me til I gag.
“Now, you little slut, I want you to spread your legs and show me how wet you are.““Y-Yes, ," I say. Because I want him to see. I want him to know how desperate i am without him. I sit down ass first on the floor spreading my legs open wide I reach between my thighs to spread my pussy for him, allowing him see the glistening pinkness inside. My fingers gently stroke over my pussy, right at the edge, I let out a soft moan.
“God," he says quie. "You are such a perfect slut."“Y-Yes, , Your perfect little slut," I say. "Thank you." “Stay like that," he says, and pulls out his phone. He points the camera at me, and my eyes widen. He's... going to take a picture of me. Like this. I bite my lip, but... I don't move.. I'm blushing while spreading my legs wider for the camera, and looking into it as he takes the picture. I want to touch myself even more now. My pussy is begging for it. In front of the camera, I'm even wetter than I was before. I wonder what he's going to do with the picture. Several possibilities flit through my mind. Maybe he'll show them to his friends, so they can see what a slut he owns . Maybe he'll post them online. "Do you want to see how much of a slut you are?" He asks. “Yes, ," I say.
He flips the phone over and shows it to .... And he’s right I look like a perfect little slut
”When you look at this picture, what do you see?" He asks .I pause for a moment, not knowing what to say. But then, I have it. "your dirty lil cum slut ," I say with excitement. “Good girl. You're just a dirty little slut. My dirty little slut."
“Yes, yes, ! Thank you, !" Because I want to be a dirty slut. His dirty slut.
He smiles. "Now, let's take some more pictures," he says. “Grab one of your tits," he says. I pose for the camera, and he takes another shot.” Do you know what I'm going to do with the pictures?" he asks, after a few more. “No, sir," I say. they're his pictures and he can do whatever he wants with them. And I'm his property anyway. But I really want to know.“I'm going to post them online. That way everyone will know what a dirty you really are.I don't move. My face just gets hotter and hotter. I cross my legs a little, because I feel a kind of heat between them too."R-Really?" I ask. I'm rubbing my legs together. I'm leaking again. He doesn't answer. He just takes another shot.He smiles. "Of course. Does that mean you want to stop?" I bite my lip and say nothing“... I want everyone to see what a dirty slut I am," I say in a small voice. "That I'm your slut.“
“Bend over for me and spread your ass cheeks," he says, and I do it. He takes a few shots of me , my holes totally exposed. I really love you like this," he says. "Don't move yet,"
"I won't, ," I say. I look behind my back and see him approaching , he comes really close, and presses his crotch against my ass. My stomach tightens. I feel his hard dick, right between my ass cheeks. It feels warm, even through the fabric of his pants.
“Do you want me to use your ass today, bitch?" He asks.“Yes, !" I reply.
He licks his finger and presses it against my asshole. I'm already loose for him. I'm always loose for him. The tip of his finger slides inside , and I moan. He moves it in and out, gently, and I rock my hips back and forth. It's good. But... it's not enough. I need his cock. I need it to fill .“Please, ," I beg. "Fuck my ass."
“Bitch, I'm going to fuck your ass. I'm going to cum inside you. You're just such a that I can't help myself anymore. But you're not allowed to cum. Do you understand that?"“Yes, sir!" I say, excited. I don't care about not cumming. I just want him inside . "Please—" I start begging again, but I squeal when he grabs my hair. He pulls up and against him, making arch my back, pressing my ass tighter against his cock.
He kisses my neck. He bites it, his teeth almost piercing the skin. I can feel his hot breath on my ear. He whispers to , his voice rough and aggressive. "You are so fucking hot. I went hard the second I saw you, the second I opened the door. I love how much of a slut you are. How soaking wet you get. Everything you do turns on so much." His words fill with warmth, all the more so for being unexpected. I moan and grind against him. I should say something. How much I love being his. How much I love his cock. How it makes me feel. But... at that moment, I just feel selfish.
Then he unzips his pants and slides them down, revealing his deliciously hard cock. He's so hard for me. And he's going to use me like this, without even bothering to take his clothes off.He bends me over, and I try to push myself against a wall. It's a really uncomfortable position. He spanks me again, as though my exposed ass is too much for him to resist.He covers two fingers with lube. I spread my cheeks for him and moan when I feel his fingers slide in. I'm so loose for him. He pushes them in deeper. I moan. He fucks me with his fingers a little more, getting me ready. Not that I need it.
He covers his cock with lube. And then I can feel it, so hot, pressing against my asshole. "Sir," I say, my voice quivering, "Please." I spread myself wider for him. But he stays there. I can feel him twitching against my asshole. His hands are on my body, exploring it. They make me tingle. I can't help myself anymore. I need him in me. I don't care if I get punished. I push back, and he groans. He's so hard. I can feel the head of his cock stretching me, so hot against the sensitive opening. "Oh, god," he groans. And then he slides into me. Yes. God. Yes.He's... he feels so big inside me. And he's so hot. It's so good.He's breathing hard. He kisses my neck again. I want him to move. I want him to use me. He grabs my hair, making me arch my beck again. And he pushes himself deeper, so deep. I can feel his thighs against my ass. Shaking, I cry out.
“You're such a greedy slut," he whispers back, his voice rough and wild and so fucking hot. "I love you like this." He goes slowly at first. Thrusting himself deep inside me, as deep as I can take. And then he goes deeper still. His hand is in my hair, and he pulls me back with every thrust. He's so strong. I'm like nothing to him. He can do whatever he wants with me. I feel him pushing his cock into me, pounding me. I can feel his entire length sliding into me. Again. And again. And again.
Then he goes faster, and it does start to burn. But it feels so good too. He spanks me as he fucks my ass. I love it. I want him to cum. I want him to fill me up. I'm so on edge, his orgasm seems like it would be my own.I reach out behind my back, so him, to feel his body, even through his clothes. And the sounds he makes as he fucks me. God. The sounds. They reach down and ignite something within me. Or more like, stoke the fires that are already there.“You're so fucking tight," he whispers. "God, I want to cum inside your ass. Would you like that?" And then, after a few thrusts, I suddenly feel him go even harder. Even hotter. Even bigger inside me.I know it's coming. He's going to cum inside my ass. I can feel it. He pulls me close, so close. I snake my arms around him, pulling him against me. I don't want him to get away. I want to feel him. I need to feel him.
I feel him pulsing, twitching. And then... it's like there is pure heat flowing into me. It's filling me up. Where I need it most. He groans as he cums inside my ass, and I moan with him. He stays inside me for a while, rocking against me, his cock shifting inside my ass, now so full with his warm cum. I become aware of his hand, gripping my breast painfully hard. When did it get there? I wonder dreamily.Now that he's finished, I feel... used. I feel his. Now he's done with me, he lets me sink to the floor, his cock sliding out, still so hard. I can feel his cum trickling down my leg.“Did you like that?" He asks above me. “Yes, sir. I love it when you cum in my ass," I say, breathless.
“Good girl," he says, and strokes my hair a little bit more. He's still hard. He's still twitching. Right in front of my face.“Spread your ass again for me, bitch ," he says, and I do it for him, right there on the floor. He takes a picture of my ass, full of his cum. I feel so dirty. I feel so good I get down on my knees and tug off his pants and boxers. He steps out of them for me. And now he's totally, gloriously naked. Still on my knees, I notice there is a bead of cum glistening at the tip of his cock. And I want it in my mouth.
“May I clean your cock, sir?" I ask.He smiles down at me. "What, you don't care I just fucked your ass?" “You are such a dirty slut, you know that?"
He nods. "Alright. Hands beh—"But I've already put them behind my back, clasping them firmly. He chuckles. "Good bitch," he says, pleased with my eagerness. I kiss the tip of his cock, sucking the drop of cum into my mouth. I lick my lips, and he laughs.
“Do you like how it tastes?" he asks. I smile up at him. "Yes, sir. I love it." I lick my lips again, and he strokes my hair.First, I lick him all over, making him wet and shiny with my spit. Then I wrap my lips around the head and suck hard, my lips squeezing every last drop of cum out of him.“God, I forgot what a greedy little mouth you had," he says. He gets his phone again, and points the camera at me.” Smile for the camera, pet," he says, and I do, his cock still hard and twitching in my mouth. “I'm going to use your mouth now, pet," he says. "Good girl. Now, open," he says, and lightly smacks my cheek.
I open my mouth wide for him, on command, and stick my tongue under his twitching cock. I look up into his eyes. “Are you ready?" He asks.“Mhm," I nod. I'm ready.
And then I can feel him. Pushing his cock into my mouth. Deeper. Deeper. His cock slides into my throat like it was nothing. Like it was made for him. He's so long. He's so thick. I can't breathe. I can't speak. I clench my hands tight behind my back, refusing to disappoint him.He pushes himself even deeper. God. My mouth is so full of him. And then... my lips are touching the base of his cock. My eyes are closed. I feel so strangely proud of myself, that I could take everything. All of him.I hear him groaning above me. He thrusts himself once into my throat. And then he pulls out, and finally, I take a deep breathe


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