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The A, B, C and D of Good Maintenance  

JaniceJanes 47T  
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12/7/2019 8:49 am
The A, B, C and D of Good Maintenance

I start with the Declaimer that I am not a Doctor, Dermatologist, Nutritionist or any sort of Professional Expert in Health care. I am simply describing what I do to try and stay Healthy and have good Skin and Hair.

I believe we all know the importance of taking care of our bodies. You will only have one and it is for a lifetime.

Shortly after I began Hormone Replacement Treatment my doctor at that time found I had a Vitamin D deficiency. It may or may not have been the result of the Testosterone Blockers or the Estrogen supplements, the doctor wasn’t sure. However, Vitamin D deficiency can easily be treated with proper supplements.

What I’ve learned since then, is that even when detected and treated, a Vitamin deficiency can have caused some damage to the body that is lasting even after being treated. In other words, during the time you are low or lacking certain vitamins, the resulting damage may remain even after the vitamin is brought up to the recommended level.

I am mostly talking about the Vitamins that are essential for good Skin health. Of course Vitamins have many other important functions such as, good digestion, vision, strong bones, immune system and so many other bodily functions but those are mostly not as visible as your skin.

Any form of Alcohol can dry the skin and cause a loss of elasticity. Same with smoking. Since I do both, it is important to me to minimize, or prevent, the damage caused these indulgences.

Also, the use of Make-up can dry facial skin and cause wrinkles. Women for the most part use some make-up daily. Besides covering blemishes, the make-up clogs the skin and limits the skin’s natural ability to absorb Oxygen, moisture and sunlight. I use as little make-up as possible.

Since I’ve been in NYC, I have discovered that make-up is like a magnet to dirty air from cars, trucks and busses here. It just amazes me the pollutants your skin picks up every day.

I have for years been taking Vitamin A, B. C and D supplements along with a daily dose of Collagen. These all work, to some degree, to give me very soft and smooth skin and very vibrant hair growth. These two are key to me for looking as feminine and youthful as possible.

In addition to these supplement, I carefully cleanse my face each night. First I use a gentle Cleanser, not soap, to remove any cosmetics. Next, a good wash with cool water. Again, without soap. I finish with a moisturizer to replenish the skin cells.

I also try to eat a good diet and avoid processed foods and stay away from too many restaurant meals. I prefer to cook at home with fresh, natural foods and I can control the of salt used when preparing meals.

One last thing I do to my skin and body is a short period of Tai Chi each morning. I think Tai Chi increases the blood flow enough to aid the vitamins to get throughout my body without being so stressful I burn them too rapidly.

I suggest that the next time you visit your Doctor for a Check Up have him, or her, check your Vitamin levels. It’s a simple blood test and results can be known in a day or two. If you don’t get regular Check Ups, START.

As I finished writing this I realized I probably had four cups of coffee. I better research the effects of coffee on the body. God I hope coffee is harmless. I find it so necessary to get through the day.

Wishing you to stay Healthy

FetishLover2017 56M
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1/9/2022 8:44 am

Jan , you look phenomenal, I am in Jantasy Land now and I need to eJanulate 💥🔥💥

strokethegurls 68M

1/3/2020 9:29 am

Excellent advice.

That is an amazing photo. You are beautiful. If I could spend a weekend in a hotel room with you I could die a happy man. The weekend in the hotel room with you would likely kill me so.... lol

kissableleo66 70M  
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12/11/2019 1:43 am

A sexy picture.

Geiler_Bi_Lover 58M
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12/8/2019 2:29 am

very hot and sexy Lady

Tony28197 42M
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12/7/2019 10:31 am

very nice. a good read

Leegs2012 49M  
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12/7/2019 10:18 am

Yes a good diet and working out can keep a body nice and tone, just like yours. Oh My you gorgeous!! Please friend me!!

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