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Men prefer women of substance - I  

Rabbit99 56M
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3/8/2009 10:06 pm

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Men prefer women of substance - I

I've been around for some years and while searching/browsing keep seeing profiles from women who say they're fat, even though they're just ample.
Some years ago I met Victoria: a 23 years old, tall, natural blonde, blue eyes and with both a model face and body (quite slim). I kept saying I was too old for her but she insisted and we had a relationship for a few months, only she was kind of a dead fish in bed.
Not long after that I met Vicka: shorter, in her late 20's/early 30's, blonde painted hair and I have to admit not much appealing, ample although not exactly fat. But oh, do I miss her - she went to Uzbekistan 2 or 3 months after we met. And it's not just because the sex was great (the all night long kind, admitedly not easy to find)... She was one of a series of surprises in my relationships life.
What I'm aiming here is that, like most men - except teenagers - I much prefer a woman of substance, better yet with some experience, than the young slim model style. All of us know that won't last for long anyway, because as women get older most of them tend to gain some weight, as it also happens with men.

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