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Darts -- Part three  

Prof10001 61M  
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8/9/2008 2:41 pm

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Darts -- Part three

This was supposed to be the last installment for this story though it does seem like there is potential for more.

I hope you enjoy.

Darts, Part 3

“Another bet in mind already?” he said as her thumb traced up and down the seam of the fly of his pants. “You’re not developing a desire to lose are you?”

Katie’s fingers lightly explored the front of his black Dockers as she speculated, “Did I lose? I’m not sure I feel like I lost.”

“Well I’m certainly feeling like I won right now.”

“You smooth talker,” she crooned as she formed a channel with her left hand that cradled the shape beneath the black fabric. “But there does seem to be a lot of feeling going on around here.”

“Yeah, I’m feeling a great many things and only one thing at the same time. Pretty remarkable isn’t it.”

Katie turned her hand to stroke Prof underhand as she rose from her knees. Her right hand reached for his waist band and her fingers slid behind his belt. She pulled Prof forward by his belt as she stepped backward and sat on the edge of the bed. “Prof, I think your patience is remarkable. How come you’re not hurrying me along. Most guys would be ready to have me pay up. You might get me wondering if you want to collect.”

Prof swallowed and thought before answering. “Oh, I’m ready. Perhaps as ready as I’ve ever been, but it’s not a moment to let escape quickly.”

“Such pretty words, but I don’t think you’re being very honest. I think you very much want my mouth on your cock…and quickly.”

Prof’s mouth opened to reply but no words came out as Katie began to undo his belt buckle.

“You see, Professor, I think you very much want my warm moist mouth sucking very hard on you.” Katie’s matter-of-fact conjecture was punctuated by the sound of a zipper being undone.

Katie folded the front of Prof’s pants open…and giggled.

“Hey sweetie, giggling ranks near the bottom of desirable reactions when a lady opens a gentleman’s pants.”

“But Prof…no underwear? I figured you for the tighty-whitey type.”

“Yes, well normally I suppose I am. Except when I visit certain people.”

She sat back dropping her hands to her lap. “Oh, is that right. Have you been expecting something to happen at all of these meet and greets. I’m rather disappointed. I believed your struggling virtue act.”

“Not an act. The underwear, or rather the lack thereof, is just a little secret act of defiance.”

“Hmm? At all of the meet and greets?”

Blushing slightly he said, “Well, most of them.”

She raised the fingers of her right hand to touch the wispy curls of hair peeking out of his splayed open pants. “Guess I’m going to have to try and figure out which times we’ve been dancing that you skipped one of the layers of clothing between us.” She shifted slightly to gather the fabric of her skirt with her left hand and draw it upward. “But as you can see I’ve had the same inclination.” The glint in her eye and the view she provided caused the Professor’s heart to skip a beat.

Trying to capture the glint and the view at the same time Prof stammered, “My aim at darts might not have been as good had I know about that inclination while we were dancing.”

“I may have to use that excuse for losing the game. You know, feeling this hard-on while we were dancing threw my aim off.” She made sure he knew to which hard-on she was referring with a smile and a grasp. “But we are getting off…topic.” Katie’s hands flattened on Prof’s thighs and slid up and around to his hips grasping the tops of his slacks. She noted the pants were the only things “slack” around. The pants were pressed downward and Prof stopped breathing completely.

Katie looked up to Prof’s eyes, “Yes, I’m not feeling like a loser at the moment.” As she leaned forward Prof’s respiration returned suddenly with a great in rush of air.

“Mmm, you ok up there? You seem ok down here.” With a sudden gulp she clarified where here was.

“I’m…far from ok. And I’m close as well. I’m…I’m wondering if…oh, god…if I’m betting out of my league.” Prof pressed his eyes shut willing the sensation to continue.

Her words were interspersed with tastes, licks, nibbles and suction. “You’re…playing this league. And it’s time…for both…of us…to collect. You…on your bet. And me…to…just…mmm…collect.”

Prof’s respiration stopped briefly again though Katie wasn’t concerned. She was sure it would start again shortly. Once it did Prof wiped a sheen of moisture from his face. “Ah…nice bet…thanks.”

Katie wiped the corner of her mouth. “You’re welcome. But Prof, we aren’t leaving here just yet. The meet and greet can wait. I’m tired of waiting.”

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