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As usual.....  

PiercedCouple89 56M/52F  
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2/3/2022 4:00 pm
As usual.....

As usual my pouty princess is unhappy. SIGH. You'd think he might figure out if he gives what I need and want he'll be happier. Oh well I guess I'll work harder make him happy, or at least less whiney. I think he's pouty selfish tries make me mad so I'll punish him more. I guess I need wrap my head around the fact that he's my sub and not by hubby and I cant get what I need from him as my hubby so I'll settle for getting what I need from him as my sub. I'm still looking find a slutty female him.

I'm hoping he steps up or at least gets his head outta his ass soon.... I'll shove a big dick up his ass dislodge his attitude.

Happy fucking ppl!!!!

?* o-o {=}

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