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Size does Matter
Posted:Aug 2, 2018 6:23 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2018 1:17 pm

Size is important in some ways but also in other ways to a Transexual or Crossdresser.

The problem some Transgendered or Crossdresser have to deal with is height.

Seldom addressed or mentioned is the fact that most of us who strive to be accepted as a woman is that we are too tall.

The average American woman is 5’4 to 5’6’ according to various data sources. The average male in America is 5’10”.

That puts the average Transgender M to F at a height disadvantage if they wish to be viewed as a normal woman.

I talked to a Crossdresser lately that told me she is 6’4” and in heels 6’8” or taller, depending on the high heels she loves to wear. She said that’s the reason she doesn’t go out in public and only dresses in feminine wear in private.

I have no real solutions/advise to this problem so don’t hold your breath. I don’t believe a person can change their height. I can only sympathize and encourage those who struggle with this to be brave and go forward because I had to deal with this issue myself, somewhat.

5’8”, so shorter than the average male but also still taller than the average woman. I can blend in the crowd as a “slightly” tall woman.

I don’t usually date men that are shorter than me but I also consider other “size” factors in a date. I don’t feel comfortable binding over to kiss a man. Being taller, even in high heels, makes me feel masculine which working on to put behind .

My partner is slightly over 6’2” so we look like a normal tall couple when we go out together. Men normally like or date or marry women shorter than they are. Just look around.

America, and the world, should be more acceptive of tall women of all types.

Wine and Sex
Posted:Jul 30, 2018 10:40 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2018 5:48 am

I read an article over the weekend with the headline,

“Woman prefer Red Wine when having Sex”

It was a brief story stating that 52% of women prefer Red Wine when having sex compared to 48% that choice White Wine.

52% to 48% is a pretty slight difference. A statistical tie even with not knowing the survey details such as:

How many women were surveyed or by what means was the survey taken or what ages, where were they.

Basically a waste of time reading this but it made me think, Red or White is too general a choice to make any meaningful conclusion. A wine preference with sex is the same as wine preference with a meal or an occasion.

Just like picking the proper wine with a particular meal (meat, fish, poultry, pasta), wine with sex deserves all the same important considerations, in my opinion.

For example, whats the right wine for giving oral sex? I suggest a dry champagne to properly cleanse the pallet in order to fully enjoy the subtle taste of a warm explosion of sperm.

When receiving oral sex, try a Cognac. It will slightly dull the senses allowing you to enjoy a long time of being orally pleasured. You don’t want this occasion to end too soon.

If it’s a long encounter that may last hours and many different sex acts, go with a crisp white. Refreshing and slow acting so you can play the entire game.

For, anal or vaginal sex, something like a robust Napa Valley red, probably a Cabernet Sauvignon. Forceful, full of flavor and will relax you quickly for a hearty session of spirited sex.

All these suggestions come with the obvious and critically important,

WARNING, Don’t drink to excess before or during any sex act. Your ability to perform or enjoy will be seriously impaired. We don’t want that do we?

So, my point, a Red or White wine should be paired with the Occasion or Event. Compliment the “meal” with a good choice of wine and as always, don’t spend too much. The wine should never be the dominate factor when having sex.


Trying to Open Another’s Life
Posted:Jul 28, 2018 12:12 pm
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2018 1:45 pm

If you read the profiles of some of the Crossdresser on this site on any other site that allows sexual diversity you will see terms such as “closet CD”, or “non-passable CD” or such self descriptions. I have been in contact with many of these people on and other sites and found these three basic facts;

Many are content to keep their Crossdressing urges in complete privacy in their home or in a hotel room. This is completely understandable that many do not wish to be discovered and can fulfill their desires alone. That’s fine!
The vast majority of Crossdressers wish to venture into more public surroundings. This can be Support Group Meetings or places that are safe and tolerant for Crossdressers such as gay clubs/bars. Public display of their inner self is important to their emotional needs. This is fine also.
There is also a large number of Crossdressers who wish to go out in public but are reluctant to do so for several reasons. Mainly, in my opinion, because they feel insecure being out alone dressed as a woman.

For the last group, Going out, or Coming out, is a very big step filled with doubt. Will I be passable enough, how should I act as a woman, will someones ridicule me? All valid reasons and I do not have, nor will I try to, advise everyone on how to deal with these issues.

What I have done, is offer to accompany a few their first time out in public to help them feel more comfortable. I was able to do this last Friday night with a young Crossdresser I had chatted with for several months on the internet.

Chrissy wanted to be out but didn’t know anyone who would go with her. She wanted to test the waters but with a friend she trusted.

I had seen several pictures of her and honestly thought she attractive and knew how to dress properly.

We agreed to meet after dark. I picked her up in a cab at her apartment building. We were on our cellphones until she was sure the wouldn’t be seen leaving the building.

I already had plans to meet a couple of friends at the Stonewall Inn. We get together as often as our various schedules allow which is not very often anymore,

On the way there I could tell how excited and nervous Chrissy was. She talked a mile a minute asking me about her makeup and dress and we weren’t even at the Stonewall yet. I assured her she looked fine and told her not to be nervous.

inside, the Stonewall we found my friends who saved us seats in the upstairs lounge. For a Friday night, the place wasn’t very crowded.

Chrissy mostly listened to our conversation while looking around at the other people and probably checking out if she was being watched. She wasn’t being watch in here as only the most flamboyant draws any attention at the Stonewall.

We left about midnight and again I had the taxi drop Chrissy off first. In the cab she told me she had the best time ever and wants to do it again. I may never see her again, she’s on her own now.

My small contribution to helping a young woman get out in the world.

M.I.L.F., No. T.I.L.F. , Yes.
Posted:Jul 24, 2018 9:22 am
Last Updated:Aug 2, 2018 12:10 am

I received a message from a guy that referred to me as “A hot MILF’. I thanked him for the compliment but later started to wonder, exactly what is a MILF. I’ve heard the term before and just assumed it meant “Mature I’d Like to Fuck”.

I looked the term up in the Urban Dictionary and found it could be either Mature or Mother I’d Like or Love to Fuck. True slang, used by many but understood by few.

Enough education, to my point.

Most probably in my lifetime, I’ll never be a Mother. I sometimes think about it and wish I could but physically impossible.

Secondly, I’m not ready to be a Mature. My new life as a Transexual only started about 10 years ago. I’m still searching for my true sexual self so I’m more like a young person just entering adulthood. Still have questions.

So, I decided, I’d like to be referred to by others as a TILF, “Tranny I’d Love to Fuck”.

After all, that’s the real purpose of this site and others like it, having sex. You can try to make it sound innocent by calling it A Casual Dating site but the truth is people on here want SEX. That’s why we’re here!

I’ve made no secret of what/who I am. A Transexual who disparately wants to be as much a woman as I can be. One way I strive to obtain maximum femininity is to be as attractive as possible and the object of sexual desire by others. All others, not just men. I’m sexually open minded.

I want to be a TILF.

Sunday is my Sexday
Posted:Jul 23, 2018 10:25 am
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2018 3:44 am

Sunday is traditionally a day of relaxation and enjoying simple pleasures. The hurried work filled weekdays are over. Saturday’s fun activities are over and Sunday is a rest and recover day for most.

In my case, whenever possible, Sunday is the day I prepare for the week ahead.

However Sunday begins, usually sleeping late, by the late afternoon ready to start my Sunday Tradition.

I’ll prep a light dinner so it can come together rather quickly later.

Now is my Bath time. Soaking in a Bubble bath is very relaxing to me. Different from the quick showers on work days, a soak in a bubble bath softens the skin and nails. I can easily remove the dead skin cells from my feet and elbows before they become calluses.

Soaking my nails allows them to be easily filed and trimmed later.

After a nice soak, I shower off the bath water and wash my hair. I don’t use shampoo much through the week because my hair is thick and long and takes a long time to dry. Hair dryers shouldn’t be used too often.

Next, fingernails and cuticles and toenails get trimmed, filed, shaped and polished. I like to give myself a manicure. It’s one of those extra touches that adds to femininity. Perfect fingernails are a sign a woman cares about her appearance.

I apply my makeup slowly and carefully. I am not rushed like weekdays so I have the time to apply it perfectly. Also, different from weekdays, I will use a little more eye shadow and cheek makeup for a more glamorous look.

Being extra clean with perfect makeup and hair, lovely nails and and a sexy feeling, I will dress in something special. Starts with more lacy and appealing bra and panties. Not the everyday stuff.

I will put on nylon stockings with a garter. Not practical through the week or on a summer day but necessary for a romantic night.

I will find a “Not for the Office” dress. Something probably more revealing, shorter and tighter than M-F wear. Add just a little jewelry and I am my best of the week.

I tell my partner Richard dinner will be ready in half an hour or so which is his signal to get cleaned up and ready.

I will finish getting dinner ready. For this most recent Sunday I made a Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with a crisp, slightly chilled Pinot Grigio. Light, non-filling easy dinner. This Sunday I had candles on the table with one white Rose. TV is off replaced by soft music on the Sonos.

Everything was perfect, including Richard, on this Sexday.


P.S. - Sunday is often our picture day. Richard will take my pictures for his private collection. When he does that. I know at my weekly Best.
More Inspiring News !
Posted:Jul 21, 2018 10:35 am
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2018 3:28 am

You should take the time to look up this strong, brave woman.

Angela Ponce makes HISTORY as FIRST EVER transgender woman crowned Miss Universe Spain

ANGELA Ponce will become the first ever transgender women to compete in Miss Universe later this year after being crowned Miss Universe Spain, six years after the organisation finally ended a ban on transgender contestants competin
Remember, I’m not a Dominatrix
Posted:Jul 19, 2018 11:02 am
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2018 8:08 pm

I had a message a few nights ago from a guy on this site who was looking for a Transexual to “Punish his sissy ass”.

Well, I guess he didn’t read my Profile or mistook my pictures where wearing leather or latex for a Dominatrix.

Profile is clear, a passive sub that does not Top men. I have neither the desire to punish a man ass or the disposition. And also, to be honest, I lack the physical “equipment” any longer. My HRT treatments have made my penis quite small. Can’t punish anything with what I now have.

As for my love of Leather and Latex, I just like the feeling of wearing them. I think a woman in Leather is very provocative and sexy in a very basic primal sense. Latex stretches to emphasizes my hips and legs which are my most commented on assets by men.

Also, to be clear, I much prefer to be Dominated or Punished at times. These sessions are my way of cleansing me of my sexual sins. If I were a religious person I would call them “Acts of Contrition” but not asking for God’s understand. Rather, for offending my Boyfriend and violating his trust.

Public Whippings and Floggings have been used for centuries as punishment for sinful behavior. I skip the public part of being Whipped because I not trying to be a lesson to others not to sin. The world needs sinners.

Actually, having my ass Whipped is very appropriate. My ass is where the sin was most likely committed.

I come out of a Whipping Session rejuvenated and free of Guilt. I have paid the price for my sexual dalliances.

Also, I love it.

A Day in My Life
Posted:Jul 16, 2018 7:01 pm
Last Updated:May 16, 2022 2:22 am

I’d like to share with you a typical day in my new life as a Transexual living with a Boyfriend (Richard) and striving to be a caring, loving partner.

My day starts between 6 and 6:30 through the weekdays. I brush my teeth, wash up and fix my hair.

Then off to the kitchen to start the coffee and begin to get a breakfast ready for Richard while he is showering and getting dressed for work. I generally don’t eat a big breakfast myself but Richard does so I may do something like Ham and Eggs or hot cakes or an omelet for him.

Richard usually leaves by 8:30 so I clean up the breakfast dishes and formulate a rough idea for dinner. Then I get myself ready for work. I change clothes and straighten up my appearance.

allowed to work from home in my job as a Senior Research Analyst but I don’t work in my sleep ware. That would make me feel too casual and not in my “work” frame of mind. Besides, someones always seems to come to the door throughout the day.

I start by checking work emails and messages on my work computer for anything new or urgent. That done, I will start reviewing other peoples reports for accurate data and reliable sources before the reports go up the chain or researching requests made to me. When doing Research there isn’t a fixed amount time to spend on a particular Project. You do it until it’s complete and factually accurate.

Over my lunch break, I usually make sure of my dinner plan. Do I have everything needed? What’s the prep time? How can I be ready for a 7ish dinner?

Living in New York City you can get almost anything delivered within two hours so I don’t normally have to run to the Whole Foods over by Columbus Circle which is only a10 minutes walk.

If time allows, I’ll check my personal messages on my own laptop.

Back to work until about 5.

Richard almost always gets home by 6 or 6:30 so I have time to shower and get dressed for him. I want him to always come home everyday to a well dressed and groomed woman. I’ll try to be a little sexy so he won’t even think about stopping for a beer when he knows there is a Champagne Woman waiting for him at home.

I’ll start getting dinner ready to the point where it can be ready when ever he’s ready. He doesn’t like to walk in the door and sit down right away for dinner. I usually have wine or cocktails ready for him when he arrives and of course “ glad you’re home” kisses.

Now is the ”How was Your Day” time and unwinding from the drive home before dinner. We both like a leisurely dinner so we can enjoy it and relax.

After dinner is reserved for loving. We have sex almost every night now. still on Hormones so I may want it more than Richard but he doesn’t refused or deny . I can sense his level of interest so it may be only oral sex on him or the complete love act. No set rules here. I go with the mood.

Richard may finish the night with a little TV before bed while I clean up dinner. I can’t go the bed with dirty dishes on my table.

I will usually spend some time in the late evening on my laptop going over my my personal messages or writing something for my blog. I get a lot of private messages and I try to answer as many as I can.

Off to bed to rest and be ready for the next day.

The most often variation to this weekday schedule is the occasional Friday night when Richard will stop after work with his friends and I go out with some of my friends or a private date. I usually get home late so I make sure there is something for him to eat when he gets home. I keep it simple and may leave easy to follow directions because he is still untrained in the kitchen.

I look forward to everyday now. completing my Transition to womanhood in this manner.

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Stupid Girl
Posted:Jul 16, 2018 9:54 am
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2018 9:09 pm

Something occurred Sunday at our World Cup Party that requires a separate post in my Blog.

We had invited a married couple, two single guys and two guys and their girlfriends for Brunch. Nice mix of people. Everything had gone fine and everyone seemed to have had a good time.

One of men’s date was a young woman (mid twenties or so) who I had never met before. She was the loudest and most animated of those in the living room during the soccer game and the only woman at the Brunch who never helped in the kitchen. She appeared to want to be “one of the guys”.

After the game, after eating and drinking since 11AM or so, some of our guests were siting around with my partner and me sipping after dinner drinks and munching on cake and leftovers. Just casually winding down.

I need to mention here, I’m very sure I was the only Transexual at the Brunch. Everyone else was of the “Straight” persuasion so I assumed but I don’t know for sure and honestly don’t care.

While we just chatting on various un-important topics, the young woman was clearly watching me. It was obvious to me.

All of a sudden she said,

“You’re not what I expected”.

I think I heard a few gasps. Everyone here knows what I am because my partner, and me for that matter, don’t hide it when the subject comes up. We don’t boast of brag about it, we are just being honest.

“What did you expect?” I ask back quietly and not in a confrontational manner. The group at the table was very quite not knowing what to say or what to expect.

“I don’t know I never knew a queer before but you’re very nice” or something like that.

I could have said something like “You have a tattoo but are very nice” or “You’re very nice for a short person” or any number of stereotypically dumb baseless bias comments.

“Being nice is a human quality and has nothing to do with Sexual Orientation. It’s neither a trait nor restriction of the LBGT community ” I said and about to launch in to my lecturing mode when Kelly, the one wife in the group said,

“Come on Janice, I’ll help you clean up in the kitchen.”

I can take a hint so I calmly grabbed a few dishes and headed to the kitchen with Kelly.

I was getting angry but didn’t what it to show. I didn’t want to upset the party and certainly didn’t want to embarrass Richard in front of some of his friends and co-workers.

While rinsing dishes and loading the dishwasher Kelly said,

“She’s young, probably had too much to drink and didn’t mean anything bad.”

Yeah, young and STUPID I thought but said,

“ I took no affront from her lack of knowledge and understanding.”

What had made me mad wasn’t being called a queer (had that many times before) but just when the world is becoming understanding and accepting of Transexuals and others you run into someone who hasn’t noticed what going on around them.

Don’t they see how society is evolving, barriers are coming down, minds are opening and changing. Most of the world isn’t shocked anymore by adult sexual diversity. It’s no longer a simple Man/Woman world but so many variations in between.

Lastly, for her to say she never met a queer before is absolutely incredible and shows what a low level of awareness she has. Everyone has but I guess because we don’t wear badges or uniforms or something to universally identify us. we not easy to spot for idiots and those with a high school mentality.

I hope to never meet her again or anyone else with a closed mind and low IQ.

But the night ended on happy, laughable moment. Later, Richard and I were in bed when he whispered to me,

“You’re still my favorite Queer.”

World Cup Brunch
Posted:Jul 14, 2018 9:46 am
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2018 8:35 am

A few days ago my partner Richard ask me to host and arrange a Brunch for the World Cup Finals this Sunday. I have planned and arranged several “Themed” parties and Dinners before that were well received and enjoyed so this was another opportunity to show my planning and cooking skills. Mostly, I love to make Richard proud of me as his Partner.

First of all, the World Cup is an international event so different from a Super Bowl Party or Masters Golf Party, worldwide cuisine comes into the planning, not just America style food.

Of the four final counties remaining a few days ago, three were easy for Brunch planing. France, England and Sweden have well known cuisines but I knew nothing about Croatian dishes. Richard assured me England and France would be in the Finals. Well, he got it half right.

Some research was all that was needed to find some easy to prepare Croatian dishes. I was worried because Croatian culture, and thus cuisine, is so varied and differs from region to region.

Another small problem, Croatian is a majority Beer drinking country. I don’t like to serve beer with any meal. Beer, in my opinion, does not compliment a good meal but rather it’s filling and washes flavor away from the taste buds mainly because it’s carbonated. That’s why Champagne is usually served before a meal and not during a meal. It cleanses the palette.

Anybody that want’s beer at my place better bring their own.

Our guest lists has grown to eight. Two single guys, one married couple and two guys with their girlfriends. Add in Richard and me and that’s a lot of people in an average size apartment. We don’t have room for 10 at our dinner table so has to be a buffet style event (not a sit-down meal) with smaller items that are easily portable especially more those sitting around the TV.

Although none of our guests are actually French or Croatian, I still wanted this party the as impartial as possible and not seem to favor one team over the other. This is a little tricky since French cuisine is much better known and probably more preferred over Croatian simply because most of us are more familiar with French food and wine.

I don’t care who wins this Sunday and probably will be too busy to watch but this is a chance to PARTY and enjoy company.

Here’s my final menu for the Brunch:
Welcoming Champagne

served with Hors d’oeuvres of Scrimp mousse and crackers

Cucumber slices topped with Boursin cheese and smoked Salmon

Pre Game selections

Mushroom Bacon Quiche


Strukli (white lasagna filled with cheese}

served with a choice of Pinot Gris or Chardonnay

During the Game or Halftime selections

Croque Monsieur (ham and Guyenne cheese on savory brioche )


Baklava (normally a desert button be a finger food snack)

served with a choice of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir

After the Game

Chocolate mousse Cake served with choices of Cognac or Irish Coffee or
Ouzo of French Pressed coffee

Also, some of the guest are bringing a desert so there should be plenty to enjoy while lingering after the game with conversation.

Some of this I will be making and some will be purchased to same time and make preparation easy.

Our Guests will start arriving at 10AM so I will be up very early getting things ready. It’d not easy to be a sensual Martha Stewart.

I’ll let you know how this went next week.

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Learning the Anal Orgasm
Posted:Jul 10, 2018 11:44 am
Last Updated:May 16, 2022 2:22 am

Last night while on this site, I received an from a young Crossdresser in Tennessee with a problem that I’ve heard before.

When she tried Anal Intercourse for the first time it hurt her so much she made him stop. She wondered what was wrong with her.

I told her I would share my experiences and advise with her on my Blog today. It was too late to give her a complete answer through IM’s. So, here we go Cindy.

I have talked to many, many Crossdressers who want to have more than Oral sex. They need to fell more complete as a desirable woman by having a man make love to them. They want the ultimate feminine sensation of feeling a hard, erect cock inside of them and to experience his orgasm. However, like Cindy, or for others reasons, they are either reluctant to try it or they have tried it and failed to enjoy it.

Anal sex can be enjoyable and pleasurable if done correctly, with forethought, and a thoughtful partner.

A few things to remember when having Anal sex.

* The Anus does not have a a natural lubricant that is released during stimulation like a woman’s vagina.

* The Anus does not have as many nerve endings as a vagina.

* The Anus muscles are stronger than the vaginal muscles.

* Anal sex has been around since the beginning of human life. It’s not a new trend so it must work.

* Anal sex can be performed in all gender relationships. Two men, a man and woman or two women. The last couple would normally involve dildos or vibrators.

* Not all people, either mentally or physically, enjoy Anal sex.

In the Crossdresser or pre-op Transexual (like me) community, Anal sex is normally a vital part of our sex life. Again, some just don’t go this far for various reasons. For those of us who lack a vagina, by necessity, we practice Anal sex. It can be enjoyable for both participants when a few simple steps are used.

Stimulate the Anus. Have your partner gently use their fingers or tongue on your anus to allow the muscles to relax and become more pliable. Don’t start with hard, quick jabbing motions. Slow and easy and don’t rush it. As long as possible is a good rule.
Use a good lubricate to allow easy penetration. Don’t over apply. A little goes a long way and you will enjoy a slow entry with some sensual felling. You want to feel the natural texture of a cock as it glides into you.
Make it easy for a man to enter you by getting into a accessible position. I prefer the classic Missionary position with my legs in the air or wrapped high on my partners upper body. Others find “Doggy Style” easier for both.
An Anal orgasm takes longer to achieve than a vaginal orgasm because of the fewer nerve endings that transmit the sexual pleasure to the brain. Be sure your partner knows this and is prepared to stay erect for awhile. Slam, Bang, Thank You Ma’am doesn’t do it for most fo us.
When your partner is ready to climax, alternately tighten and relax your anus muscles to the same rhythm of his trusting motions. This is his reward for doing the things you need and want and it will get you the closest to a female orgasm.
It is perfectly alright to masturbate while being fucked or alter he climaxed. They already know you are not a natural woman and have a penis that need to be stroked for an orgasm.
NOTE: I, and others I’ve talked to, can reach orgasm without stoking myself when having sex in the Missionary position. Feeling his thrusting body on my cock gives me the same sensation as manually massaging it.

Try some or all of these suggestions to have a more pleasurable time during Anal Intercourse. Let me know what works for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Happy Fucking,
The Cock and the Five Senses
Posted:Jul 6, 2018 10:08 am
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2018 11:56 pm
The title may sound like this is a Fairy Tale similar to “Jack and the Beanstalk”, which it is NOT. Nor, is it a clinical discuss on our Sensory system. This is just my observations from last Wednesday night.

All of the Five Senses (Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell and Touch) a part in my enjoyment of sex. Some more than others but really good sex for me bring all five in to . Let explain;

SIGHT- The sight of a beautiful, erect cock that is in anticipation of fulfilling my sexual needs starts my mind racing and my body yearning. I know that cock is hard because it wants to enter , to fuck . the cause for his erection because he desires what he sees in .

SOUND - It make be the words he says or the sound of our bodies slamming together but the sounds of sex excites . When I hear a deep moan through his clinched teeth when he orgasms in or on , I know I’ve done my job especially when later he tells the best he ever had.

TASTE - I read and hear many that say they love the taste of cum, however for the taste sensation starts before then. The taste of sweet kisses or the taste of the cock before ejaculation are so pleasurable to . Even if he didn’t cum in my mouth, I love to lick the sperm off of a cock that just pleasured .

SMELL - A clean smelling cock is essential to my enjoyment. My nose is just above his cock when tasting it so I don’t want a sweaty smelling cock to break my mood. During foreplay all the senses are heightened so aroma, not odor, is needed.

TOUCH - The nerve endings all over my body come in to play during sex. My hands caressing a cock, my lips kissing or sucking a cock, my breasts being fondled or massaged, my face being slapped by a erect cock, my ass feeling a cock penetrate me are all touches that drive me to orgasm.

That’s what I remember from last Wednesday night and other nights of course. A total sexual experience that brought all my senses to their peaks. If you’re wondering how I remembered everything from that night, it’s because the night was long and slow.
The Good Neighbor
Posted:Jul 3, 2018 1:43 pm
Last Updated:May 14, 2019 6:08 pm

’ve got to write this quick while it’s fresh.

Three doors down from us lives a wonderful older lady. Always well dressed and neat appearance. Always friendly. We just know her as Evelyn.

Awhile ago I was taking our trash to the Trash chute. She was already in the hall probably getting back from somewhere else in the building.

She said “How are you Janice”.

“Very Good” I replied meaning in general my life is going well.

“You don’t look so good “ she said because I’m still using clutches to keep the weight off my ankle.

I told her about spraining my ankle a while back to which she said ,

“Come on in. I have medicine for that.”

You’re going to love this from this 70ish grandmother.

We had Cheese Cake and Cognac for the last two hours and talked about a million different things.

Her husband died many(?) years ago and this was their favorite dessert.

She has a “Gay” Grandson. Blames for -in-Law for babying him to long.

She has people come in every week to clean her apartment and do her laundry. They aren’t lazy like the last crew.

On and on till I had to leave to start getting dinner ready.

I think we bonded forever!

Next time, I’ll have her over to our place.

To link to this blog (JaniceJanes) use [blog JaniceJanes] in your messages.

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Timely Advice from a Transexual (15)Mesuckbutt
Nov 26, 2021 12:34 am