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Are people born bisexual or is it choice?  

Koklhr 70M
55 posts
5/28/2020 6:01 am
Are people born bisexual or is it choice?

I always thought my delve into bisexuality was a choice. I'm not so sure about that anymore. Maybe I was born with it but didn't realize it until much later in life. It sort of developed on it's own. I've always considered myself to be completely straight until later on in life. I dated and fell in love with women most of my adult life. I never found "the one" so I've been single all of my life.

Maybe it was the adult bookstore visits that changed things. I originally went to the place to watch porno on the tubes. My main interest was watching women make love to each other. It drove me wild. Watching women French kiss was over the top sexy. So I didn't go to the place very often but when I did I loved watching different situations. One of the things that I enjoyed the most and still do is watching women suck a guy's cock. That turned me on.

One day while I was in my booth men would try to open the locked door to get in. I would open the door and politely decline their offer. I was not remotely interested, but one day while watching women suck cock on the screen I wondered how nice it would be to be there right along with a woman enjoying her wet mouth and taste his cock at the same time. So the next time I went to the bookstore I purposely left my door unlocked.

An older came in and sat down. He could see I was rubbing my cock. He started to rub his cock. we both stood up and I rubbed my cock up against his. He was bigger than me. So got on my knees and for the very first time I was sucking a cock. I licked his balls and asked him if he liked that. He said he sure did. So I was sucking and enjoying my first experience when he started to jack off with my mouth still latched onto his cock. All of the sudden he stopped jacking and things got real quiet. Then it happened, he came in my mouth. My reaction was to spit it out. He laughed a little then pulled up his pants and left.

After that experience I had trouble dealing with it. No I'm not gay I told myself. It was more about him than me I reasoned. Years went by before I went back to the adult bookstore but when I did I was looking for cock.

So for years I thought that my bi urges were a choice that I made. Now I'm starting to think that maybe it was something deep down inside me that I had discovered as I got older. So I now believe I was born bisexual.

Koklhr 70M

5/28/2020 6:02 am

I still go to the bookstore once in awhile. I've had more success there that inviting men over to my house.

bman21652 69M  
18 posts
5/28/2020 9:53 am

My story is very similar. I was in my 30s when I went to my first book store and watched a gay movie. The next thing I see is a nice looking cock sucking through the hole. I decided to touch it and that turned into playing which lead to sucking. I head moaned and he was telling me how good my mouth was. Then he came in my mouth. I gagged and spit it out. Then I sat there wondering what I had just done. I hear the door open and lock then a finger rubs the hole . I decided to try my cock in the hole. I got my first blow job from a guy and it was incredible. The book store became a regular stop after that.

1kittylikker 72M
349 posts
5/28/2020 10:03 am

I don't consider myself bi, but after an unintentional encounter with a guy in a bookstore I found out I really enjoy having a guy suck my cock. I don't suck cock so I still don't consider myself to be bi.

oral4bothU 59M  
953 posts
5/28/2020 12:32 pm

It was my choice, I played with another boy just after puberty, nothing but women till 30's, book store, got my first BJ from a guy there. Then started stroking, then giving BJ's. I love pussy..., but also love cocks, when men get older they let the 'Macho" thing go and enjoy men's bodies also. Also it's easier to get cocks than pussy, most older ladies are stingy !

Koklhr 70M

5/29/2020 4:59 am

Sounds familiar bman. Hey kittylikker I hear ya. I hate labels. I agree fisherman, men are easier to connect with and as men get older I think they are more liable to cross the line.

Allenp88 52M

6/23/2020 6:53 pm

Does it really matter, though? If you're a good person and a decent human being, who you get naked with shouldn't matter. I am definitely more into women but sometimes it's so nice to feel a hard cock in your mouth or ass. I love sucking balls too. But I don't/won't kiss men.. just no desire... though I'll cuddle and hug you otherwise all day long lol.

Koklhr 70M

6/24/2020 3:00 am

I am not into kissing or hugging other men.

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