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Measuring the Cock
Posted:Dec 12, 2019 8:56 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2020 7:14 am
A Gentleman introduced himself to me recently on IM in what has become the oft used Greeting on here,

8 1/2 inches

The first three entries I was able to understand however, the 8 1/2 inches started me to wonder.

How do guys measure their cock? It there some procedure for this that only guys know about? Are there Guidelines as to how do it accurately?

Are Cocks measured along the Top or along the Side? I would think the standard measuring device is a Ruler (hopefully not a Yardstick) so where it is placed has a lot to do with getting a precise measurement.

Is the degree of Erectness a factor? I pretty sure the terms Hard and Fully Erect are subject to interpretation but I guess you guys know the difference. They look very similar to me but I’m not the one doing the measuring.

What rules apply to the Curved Cock? Is it measures along the Outside of the curve or the shorter Inside of the curvature?

At what point does the Firmness of the Cock enter the equation? Maybe that is expressed as Rock Hard or Hard as Hell or Steele Dick. Again these are classifications of Firmness only guys know about.

And is the Curvature of the Cock Head taken in to the equation? How is that done? Is the more flexible Tape Measure used? Is the opening at the Head of the Cock used as a Fixed Point for the measurement?

And finally, can Cut or Uncut be used for comparison purposes? Sounds like two different categories of Cocks to me.

The reason I ask these questions is because it seems to me guys who tell me their Cock Size are really comparing theirs to other guys Cock and not to entice me. Guys are so competitive about this.

I would think guys might be interested in the Depth of a potential sexual partner. If guys are so eager to tell me the length of their equipment shouldn’t they also want to know the size of the Parking slot.

I mean, if you foot is a size 9 you want a size 9 shoe. Not a size 7 or size . You want a comfortable FIT. Something you can wear all day without getting blisters. Same with sex.

36D Breasts fit best in a 36D Bra. Not a 32B Bra.

I can’t think of an accurate method to measure a woman depth. Too many variables. Dry or wet? Lubed or unlubed? With or without a Condom? Aroused or watching TV? Standing. laying down or squatting?

When a guy tells me he’s 9 inches, I wish I could answer “Wonderful, I’m a size 9 also” or “Sorry, I’m only an 8”.

What I am trying to say, is the size of your Cock is pretty far down my list of Things I Want to Know About You.

Until we have a “Federal Uniform Copulating Knowhow Standards”, FUCKS , we’ll just have to use he old Trial and Error method for finding a compatible sexual partner.

Not too bad a Backup Position (for a Transexual at least).

Thinking too much again
The A, B, C and D of Good Maintenance
Posted:Dec 7, 2019 8:49 am
Last Updated:Dec 12, 2019 4:35 am
I start with the Declaimer that I am not a Doctor, Dermatologist, Nutritionist or any sort of Professional Expert in Health care. I am simply describing what I do to try and stay Healthy and have good Skin and Hair.

I believe we all know the importance of taking care of our bodies. You will only have one and it is for a lifetime.

Shortly after I began Hormone Replacement Treatment my doctor at that time found I had a Vitamin D deficiency. It may or may not have been the result of the Testosterone Blockers or the Estrogen supplements, the doctor wasn’t sure. However, Vitamin D deficiency can easily be treated with proper supplements.

What I’ve learned since then, is that even when detected and treated, a Vitamin deficiency can have caused some damage to the body that is lasting even after being treated. In other words, during the time you are low or lacking certain vitamins, the resulting damage may remain even after the vitamin is brought up to the recommended level.

I am mostly talking about the Vitamins that are essential for good Skin health. Of course Vitamins have many other important functions such as, good digestion, vision, strong bones, immune system and so many other bodily functions but those are mostly not as visible as your skin.

Any form of Alcohol can dry the skin and cause a loss of elasticity. Same with smoking. Since I do both, it is important to me to minimize, or prevent, the damage caused these indulgences.

Also, the use of Make-up can dry facial skin and cause wrinkles. Women for the most part use some make-up daily. Besides covering blemishes, the make-up clogs the skin and limits the skin’s natural ability to absorb Oxygen, moisture and sunlight. I use as little make-up as possible.

Since I’ve been in NYC, I have discovered that make-up is like a magnet to dirty air from cars, trucks and busses here. It just amazes me the pollutants your skin picks up every day.

I have for years been taking Vitamin A, B. C and D supplements along with a daily dose of Collagen. These all work, to some degree, to give me very soft and smooth skin and very vibrant hair growth. These two are key to me for looking as feminine and youthful as possible.

In addition to these supplement, I carefully cleanse my face each night. First I use a gentle Cleanser, not soap, to remove any cosmetics. Next, a good wash with cool water. Again, without soap. I finish with a moisturizer to replenish the skin cells.

I also try to eat a good diet and avoid processed foods and stay away from too many restaurant meals. I prefer to cook at home with fresh, natural foods and I can control the of salt used when preparing meals.

One last thing I do to my skin and body is a short period of Tai Chi each morning. I think Tai Chi increases the blood flow enough to aid the vitamins to get throughout my body without being so stressful I burn them too rapidly.

I suggest that the next time you visit your Doctor for a Check Up have him, or her, check your Vitamin levels. It’s a simple blood test and results can be known in a day or two. If you don’t get regular Check Ups, START.

As I finished writing this I realized I probably had four cups of coffee. I better research the effects of coffee on the body. God I hope coffee is harmless. I find it so necessary to get through the day.

Wishing you to stay Healthy
An UPDATE to My Neglected Pussy posting
Posted:Dec 2, 2019 9:45 am
Last Updated:Dec 27, 2019 9:40 pm
First of all, Thank you those who took the time to send Get Well wishes to Richard. They are truly Appreciated.

I am extremely happy to Report Richard has completely recovered from the Flu and is back 100%. His return good health was the result of good treatment from the Doctor and of course good care by his personal Nurse. would be , the occasional Nurse Jan.

He really started feeling better on Friday but I made him stay home and get rested. I had go into work briefly on Friday morning so it was very quiet around the apartment and he was still sleeping when I got home about 3.

Before he came down with the Flu, we had invited some co-workers to join us for Thanksgiving. To be safe, I asked them to think about moving our Thanksgiving feast to Saturday, and they all kindly agreed.

Saturday was a wonderful day, all day. The two young women I had invited came over early and helped with the preparations. Nothing very difficult since I had planned for a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner; Turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, corn and gravy.

Guys watch football while the three of us drank Champagne and made dinner. Since this was not a complex meal to successfully pull together, everything turned out perfectly. The two wines I had selected. a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir, were an easy pairing and enjoyed by all.

Guests lingered after dinner with Chocolate Cake and cognac, the finale to most of dinners, and didn’t leave until after 10.

I, and wrongly I’m pleased say, thought Richard would be tied from the long day but he showed his recovery was complete. His passion, stamina and vigor were back, or maybe somewhat beyond, normal. The time we lost together was more than made up for over the next few hours. The Neglect I had felt a few days before completely vanished within in moments of us being alone and being able to truly have something to be Thankful for.

And, lastly, a note to the nice guy from California who gave me a couple Tips last week to get over the Neglect I was feeling.

The suggestion of “Tapping one ” might work for most but since I don’t masturbate was just not a viable option. I don’t think there is enough time in day for me Tap one .

You also mentioned the use of toys or something of the like to cope. Well, I’m somewhat cautious of what I put body. Especially toys probably made China of unknown contents and unregulated by any US safety requirements. Some plastics, or PVCs, can be harmful with repeated usage or induction/ingestion.

So, I prefer stick with things are natural or Organic.

As long as a beautiful cock is available, I’ll avoid the Packaged ones, but Thank You for the suggestions.

following a very Happy Thanksgiving
My Neglected Pussy
Posted:Nov 25, 2019 9:53 am
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2019 9:41 am
I’m not really looking for sympathy about but just want explain a couple things.

Partner has the flu. We thought it was just a Cold first but it got worse starting last Friday. The weekend was spent with him in bed and trying best be nurse for him. I even went yesterday get him so flu medicine but hasn’t much so he’s seeing a doctor this afternoon.

I guess we are not completely synchronized in our sexual drives as it became apparent over the weekend as I wanted sex but he was not the mood or shape comply.

Why I was so constantly aroused, I don’t know for sure. I just know throughout the weekend I couldn’t get mind off from thinking about wanting sex.

Is it like how when you desire something you can’t have the desire gets stronger? Maybe so, I’m not sure.

Or, was it like many couples who have been together for awhile and you settle a pattern of sex on the weekends when you’re not tired from work? Could be.

Whatever the cause, I was chatting with guys on here and getting much more aggressive then normal when talking about sex. I kept thinking of having sex with almost every guy I talked with. Some lived just minutes away and at normal times I may have grabbed a cab and gone quickly get tensions relieved.

However, I just couldn’t bring myself leave sick Partner bed while I went wrinkle some guy’s sheets. Just didn’t sounds right but I will admit, I was tempted.

So, for a few more days (and nights) I will stifle amorous desires and and wait for him feel better. I really hope the doctor gives him a wonder drug cures him instantly. least something so I can quit getting up every 4 hours make sure he take the slow working prescription I got for him.

Thinking ahead, after he is back full strength, I plan feed him steak for two days before I vent pent up sexual desires on him. Or, is it for him, whatever?

Just the thought of knowing it will be a few days before he will be able quest desires is getting hot with anticipation.

I think I will get him a “Get Well Soon” card on the way home this evening.

Resisting Temptation (for a little longer)
My Secret Lover
Posted:Nov 22, 2019 11:04 am
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2019 9:20 pm
I have mentioned this wonderful man several times before and how our conversations on here lead to the most beautiful and passionate Love. It all started with late night chats about everything except sex. Truly platonic without any thought of an actual meeting.

As we came to learn more of each other a real friendship developed. I would be very happy when the Incoming IMs message would tell me he was calling. I began dropping any on-going Chats I was having to just chat with him. He always made me feel so comfortable talking sometimes our chats ran very, very late but always without any pressure to have sex, just friends.

About a year ago I started having stronger feelings for him. sexual feelings. At my suggestion, we finally meet one night just for drinks. However before long I made my desire to have sex with him clear to him. At first he was reluctant as he is in a marriage he didn’t want to jeopardize over a one night stand.

I was taken with his devotion to his wife but it only made me want him more. I can’t remember ever being rejected by a man I offered myself to and this drove me in to a deep desire to knock down his resistance to me.

I was eventually able to get him to my hotel room where his urge to have sex was more than he could suppress. We made Love like two teenagers having their first sexual experience, intense and quick.

We now meet every week or two when possible and know how to please each other to the fullest.

We met last night for the most beautiful night we even had together.

As usual, our “Date” started with small talk, a little wine, looking at my recent pictures and much sexual innuendo. We both knew what we were here for so direct referencing of our desires was unnecessary.

I can only describe the next hour as a sexual symphony with the entire orchestra playing in total rapturous harmony.

He caressed my body gently with his hands and lips and slowly made my passion boil. He carefully reach every plateau with me until the moment our bodies united in one volcanic orgasm. He exploded in me at the very second of my climax and powered his juice deeply into me with deep trusts of his manhood extending my climax for an unbeilable duration.

It was truly one of those rare occasions when two really become one. Totally synchronized in passion.

Just not much happening at work today.
A Night of Discoveries
Posted:Nov 16, 2019 10:28 am
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2021 6:07 pm
A few nights ago after dinner I was working on a Report for work that was due the next day. My Partner said Good Night and went bed around or so as I continued finalize the Report.

Finally satisfied with the Report I decided have a glass of wine before getting some sleep. I was in the kitchen when I realized I was having a Snack Attac Looking around the pantry, I decided make Popcorn.

So there I was, probably 2 AM, with a bag of Popcorn and half a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. I went into the living room, turned on the TV to the old movie channel ( I love old movies), sat on the floor to enjoy my snack and the classic, “Seven Samurai”.

I guess the TV sound may have woke my BF who came to see what was going on in the living room. He made another bag of Popcorn (the limit of his kitchen skills) got a glass and joined me. He also brought some left over Halloween chocolate.

Here’s when my Discoveries began.

Discovery #1

Classic Movie Buttery Popcorn and a bold California Cabernet really go well together. I never had the together before but found the somewhat diverse taste of the actually very complimentary.

A piece of Hershey Dark Chocolate mixed in was so delightful. Smooth dark chocolate, crunchy butter popcorn and the rich red wine and my taste buds were exploding with excitement. The various tastes were clearly distinguishable but mixed comfortably at the back of the tongue.

Discovery #2

As our late nite/early morning movie snack time continued, I was kissing my BF and to my totally unexpected surprise I tasted warm melted chocolate in his mouth. I held his head with both of my hands and went deep in to his mouth with my tongue and licked him clean.

I guess this should be classified as a Secondary Effect to having the taste in your own mouth. I don’t recall ever getting aroused by someone else’s oral tastes. Kissing to me is erotic enough without any added ingredients.

Discovery #3

The delicious Kisses and the fragrant wine caused me to become sexually stimulated. I was being taken over by a new sensational feeling.

To add to this already delightful combo, I began embracing and kissing my BF’s cock which quickly began growing in size and firmness.

I paused frequently for more chocolate and wine as the new found trio continued to get me higher.

When Richard finally reached his peak and added his semen to the mix already in my mouth. Dark semi-sweet chocolate. rich red wine with thick creamy cum, I had the most powerful orgasm I have had in years. My entire body shook in deep uncontrollable spasms. My mind went numb as I lapsed into unbelievable gratification and involuntary physical contortions.

What a magnificent unplanned evening. And to think, it all started with a little Popcorn. It just proves, most great Discoveries are the unexpected result of finding something when looking for something else.

My Orgasm Explained Again
Posted:Nov 10, 2019 10:21 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2019 6:52 pm
I have written about My Orgasms a few time in the past but am still surprised by the number of men who are amazed that my orgasm is so unlike that of a or even from most females.

Orgasms are considered by most be height of sexual activity. It is thought be necessary for achieving sexual satisfaction. However, sexual satisfaction can vary, and does I’m told, in men and women. Whereas, I don’t believe any would think of having sex without ejaculating, a female may or may not reach the point of Orgasm during sexual contact.

Since I am Transgendered, and therefore somewhere between a male and a female, my Orgasms are also somewhat different from a male and are more akin a female’s Orgasm.

It seems that because I still have a Penis, small as it is, men expect that I still ejaculate like they do or that I get sexually aroused if they perform Oral sex on me. Both of these assumptions are totally WRONG.

One of the first steps in -Female Transitioning is treatment with Testosterone Blocker to minimize typical male characteristics such as Muscle size, facial and pubic hair, deep voice and the development of Penis and Testes.

I have been on varying levels of Testosterone Blocker for 20 years so I don’t have big muscles, facial and pubic hair, a deep voice or Penis that resembles in size that of the typical male or Testicles that produce Sperm.

Although I have decided to keep my Penis for personal reasons, it is best described as “non-functional”. Think of it as a movie set in an old western movie. It looks like a real old cowboy town but it really isn’t and no one really lives there.

Since I no longer manufacture Sperm (sometimes just a little) I can’t shoot a load like a male. It just isn’t there. Sperm is Manly and I am not Manly anymore.

Putting these factors together means I don’t get an Erection and I don’t ejaculate when I Orgasm.
Also, I should add others points;

1. My Penis is not very sensitive so I don’t get much pleasure from having someone perform Oral sex on me.

2. I am slow Orgasm. It take much longer than most people thus I often don’t reach a climax before or at the same time as my sexual partner. That is just the way I am.

3. I don’t masturbate my Penis. It doesn’t get hard and I don’t ejaculate so what’s the point.

Let me explain what does give me an Orgasm or at the least complete Sexual Satisfaction.

Anticipation - Knowing I will be having sex with a quality partner starts increasing my libido. Just the thought that sex is forthcoming gets my imagination running with wonderment of what may be involved. If my anticipation is for several hours or several days my arousal will build similarly.

Preparation - Going through all the steps necessary get ready for a date actually increases my sex drive. The knowledge that my make-up, my hair, my under and outer wear will contribute his desire excites . I want be as perfect as I can be.

Preliminaries - This may include any number of activities. It could include a nice dinner, pleasant conversation, a couple glasses of wine, soft music and lighting or even touching and kissing. All these can contribute to a proper and conducive atmosphere for romance.

Fore - I really don’t like call this stage . This is a serious part of Love Making and can take many forms. warm, naked bodies stimulation each other are what builds the sexual desire needed for an Orgasm. I like it slow, not hurried, and having my breasts fondled and kissed and my ass admired with caresses and more kissing.
I also love inspire my partner by handling, kissing and sucking his penis. All his, and my, sexual desires center on his penis. I love watch it become larger, firmer and begin throb with desire.

Penetration - When this finally occurs, I love it slow and with plenty of lubrication. I don’t want any discomfort distract from all that has proceed this moment. I want a man slowly and gently enter a little at a time until I have finally taken his entire length and he begins slow rhythmic trusting of his penis in me. Remember, I’m slow so please don’t hurry this part.

Orgasm - All that has transpired up this moment are a part of my Orgasm. My mind and body have been focused on this since the thought of this sexual encounter first began. My release is very intense as my mind goes partially blank and my body will first begin vibrate and then become very tense as all my muscles contract. I squeeze his penis with my anal muscles so hard he can’t escape until my Orgasm is complete which can take several long moments.

Even when all these steps happen, my Orgasm is not assured but, and this is very important, I can still be extremely sexually satisfied. I have emotionally, mentally and physically don’t everything I can do make it happen but it is not a guarantee that I will have a complete Orgasm. Something may have been rushed, hurried or too short for me to fully reach each and every step in Love Making. I may need to collect more data to understand why this sometimes happens.

Now that I have written this, I need to start Preparing for my Boyfriend who I Anticipate will want to make Love this evening. I’ve picked out a nice revealing dress and planned every detail of a Romantic dinner including the Wine.

Even if I don’t have an Orgasm tonight, it will be a Satisfying night.

Why We Love to Suck Cock
Posted:Nov 2, 2019 10:16 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2019 9:05 am
There are few things in this world that have the power to please like a Cock. It can do so much to bring pleasure to so many. An Erect Cock is one the greatest gifts nature has given us to enjoy.

The fulfillment of true Sexual Passion for so many of us is Kissing and Sucking Cock. Nothing is more intimate than when a Cock is Orally Loved and brought to a Climax.

The taste and feel of a Cock filling your mouth with warm, savory Semen is almost too wonderful to be explained. When a man’s built up juices explodes on your tongue, it is truly ecstasy. To be able to taste his love is the ultimate desire of most Lovers,

The inner satisfaction of knowing that I, and I alone, have caused this magically to happen is complete justification for all that proceeded his Orgasm. The effort that has gone in to being femininely desirable is worth every drop he can give me.

I know that having sex, either Vaginally or Anally, is very enjoyable. But in both cases our most primitive instincts take over and we become just like any other Breeding animal. We are simply Mating as nature intended us to do since the beginning of human time, to have offspring and provide for the continuance of the Human species.

However, Oral Sex has none of the consequences of Vaginal Sex nor does it cause both participates to reach Orgasm. Normally, the one receiving Oral Sex is the only one that reaches a sexual climax.

The one providing Oral Sex replaces her, or his, Orgasm with an emotional sense of satisfaction for being the provider of pleasure to to the Cock.Taking a Cock to Orgasm Orally is what many of us find to be the best sensation we can give a man.

Speaking personally, I have such a beautiful feeling when a man spews his Sperm in my thirsty mouth. I know I have given him a few minutes, or maybe more, of pleasure that he can not have any other way.

Please don’t think that I only live to Suck Cock. I deeply love having a man make Love to me without Oral Sex. But, I have met some men that would rather have the Pleasure of me Sucking their Cock.

And just giving them Oral Sex is fine with me. I can gain as much satisfaction from that as having them fill my Pussy.

Hopefully my Secret Lover will read this and want me to Suck his Cock next week when we get together.

Just a few little things,
Posted:Oct 11, 2019 9:04 am
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2019 9:50 pm
Talking with a friend recently something came to me. Transitioning, or at least Coming Out, has some practical aspects. For one, once you come out, you only have to carry one suitcase when you travel. No more second bag with your private things.
Second, you actually save money by needing just one wardrobe. This will allow you to spend more money on better clothes that you want.

Why is it that so many men on CAM want you to pay points to watch them Jack Off? It’s not like they have a special way to do it or something different happens at the end. I have a neighbor that lets anyone watch him do it for free and he’s LIVE.

And speaking about Web Cams, I noticed in the Couple or Group category, it’s usually just the male half on there. Where’s the Couple? Is the wife in the Woman section? Just wondering.

What is Standard Membership? I see that a lot that Standard Members can’t see messages or IMs. So I wonder, Why be on here? I think it may indicate that either a person is too cheap to Join or they are worried about being “Found” on here. Whatever the reason, Standard Membership means to me they are not serious about a meeting.

I’ve also noticed some of the most interesting people are on here late at night. They seem to be more open and very Chatable. I get on here late at night often because I’m looking to talk with someone after my boyfriend goes to sleep or I can’t sleep. Almost always find someone interesting to talk with and they are not on the Hurry Up daytime mode.

Weather in NYC getting cooler so time to start wearing Leather outfits again. I’m often confused for someone who is Dominate but in reality Leather doesn’t mean that always. It’s just warmer to me. I don’t want to Dominate anyone.

OK, I’m just killing some time on a slow day at work. Hope you’re having a nice easy day also.

What shall we call IT?
Posted:Sep 18, 2019 11:17 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2020 10:45 am
The IT i’m referring is that place between my legs that some men desire. Medically speaking, it’s an anus but no one likes that word when talking about sex with a Transexual.

I get messages and IM’s all the time from guys who seem to fumble around what to call IT. They try cute names and combinations of names and usually wind up sounding like juveniles.

I sometimes also get it from CDs or TVs that want to find something that sounds sexually appealing but also describes something that is not a real vagina so they also come up with silly sounding names for IT.

Sissy Ass, Ass Pussy, Girly Ass, Butt Hole or just plain Ass are some of the names I get from people.

In my opinion, IT should be called a Pussy, just like cis females and men call it when being naughty.

I, and most Transexuals I know, make it as clear as possible who we are. We don’t deceive men and try to pass ourselves off as a woman. We make it known up front we are Transexuals so there are no unpleasant surprises later. To most men I deal with they know exactly what they are getting into, so to speak. No need to beat around the bush here.

So to me, there is no need to use a clever sounding or immature expression that isn’t fully or accurately descriptive.

So what are men looking for? PUSSY to put it simply.

Pussy is a very old term for a woman’s vagina. It originally meant a place that is Warm, Sweet and Furry. Well, since most women now trim, shave or wax their pubic hair, the Furry part no longer applies. Mmm, starting to look more like an anus isn’t it.

So now think about what we have here. Two places that are equally Warm, Sweet and Hairless and also crave a man’s Penis. Is there any difference? I say loudly, NO THERE ISN’T.

Do both places feel good to a man? Yes, they do. Again, no difference.
Do men desire both places? They certainly do.

So I saying, PUSSY is the right name for both. During sex they serve the exact same purpose. They make people feel good.

I hope in the future, at least when talking to me, you please refer to IT as my PUSSY. I’ll know what you mean.

The Value of Multiple Sexual Partners in a Row
Posted:Sep 17, 2019 9:44 am
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2019 6:25 pm
Since having sex with several men one time recently, I have been wondering of the reason or reasons it was so enjoyable and pleasurable and I believe I now understand why.

First, a side comment for you readers who may think of this as a “GangBang”. The term GangBang is just an insensitive and guttural expression . I admit, I have used this term before when I was making arrangements for this event but only used it because it leaves little doubt in people’s mind of what I’m looking for. In normal conversation with friends, I never use it. It’s just too crude.

On the Saturday before Labor Day, with the of a very good friend, I had sex with 8 10 men within about six hours. I had been somewhat sexually inactive for a few months and felt the need rediscover sexuality. I don’t do this very often but this time I had an urge I couldn’t leave unfulfilled.

I am very slow Orgasm, usually needing an hour or more of penetration reach a Climax. For this reason, I am normally left unsatisfied as sexual partner can’t go long before his release. I don’t try outlast him, it’s just the ways it works out most the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the times when he reaches his peak before me but it is so much more delightful when I reach Orgasm and he is still fully erect and inside . Sadly, for , this isn’t always the case. I will, however, do very best him finish even after I have. There is no quitting in .

Following Saturday, I realized I had an Orgasm with the second or third man I had sex with, not everyone of them. It seems, the first or even the second would take toward peak but the next would actually get there.

I guess one comparison would be climbing Mt. Everest. It can’t be done in one day. You reach a certain level, rest and then continue your climb the next day. This continue until the reach the Peak. The long climb was a necessary part of reaching the top.

Another aspect of having sex with several men in a row is the size, or length, of the cock becomes less important. Although I thought it would be important if every one of these men had a large cock, it seems the duration of the penetration/s was more critical reaching Orgasm. I would suggest, two or three average size penises (6 7 or 8 inches) in a row are more pleasurable than a 10” for 20 minutes.

So, if this of event ever comes up again, I have concluded, having sex with three men CONSECUTIVELY is better for me than sex with several men CONCURRENTLY. In a Row versus All Once.

Of course this is not always possible as most men prefer perform singularly and not in groups. Understandable. And most men don’t want be next a line. They rather be first. Also understandable.

However let say this, the Third Time is really the Charm, for me. Since I no longer Ejaculate like a guy (even though I still have a penis), Orgasms are very strong and intense similar a cis female’s orgasm. They are the product of mental and emotional gratification from the male’s stimulation of body. It just takes longer for reach a climax and most men do not have the staying power accompany .

Should I ever have the opportunity have sex with multiple men again, I will ask them please form a single file line and please wait their turn. Please don’t try overwhelm as a crowd.

Another Myth Debunked
Posted:Aug 22, 2019 10:08 am
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2019 11:21 am
I was reminded the other evening of something many men believe to be a basic truth, or rule, applies to all of us in the CD/TV/TS community, All of us Love to Suck a man’s Cock.

There are several reasons why this is considered most men to be a Truism but, as with any all encompassing beliefs, there are exceptions and distinctions should be noted.

Let me start saying not all Crossdressers feel the urge to have Oral Sex with a . Many Crossdressers are very content with wearing feminine clothing in private and find self pleasure adequate for their gratification. Be it the inability to look totally feminine (guys who have beards for example} or the fear of discovery, many Crossdressers never envision personal contact with a .

There are many Crossdressers enjoy Oral Sex with other Crossdressers but to them, this is not sex with a , rather it is sex with someone like them in appearance and is no longer completely a . You can often see this on sites like this one when someone says “No men please”. In other words, don’t show up in your Jeans, show up in a Dress.

So, let’s look at those who do enjoy Oral Sex with a .

To many in the CD/TV/TS Community having Oral Sex with a is the
ultimate objective in their pursuit of Complete Feminization. To be sexually desired Men, even with the knowledge they are not Genetically Female, is mentally and emotionally Rewarding.

Oral Sex with a Male Validates them as succeeding in their goal of being a Woman. To cause a Male to have an Erection and then take him to Orgasm is proof of their sexuality and attainment of Womanhood.

There is also the element of our over compensating for not having a Vagina emphasizing Oral Sex. We can’t have sex in a true Female manner so we tend to concentrate on what we can do to even the playing field, giving the most satisfying and erotic Oral Sex we can.

And there are some of us who use Oral Sex as Foreplay for Anal Sex. Oral Sex is just a part of the Complete Sexual encounter. It is a means to the End ( I believe could have a Double meaning).

I, and I believe most Transsexuals, view Oral Sex not as a complete Sexual experience in itself. So when I receive a message like “You want to suck my dick?” I tend to ignore it as not a serious offer. to me means this guy is not really serious and he doesn’t want everything I have to offer.

I haven’t come this far in my Transition to just want to Suck some guy’s Cock so Please don’t ask me to limit myself.


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