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Men prefer women of substance - III  

Rabbit99 56M
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3/10/2009 11:22 pm

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Men prefer women of substance - III

Also more than 15 years ago I met in Macau a beautiful primary school teacher from Shanghai. And note that at the time it was not much common for continental beauties to come to the territory, as many do today.
She was very shy and probably the second most dead fish in bed I have ever met. Our relationship didn't last long, as she almost didn't say a word in english and went back to the mainland shortly after...
2 years ago I met an incredible woman from HK here on, and I still miss her as a friend. She's got an amazing face, quite ample but her kisses were some of the best I ever had. Besides, G can do what most women should learn how to, deep felatio. Any man who has experienced this knows it's enough to drive them crazy.
Unfortunately she's a bit unbalanced, due to a bad emotional experience she had several years before, and we parted in not such good terms...
I'm not going to continue these posts with the same title, based not only on my personal experiences but also on some talks with long time friends. One of the main ideas is that sex is more and more important each day in any relationship, and it's not so difficult to really like someone because her kisses can revive the dead or she's great company in bed. Who cares if she's overweight?

2203lilly 34F

3/10/2009 11:56 pm

i really liked what you had to say. great sex does not justify a long lasting relationship if the person is nuts

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