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2/5/2013 1:14 pm

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Women can be confusing. NO. This is NOT NEW. But the levels of it, especially on here are endless.

In my cold state of Wisconsin; I find most of my attention on here comes from outside of Wis. (And )Guess that means I should add Toronto as a place worth visiting!

Women say they hate "pushy" "desperate" men. Im not sure what we should do to fix that...? Should we send the first email... along with our profile words, a face pic, dick pic, and alt. email? Or do we send one and forget about it? Maybe send a wink/email to one of her friends (I learned that women don't like that-even though they dont have any interest in you themselves.. SHRUGGS)

A lady had a picture of a nice set of legs in stockings as her main profile pic. She was not too far away, and I did like what i saw so far, I sent a hello-i-wanna-get-to-know-ya letter. Basically, said no to seeing a face photo, and i would have to wait to see her in person. I have a face pic on my profile, so she choose to respond, but still refused to send a face pic. I said, thats kinda fucked up. Especially if my attraction NEVER progresses beyond her legs. (Its winter time, i doubt those legs will make an appearance in a dress in this weather..)

I guess the best that us guys can do is just continue.... to walk to the nearest wall and bang our head against it a few times to help release tension and until she stops confusing us.

~Linc was here.~

ImHotBrnEyes F
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2/5/2013 11:36 pm

I have no problem including a face pic of myself in a message if..the guy already has one posted or includes one when he contacts me. I DO have a problem when he has none posted but wants many of me..NOPE ain't happening..

Sweetcherie: I so agree about sunny it so much there! Plus Linc you would see legs for days there..

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